Lets talk about “FAILED” Trading Card Games…and the Hidden Market for them

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TCG = 1,000’s of TCG’s are attempted with a 99% fail rate. If every card in the game can be obtained by making a small purchase, or if the manufacturer does not market it as a CCG, and maintain a STRONG secondary market, then it is NOT a TCG…and will fail with the rest.

Less than 1% of all CCG’s make it past 5 years in production.

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27 Responses

  1. Arica Johnson says:

    What about the marvel and DC verses TCG?

  2. American Hacker says:

    Shadowrun TCG = Boss

  3. Reno Verrin says:

    You know if you really dont want all those force of will packs/booster packs il be happy to take some of them off your hands Rudy ?

  4. Jose Tellez says:

    Ill take the Force of Will stuff

  5. Bran Stan says:

    Yo where’s vanguard lol

  6. AFCManUk says:

    Pretty sure Force of Will tcg is still played and reasonably popular in the UK.

  7. Greg Savacool says:

    I'll stick to Yugioh tbh lol.

  8. Lunar Foxfyre says:

    the force of will if there are still some I wouldnt mind buying them. not for investment but for collector sake =3

  9. 007kingifrit says:

    i have some weird old card game called monster magic, anyone heard of it? its litearlly not on google

  10. Let's Play Whatever says:

    You won't spend $6.50 for your fans? That's crap. You bought like 12 boxes and aren't willing to open ONE. Screw this video.

  11. Calvin Sim says:

    Consider ur friend gave those force of will to you for free, u shouldn't be throwing them around like trash and calling it crap.

  12. DannyPantsMcQuade says:

    Some friends of mine in college spent a bunch of money on the Sword Art Online TCG I wonder how long that'll last lolz

  13. Mccree's Pringles says:

    I want the force of will cards ):

  14. Toby Allen says:

    L5R was SOOO fun. I used to play some of the tournaments. They gave away cheap samurai swords for top clans in the big ones.

  15. The Drop Pod Cast says:

    I got one of the force of will mailers card promos when they were doing that.

  16. Dylan Gruenloh says:

    What would you sell that big box of force of will for? I just wanna collect some stuff for the art work

  17. Roar winter says:

    i want some forge of will boxes

  18. death100ify says:

    The tcg Legend of the five rings was end by the creators, it was plan. Their a rpg of it and board games of it and LCG of it. Legend of the five rings is still around but not the tcg of it.

  19. Ookami Dunn says:

    Legend of the Five Rings has an incredibly loyal fan base. The CCG game went for over 20 years and was sold to FFG who now make it as a LCG.

  20. Kyusinx MMORPG says:

    Glad I didn't spend $100 on some Force of Will cards at Newbury Comics. I was interest in getting into it (for the art) but I'm expected to pay full retail price for something everyone else considers worthless garbage. Fk it

  21. furydeath says:

    Dbz card game xD

  22. ndjo7189 says:

    Love your videos, but you have 160K with patreon, but don't want to spend $6 opening an obscure TCG booster pack? Send the cards to the patreons sparingly

  23. EngineerPrepper says:

    remember the x-files trading card game?

  24. Eddie Kalista says:

    I’d be willing to pay the wholesale price of the box to see it opened.

  25. Nick Slayter says:

    bummed to see no Chaotic or Duel Masters

  26. Third Track Off J Dilla's Donuts B-Side. says:

    "I bought these boxes for like 5 dollars"


    "But I'm not going to open none of them because I lose my 6 dollar investment"


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