Lets Play CK2 Elder Kings: Dawnguard | Ep28 “House Redoran”

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Bow down you mortal wretches and prostrate yourselves before the God of Schemes, The Harvester of Souls and Father of Vampires, Molag Bal!

This series will be unique from my Golden Joeblivion campaign in that instead of trying to simply conquer all of Tamriel, we must do so with specific conditions.

1.) Skyrim can only be ruled by Bal’s chosen. All members of the ruling family must be vampires of the purest blood.

2.) The denizens of Skyrim must be offered up to our Lord, to ensure his boons always fall upon House Bloodmouth

3.) Tamriel must know the will of Bal. The oblivion gates must be opened and our terrible Lord must be summoned to Nirn, along with his endless legions.

Crusader Kings 2 is a real time, grand strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and the Elder Scrolls overhaul was developed by the Elder Kings Dev team. (duh, from moddb)

Roll1D2 is a channel that I am subscribed to that introduced me to this overhaul and I suggest you check out his content because it is awesome and you should subscribe!!

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  1. Josh Street says:

    Joeblivion remember the heir right now is a mage so its ok to let the lunatic vampire queen die for daedra armies

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