Let’s Play: Dark Souls The Card Game

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It’s time to engage in jolly co-operation as Az, Lance, and Coco try to survive a game of Dark Souls The Card Game from Steamforged Games due to release 16th March 2018.

Playing as a tank Knight, a healing Herald, and range damaging Sorcerer we’ll be making our way through progressively more difficult enemy encounters, gathering souls and equipment, which can then be used to improve our deck of cards, before facing the final boss fights!

Your deck contains equipment, items, and spells which are used to heal allies, damage enemies, or block incoming damage. However, the abilities of these cards have a stamina cost to play. Generally, the more stamina cards from your hand you use to play an ability the more damage you may do or incoming damage you may block,

However, a players deck represents their health, making each encounter a delicate balancing act. If there ever comes a point when a player has to draw a card and cannot, they are out, and all players must return to the bonfire to rest and recover.

There are five bonfire cards in total so making sure you use them sparingly and deciding when to return will be very important.

We had a lot of fun with this one but let us know what you think.

Will you take on the challenge?

Due to be released 16 March 2018.

Designer: David Carl
Publisher: Steamforged Games
Players: 1-4
Playtime: 60-90 mins


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25 Responses

  1. Mighty Murph says:

    Is PVP a thing in this? I didn’t watch the video all the way through

  2. Didac Ruiz-Hernandez says:


    I have a small doubt. At minute 1:34:10 the Overhead Smash card is shown, indicating that the character pushes backward the character in the front centre row. However, in minute 1:34:46 it is assumed that not only the attack effect of the character (which is clear from the rules) but also the push effect are transferred to the hero located in the first row (in this case the Knight). Is this correct? In a couple of games where we have played Vord, we have assumed that whereas the attack effect is passed to any character in the corresponding row when there is no hero in the incumbet column, other effects are not inherited. Can someone please comment on this? Thanks!

  3. Maggot King556 says:

    The only one that tells you what kind of reward you get is Vordt. How do you know what to get from the other bosses in the game?

  4. QuickStrike0065 says:

    2:19:59, You mean "MVC" (it basically would be as that would be "Card" for the "C")

  5. Daniel Lunardi says:

    I think this game is great, but it really needs expansions to shine. It would be great to get most bosses in the next expansion and maybe even more items or additional rules.

  6. CRAZY6256 says:

    Just bought the game. Good job guys convincing me

  7. bearhustler says:

    Am I missing something or when Vordt did the double swipe on the front row and there was nobody in that row surely he'd hit the second row instead like any other enemy ?

  8. Martin Smith says:

    If you swap positions with another hero, it uses up both your move actions for that turn. Also it's if your starting hand contains a weapon that determines the mulligan, not equipment.

  9. Andrew Mitchell says:

    Thanks guys for an awesome game. I haven't been so successful, but I'll die trying, again and again and again ……

  10. Mr. Cromwell says:

    Just got this game. I really regret buying it. OVER 400 CARDS?! WHAT A MESS!

  11. Donny de Olim says:

    Any advice about evolving the decks for being more efficient per character?

  12. Maggot King556 says:

    8 more days!!! Hurry up! I want this game!!!!

  13. BobsterRocks says:

    When exploring the rulebook says if you continue after an encounter the next encounter needs to be next to the starting position or next to an encounter already cleared. After your first encounter at the bottom you did the one at the top – not next to either the start or a cleared encounter. Is this right?

  14. Genus Solo - Brettspiele says:


    This is a awesome game and a cool Letsplay

    For german people, a german Lets play:

  15. Adrian Firth says:

    Thanks for the playthrough guys. I received my copy yesterday and this helped a lot. Can't wait to see some expansions to this.

  16. Leo arno says:

    I want to know how many bosses this game has. I would deeply appreciated if you answered my question

  17. Chris Gile says:

    Nicely done gents. Bravo on your victory. Praise the sun!

  18. Daniel Lunardi says:

    Can you tell us how many enemies have special abilities? I am worried about the foes not being versatile enough for the added challenge. Are there alternative modes?

  19. Daniel Lunardi says:

    It looks like they finally got the spirit of Dark Souls right, I'll gladly play this once it finally gets home

  20. Nathan Biangel says:

    I’ve never watched a whole play through before today. Wow! This looks much better than the board game, I’m definitely picking this up.

  21. XTX says:

    Ask yourself after a few seconds, which awesome hobby companies sponsored this video? Don't cheat… I got 0/5

  22. Tom Denison says:

    I gotta get this!

  23. Benjamin Grimonprez says:

    This game looks….deadly!

  24. Dakota Gaugert says:

    Looks good, will buy

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