Let’s Roleplay Skyrim – Part 43: City of the Dwarves

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Bethesda Studios’ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Link to Act I Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOeQwDiBfw8SViLEjtBZagNY7FEfPTRpD

Stilico, Bandit

Mods used in this Let’s Play (with load order):
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Campfire – Complete Camping System
Death Alternative – Your Money or Your Life
Bethesda High Resolution Texture Pack
Cutting Room Floor
Better Quest Objectives
Immersive HUD
Lightning During Thunder Storms – Minty Lightning Mod
Reduced Distance NPC Greetings
Simply Knock
Unread Books Glow
Convenient Horses
Multiple Floors Sandboxing
Become a Highwayman
Adventurers and Travelers
Interesting NPCs
More Bandit Camps – Explorer’s Edition
Book Covers Skyrim
Skyrim Immersive Creatures
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Realistic Needs and Diseases
True Storms – Thunder and Rain Redone
Deadly Dragons
Point the Way
Personalized Music
The Choice is Yours
Cloaks of Skyrim
Darkwater Crossing
Bring Out Your Dead
Immersive Patrols
Shor’s Stone
Random Alternate Start
Helarchen Creek
Whistling Mine
Sokco’s Guild Starter
Soljund’s Sinkhole
Dragon Bridge
Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Border Sense
Realistic Room Rental
Immersive Saturation Boost
Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul
Amazing Follower Tweaks

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5 Responses

  1. Logan Simoneaux says:

    Hey pem, ive been watching darkest dungeon and your nebbish LP, whatever happened to the oblivion LP? I really enjoyed your character development and dialogue the most when you played it. Will you return to the character? or start anew?

  2. Danielle Dovahsdottir says:

    Erm well…Throngvar probably DOES crap silver so….yeah. 😛

  3. Danielle Dovahsdottir says:

    Stil! I missed you, friend! Sorry I've been binge watching a Fallout series. But oh I missed you and the gang! I gotta catch up soon. <3

  4. Thunderwing the Stormbringer says:

    17:07 Dargo taken on a part-time job at the inn baking bread: Malacath witness. Baked to perfection…
    17:46 Hood is not to be outdone by Dargo: I can bake more bread than you can!
    19:29 Yes, Hood, but more is not better. Your bread is dry. And mine has fruit baked in it. Mmmm. Fruity bread.

    Jolene: What are your companions doing?
    Stilico: I try not to pay attention.

  5. FrankiePeanuts says:

    Man, I was so worried that Eltrys was going to show up in the shrine despite your not having read the note, and rope you into the Forsworn Conspiracy quest anyway. I hate that questline, because my first playthrough I got the "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" glitch.

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