Leftists Keep Getting Kidnapped Because The Word IS Dangerous

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39 Responses

  1. olaf olaf says:

    Actually all muslim, brown and black countries are dangeous shit-holes!

  2. George Chakhidze says:

    Go to a 'ṣɦἱthole country' — risk being drowned in a ṣɦἱt hole.

  3. Steven Wiederholt says:

    12 civilians killed in jihadist attack in Burkina Faso

    I follow obsess on this kind of stuff Islamic terrorism.

  4. M. van der Scheer says:

    They can put themselves in danger as much as they like, they are putting everybody in danger with their idiotic ideas, and that's just not right.

  5. Mouchette L says:

    Innocents abroad. Reminds me of the book by Paul Bowles “The Sheltering Sky”. Also a film with Debra Winger and John Malkovich. Its nothing new.

  6. Dragonice Lakeoffire says:

    White liberals feel guilty for their easy lives. That is why they are hyper concerned about non whites and to a lesser extinct gay whites.

  7. Dai Khairai says:

    I love commas, im not apologizing. Id prefer to end this on a positive note so here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a739VjqdSI these are cute which is kinda needed

    this is a message to any lefty or righty who wants to go out into the world and help nurture it in some beautiful progressive type of way, congratulations your a good person, DON'T THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY. its good that your a good person, there are a lot of bad people and a surprisingly large number of EVIL monsters.
    the good or bad of this world is a war won thru attrition and if you pointlessly throw our life away when you could've banded together and improved things in a smarter way than you'll have let legitimate evil win out over good.
    because evil people wont hesitate to kill you or worse, while our naive ideals about good people is that they wont kill no matter what, well remember back to all those movies or TV shows with a protagonist that swears not to kill, and the we have the villain of the episode or the whole show… whats their body count? because the protagonist seems to have a hell of a lot more interest in the value of their own moral compass that outweighs the value of the innocent lives taken by the villain, think about DEXTER, hes the wrong way to hero to be sure, but in exchange for his body count how drastically does the potential body count drop and the deaths of others avenged, not quite justice but its better than nothing.

  8. OurGovernmentsAreBetrayingUs says:

    What skills or qualifications did they have that would enable them to reforest Togo. Almost certainly none. The arrogance of these people. To assume they could do what the natives were incapable of. Now THAT is a fine example of white supremacist racism, though they would have been blissfully unaware of it, being such progressives and considering themselves above such flaws.

  9. Ellisar Atranimus says:

    Womp womp

  10. Un Bearable says:

    You know how socialism never fails because its never REAL socialism? Well these outreach travelers don't really count because this wasn't REAL enrichment. We just need more such people to prove that these outreach tourists can make a real difference. We just need to send more leftists. It'll work! No, really! Next time it'll work. All leftists should pack up and head out the these regions immediately. Any liberal who fails to do so is a racist!!!!!

  11. Other Restrained says:

    Is this article subject considered a conservative? He went to an island to share jesus with them.


  12. Jay P says:

    What's the problem? Let them get killed

  13. Netseer2000 says:

    Foolish people. I remember the 60's with people believing in free love, hitchhiking and hanging on the back of a interstate buses with their feet on the bumpers.

  14. 240pixel says:

    I call it natural selection. Idiots without understanding of danger through all times were the ones who got killed first. Nothing's new under the sun,

  15. cavemanbum says:

    You need to change the title of your video to "…World is dangerous", not "…word" .

  16. Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness says:

    In Canada we call girls like her a "Trustafarian" a wealthy nitwit whose world view is totally ridiculous, our current leader is a prime example of this type of idiocy.

    Bet her dreadlocks were not the social hit in Burkino Faso as they were in Burlington, Vermont. (Sherbrooke is very short drive to Vermont btw… Same type of sjws, only Frenchier )

  17. Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert says:

    The Word

  18. OillyOlly says:

    Reality gives not a single fuck about your idealism.

  19. ZachariahGallos says:

    Excellent video man.

  20. Shayne Fowley says:

    I disagree. The training is worth the money spent. You just instructed your viewers how deadly an encounter can exist.

  21. Corey Callahan says:


  22. origionalwinja says:

    liberals are idiots. conservatives dont over react, they react normally. what you need to do, is let these fucking dumbasses keep doing this shit. at some point these fucking retards will finally kill themselves off and the world will be a better place to live. im over here laughing my ass off at these dipshits

  23. bakermiaz says:

    They believe the propaganda that white people are bad and more dangerous then those caring and kind brown people that we should all let into the country

  24. Augusto Pinochet says:

    Don't kid yourself Tim pool I am a Canadian and your hunch is correct pretty much anybody Canadian with dreadlocks and is white it's pretty much guaranteed a leftist if not a far leftist

  25. John Smith says:

    She's dead Tim…

  26. Bruce Girdlestone says:

    I like to tell people you know you are living in a 3rd world country when you hear a loud click and realize that a gun misfired when someone was trying to shoot you in the head.

  27. Bruce Girdlestone says:

    Where did you do this training?

  28. Hibiki TheInkFox says:

    You know that Christian Missionaries are looking at stories like this and going, "duh".

  29. Shrekoning says:

    wtf is 'The Word'? Can someone explain this to me?

  30. Ecktor says:

    The world is horribly dangerous outside the pearly gates of the first world.
    That and these lefties are idiotic and delusional.
    Go travel to these holes, by all means!
    In huge caravans. Love, yay!

  31. theultimategardner says:

    Hey Tim, checked out the Site and most of the cases on "touristkilled" are rather about tourists going to prison or facing charges

  32. Brandon Wilks says:


  33. Stanley Clark says:

    The only conservatives I read about being captured or killed are missionaries doing religious work in the wrong areas. They aren't necessarily naive about it though.

  34. jaric says:

    Tim I'm shocked by your alt-right racism! Everyboody know that all evil in world is fault of white men.

  35. Simon says:

    just natures way of weeding out the weak and useless people

  36. The Dank Knight says:

    Here's an L for you

  37. Shelly Kennedy says:

    Keeping it real. You’re right, not everyone is cut out for this kind of training. As to ideological self-deluded people who continue to go: they are invested in their fantasy, and it is very hard to convince them otherwise. For some people I’ve known the fantasy they’ve constructed helps them survive because they are weak people psychologically.

  38. Christina Gonzalez says:

    With proper training a gun is a woman's best equalizer. I repeatedly go through gun training to be able to effectively protect myself. I wouldn't ever give up my conceal carry permit. I refused to be a victim again. U truly don't realize how bad some people are until u run into it in your own life. At 16 my outlook on life changed forever and as soon as I was old enough I bought my own gun and been training with several different ones my whole life. My hubby is Navy and I have better aim then him and his military friends. I refuse to be defenseless again.

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