Let’s Play Oblivion (Modded) – 59 – Scouting Skingrad

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Full mod list in load order, (plugins sorted with the BOSS tool):

– Unofficial Oblivion Patch
– Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
– Better Cities
– All Natural
– Enhanced Water v2.0
– Atmospheric Oblivion
– Sounds of Cyrodiil
– Bedrolls Anyone
– Living Economy
– Knock Enemies Unconscious
– Orrery Unofficial Patch
– Mehrunes Razor Unofficial Patch
– Spell Tomes Unofficial Patch
– MD Saddlebags
– Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul
– Kvatch Rebuilt
– Vaults of Cyrodiil
– Knights of the Nine Unofficial Patch
– Knights of the Nine Revelation
– Unique Landscapes Compilation (plus relevant compatibility patches)
– Better Dungeons
– Gold Coin Bagger
– Grass Overhaul
– Kyoma’s Journal Mod
– Lootable Merchant Chests
– Realistic Force and Ragdolls
– Merchants buy stolen goods
– SM Combat Hide
– No Psychic Guards
– Crime Has Witnesses
– NPCs Yield
– Dogmeat Companion

Misc mods not in load order:

– Pluggy
– Oblivion Stutter Remover
– EngineBugFixes
– Qarl’s Texture Pack
– MenuQue
– New Vegas Anti-Crash (has limited support for Oblivion)

Mod managers:

– Wrye Bash


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20 Responses

  1. Kiernan Dennis-Foley says:

    The drunk begger in cheydinhal that sings that flyin' cliffracer song is a Dunmer

  2. The Lich King MK says:

    Until watching this I really didn't get how much just the bloody time-period 'accurate' architecture adds to everything. I don't know why but it just makes things so much better. Another great video of course.

  3. Tom Lysander says:

    It's a real shame – I was looking forward to seeing Arthur's reaction to Glarthir and his quest.

  4. Kid A says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, to your left you will see a young woma being burned at the stake and to your right York Town Hall.

  5. Runforitkyle says:

    Look, I'm not saying ALL Orcs are all dirty or anything. But that inn was owned by Orcs and you know how they have different standards to imperials and bretons.

  6. Tjmulli says:

    32:50 Smoking kills

  7. Sigrid Zälter says:

    Lol, when I played Daggerfall I was attacked by giant scorpions in the middle of the night at an inn.

  8. Tenets of the creed says:

    That line about the tomatoes reminded me of Hank Hill from King of the Hill for whatever reason, I haven't even seen that show in ages.

  9. Marco da Treviso says:

    I had the same reaction when I saw Skingrad outskirts, it's massive, I think it even has two map markers! I think the mod makers like many of us have the same weak spot for Skingrad and they really made it stunning

  10. Arcanua the Red Mage says:

    The day the Rats of NIHM become part of an ES game will be scary. They are a bit too smart. XD

  11. Floris Kunst says:

    Arthur the Butler… It does have a nice ring to it.

  12. Zeter Zero says:

    I like to imagine that Merlin is off robbing dog houses when Arthur isn't around.

  13. Lo-Res Gamer says:

    Not that Arthur needs to, but with Glarthir dead and his key in hand, stealing from his house is trivial. His "tiny" key might also be a vault key.

  14. Lo-Res Gamer says:

    Well, the glitches you're getting in Skingrad are certainly more entertaining than terrain stitching glitches in the outskirts.

  15. Jason Reilly says:

    Just when I thought Skingrad couldn't get any better; you find an endless network of tunnels, a whole village and a dead Glarthir.

  16. Queen Of The Silence says:

    A moment of silence and respect for the person who killed Glarthir

  17. davy nolan says:

    Man that orc is green

  18. Calum Beattie says:

    As soon as I saw Glarthir's corpse I thought "well, that's fortunate. Lucky Arthur."

  19. Surtur says:

    An in character reason for the frame drops in the village, could be that Arthur inhaled whatever that guy was smoking and started tripping.

  20. RuSosan says:

    No Arthur, there was no Dunmer girl in that horse supplies shop. You're being paranoid.
    No Arthur, Glarthir didn't die trying to play a "white robed assassin" by jumping down from the cathedral's tower. You're being paranoid.
    No Arthur, there isn't some weird cult hiding down in Skingrad's sewers. You're being paranoid.
    No Arthur, the Dark Brotherhood doesn't have a hideout in the sewers either. You're being paranoid.
    No Arthur, that one man in the outskirts isn't smoking magical weed that makes the entire world "stutter". You're being paranoid.

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