Let’s Play WoW with Nilesy – Level 1 (World of Warcraft gameplay)

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Part 1 is finally here. Sorry the video quality isn’t the best. I recorded in Half-size instead of full-size for the first few parts. I’ll fix it if you guys are annoyed by it.

Please rate & comment; if the series gets boring or disliked by people I’ll axe it, ’cause otherwise it’s a huge job!

Anyway, here we go!

Note: This video supports subtitles / captions for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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42 Responses

  1. WALN Zell says:

    Partner rating TV-Y. What about WoW is suitable for little kids?

  2. Sammy B says:

    Aaaaaah man the nostalgia. Been with you from the start nilesy! XD

  3. Rachelle Dozier says:

    I am getting a dwsk top computer and i am getting tjis game

  4. Chrisgaming72 says:


  5. Atee Chakma says:

    can we change realm with the same account?

  6. Call me KAMAKAZi says:

    250ml of irnbru has 59% of your daily sugar intake.

  7. Diego Ramírez Chávez says:


  8. Artico Gaming says:

    How do you make the Writing look like that? is it an addon?

  9. Ryan Griffin says:

    MacBeth is a play not a book



    i added you. getting new pc on tuesday so i should be on then mate


    you sound scottish mate. so am I, im new to this game and looking for players to play with, scottish people would be good lol

  12. Pew Pew says:

    Skyrim all the way


    What is this song

  14. joey coffin says:

    Hi im a ginger

  15. laCumbre says:

    The N64 could have ran this shit. Time to move on Blizzard.

  16. Gareth Keenan says:

    Are you Irish?

  17. Saiyan Gaming says:

    "Never leveled up past forty" Nilsey, I seen a level 85 Mage at the start!

  18. boredom120 says:

    you have a nice accent. I love the scottish dwarf character you made. reminds me of a anime character I know, but I forgot which show he was off of?

  19. Merc says:

    No LOL is a bad copy of dota

  20. Brady Powell says:

    What's your Facebook name we should talk and play wow together

  21. Gerald Fiskins says:

    This is honestly the worst fucking video I have ever watched. You shouldnt make gameplays anymore. 

  22. fabio aya says:

    wow has the WORST GRAFICS  ive ever senn ESO is WAYYYYY much better than this peace of shit !

  23. ColdPunkTV says:

    1:33 Lol that's cartman's character.

  24. squarebear707 says:

    Ffxiv arr is way better than wow

  25. Matin Sharkawi says:

    don't swear

  26. Ry3vil says:

    did world of warcraft free?

  27. Justin Bostick says:


  28. Bean Mcdowall says:

    Pull back my 4skin real hard

  29. Andrew Newport says:

    It would be better if we could see your expressions during gameplay.

  30. Andrew Newport says:

    Was the WoW game free? I want to know because my older brother has a loot card but doesn't know if the game is free. 

  31. Simply Walnut says:

    Just reminds me of that south park episode xD

  32. LuciferDarkh says:

    can you do a new series of WOW Lets play but this time with the whole yogcast team playing together different race and class and MOP if possible if not ok but its still a good idea… right?

  33. Dobbys Wrath says:

    It was this series that 'introduced me' to the yogscast, loved it! 

  34. Junior says:

    Nice username. Macbeth… 

  35. daniel mcginley says:

    or are you?

  36. daniel mcginley says:

    i can tell your from scotland , im from inverness btw

  37. Bebe Live! says:


  38. Dapivotanimator2000 says:

    You have to pay!? Forget that neverwinter and rift time…

  39. Mason Baker says:

    I wish they changed WoW to you pay once and its your's for ever any one else agree? ITS RIDICULOUS 240 DOLLARS A YEAR?!? Seriously only rich nerds can put up with that

  40. Roger HD says:

    League of Legends the best 🙂

  41. James Broughton says:

    Stop talking and freakin play

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