Kul Tiras – World of Warcraft Lore

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The story of the creation of Kul’Tiras, history and the recent events in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.
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In this video I cover the kingdom of Kul’Tiras. From the creation up to the orcish wars and the creation of Theramore. After that I cover the story of Daelin Proudmoore and the subsequent Kul Tiras invasions of Durotar. Finally I get into the fate of Kul Tiras in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.

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33 Responses

  1. Ertril Pitcher says:

    jaina DID NOT!! Kill her father. Thrall and rexar talked to her about how her father was a threat to the horde and she didn't stop them and allowed them to kill her father. If u are guna make a lore vid make it correct.

  2. John I says:

    Do one for theramore

  3. Exceed Studio says:

    Not Jaina neither Thrall killed the Admiral but Rexxar Rokkan or whatever his name is and Cairne.

  4. Scamspam says:

    Kul Tiras, not Kul'Tiras with an apostrophe.

  5. nightb4day says:

    So the alliance will now have the strongest navy, aerial and space vessels such as the vindicaar and possibly the exodar in the future or atleast its defenses, they have the strongest mages but still comparable with the sin dorei, the only loss I see them having is infantry – orcs and tauren being much more physically adept Edit: If the rumours of the dragonflights allying with the alliance is true then the blue dragonflight I still think will remain neutral as they control the very essence of mana

  6. Arthas Hastings Menethil says:

    it should be Kul Taras not Tiras….. who's wiht me ???

  7. Drainon12 says:

    For Kul Tiras

  8. ryan macdonald says:

    I guess the Kul Tirasians are unhappy that the Alliance hasn't done anything to help them in years……..

  9. guillaume cornic says:


  10. Vitor Oliveira says:

    I've been following you for almost 2 years but since some time ago I stopped seeing your videos showing up on my subscribed thingy. Right now I happened to stumble on one of your older videos and I thought to myself "Man I really miss Doronsmovies, he was such a cool guy, what was the last video he uploaded?" and WHATTHEACTUALFUCK you've been posting videos as usual

    Fuck youtube for hiding them 🙁

  11. Immortal Kdude says:

    I just hope zandalri trolls have latin American accent not Jamaican

  12. ExelArts says:

    When are we going to get the Origins of the draenei lore

  13. Argust DisStark says:

    Can you make a lore video about the bronze dragonflight, dragon rp guide or the timewalkers?

  14. Aron Johansson says:

    What about stromgarde?

  15. Gareth Owen-crumpton says:

    Katherine isn't a queen.

  16. kyawsithu moeoo says:

    Another great lore video.

  17. Devin Penegar says:

    Can you make a video on Lightforged Draenei, and an updated version of Draenei and manari?

  18. Tio Miklas says:

    Sorry for the "hijack" but we are looking for players to help us voice all wow quests! Based on the positive feedback of "Voice Acted Quests Addon" I decided to create http://www.reddit.com/r/wowvaq where you can submit your voice samples/voiced quests.This is not a casting or anything like that, everyone can and should post there if they feel like it, it is then up to the community to choose wha they want/like to hear in their game. The ultimate goal is to have a "definitve" version with every npc having a different voice all done and selected by the players, and also just different packs in general (all voices are morgan freeman impersonations, all npcs sound drunk, other languages…whatever, or simply other packs like the ones i upload to curse. Thanks for the support and let's give back to blizzard my making wow a bit more immersive and fun!

  19. FUmarc says:

    Please do a video on the Sand Gnomes, unknown history and speculation. Giving gnomes Shaman class. Allied Race confirmed?

  20. Tonberryking1988 says:

    Story time yay! Thanks that was very inciteful! Now I can go into bfa with a bit more knowledge of what the heck is going in! Thanks man!

  21. Maciej Puchalski says:

    2:16 fella FTW

  22. Sam Collins says:

    I wait for your videos the same exact moment your current video end.. 🙂

  23. Štěpán Pytlík says:

    For Kul Tiras!

  24. Yazan says:

    Awesome man! Thx for another great vid.

  25. Auxtrility says:

    Is that serbian accent i can hear 🙂 ?

  26. Me Myself says:

    Kul'Tiras soldiers sound like a bunch of badasses, like "I came her to chew gum and fight the horde, and I'm all out of gum".

  27. OverX Gaming says:


  28. Ilthalaine The Ishnu Alah guy says:

    Hi Doron you are the best!

  29. Franco Leonardini says:

    The Lich King vs Broxigar Saurfang. PLOX.

  30. Sith Guy says:

    This channel is awesome

  31. Zerordie 45 says:


  32. Anonymous Mentat says:

    Notification squad reporting for like!

  33. Daggernath says:

    Time to dust off the naval/pirate mogs.

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