Lady Gaga – Poker Face lyrics

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Hope you like it! Request more songs =)

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33 Responses

  1. Donna Martinez says:

    Poker face !!!!!!!!

  2. GachaVerse Fangirl says:

    This person (not lady gaga) made this video in 2009 so this video was made 8 years ago

  3. Mariam Usfu Ali says:

    Ay love dis song en ay love it

  4. Dark Sonic says:

    Damn. It's been forever since I've heard this.

  5. Sherri M Leco says:

    My daughter was a little monster before she passed 2 years ago. I listen Lady Gaga to remember her and the little monster that she was

  6. Hopscotch the nerdy square says:

    Do Eric Cartman Poker Face lyrics please ;~;

  7. Apple Farm says:

    karate kid vibes

  8. icey Ginger cookie ginger says:

    I love his song

  9. Darth Invader says:

    And not even one comment on karate kid

  10. jay why pee says:

    all this time i thought he was saying "i'll get him hard"

  11. graemenaomi tv says:

    it was my favorite

  12. Justin Davis says:

    My friend Brennen and I sang this to the class in music last year aka 6th grade

  13. Eli Jah says:

    Orb you

  14. VMS 2020 says:

    Wow 09

  15. Ada Argun says:

    How did you do it?

  16. Ayjwat Ali says:

    Awesome song

  17. Yessiefidkdkgufjfggghhtfgutukvugjgv justihBieder says:

    The, r,d.,dpdlr,error or rule kd,d to l,od?

  18. Rhylee McCavitt says:

    Anytime i hear this song i think of Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief Movie which i love

  19. Rhylee McCavitt says:

    Anytime i hear this song i think of Percy Jackson The Lighting Thif Movie wich i love

  20. Gagi Drajf says:


  21. April Flores says:

    Too much as even most people for a few your

  22. Chenoah Last Star says:

    hi I'm mangle

  23. 2. 0 says:

    Keith's theme song.

  24. DARKNESS says:

    Ilove this song and Bad Romance

  25. O’Brienmyers 1642 says:

    And every snake that exists.

  26. O’Brienmyers 1642 says:

    It makes me think of the way I wanna totally destroy every spider that exists.

  27. meriln leghcgjkssd says:


  28. Stephanie Cabrera says:

    Dance Central Poker Face

  29. Brittany Peyton says:

    Pocket racks go

  30. meriln leghcgjkssd says:

    Sfdewwqqdhgrewebngfwqqs buttressed congress

  31. Shannon Shadaia says:

    The first time in a 77th I can 30th a nd floor is the debt limit 88th I will have to do the debt limit 88th and I will be able to do it for the only one who has a good thing I can see why it is not the only way to my house and I can be 8th to do it is not the same reason that is why you going on the debt limit 88th I will be there at 3rd 3rd to the only reason that is the debt ceiling in about an d on't be able to

  32. Samuel Attias says:

    The Beat 92,5

  33. Samantha huitron says:

    I love this song.

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