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Xbox is playing for keeps and bringing the HYPE.

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15 Responses

  1. KZXcellent says:

    Conference starts at 4:35, enjoy my happiness.

  2. Relyk Terrah says:

    You have a lovely voice.

  3. Secave says:

    I'm there just after watching that good old "loosing shit" reaction of the FFXV trailer :'D.

  4. eXi__ says:

    "i'm gonna cum" bro you killed me

  5. cl1cka says:

    Dying LIght 2 became my most anticipated game after seeing this. Two words – Chris Avellone. Legend in the gaming industry, worked on some of the best ever rpg's :
    -Fallout 2
    -Fallout New Vegas
    -Baldur's Gate
    -Neverwinter Nights 2/Mask of the Betrayer
    -Icewind Dale
    -Planescape Tourment
    -Knights of the Old Republic
    -Divinity : Original Sin 2
    -Wasteland 2
    -Pillars of Eternity
    ….Whatever this man touches – I will buy 😀

  6. Irate Bear's Right Nutsack says:

    Just waiting for KH3 to get the P5 treatment

  7. Bug Lord says:

    what if you could play them all? well gamepass doesn't include ALL games, so piracy is still the closest option for that with emulation on the side.

  8. Daniel Brandon says:

    Sekiro, Ori, Devil May Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Jump Force, We Happy Few, Gears of War 5, mothafucking BATTLETOADS. Microsoft blew me away this year holy shit, Iwas even impressed by some of the games that don't really interest me. 9/10 tbh fam.

  9. KEYBOY-StarSeekerXIX says:

    Good conference but still don't care about getting an xbox lol the games i cared about KH3 first dmc5 and tales of vesperia i'll be playing on my ps4 but again still a good conference

  10. Big Feared Balloon says:

    Well… I may as well just do this as a joke and keep talking about what I did on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 while watching this. I completed the missions that I lost progress on cause I didn't save and my menu froze, I then went to level up tons of my blades, killing the very specific monsters. I also killed one of my party members by various methods, like pushing them off a cliff so I could resurrect them, so I could get the amount of resurections needed to unlock a skill. I then called their new nickname stupid, mortally wounding them, and then watch them get destroyed by a army of hammer wielding enemies….

    and the best thing is they are my favourite character, so I don't know why I am torturing them specifically.

  11. KEYBOY-StarSeekerXIX says:

    Nice to see kh even tho i'll be getting it on playstation

  12. Ninjafox1000 says:

    this was xbox's best E3 in a while

  13. Amew The Fox says:

    tiny fox game with tiny fox swords

  14. MadMakishimu says:

    Devil Fucking May Cry 5

  15. God of destruction yomi says:

    Tales of vesperia makes me (and we all know creed did as well) bust such a nut

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