Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (I HATE CARD GAMES)

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Super Smash Bros.,Lego Games,Super Heros,TMNT,Sonic the Hedgehog, And Super Mario all here on the channel Of J.I.C. any game that I love or any fighting game I know I will play them and share it all with you guyz. Well ain’t dat special? wait…no its not special? hmmph!!! well I ain’t ask for your sypathy I ask for your likes and thoughts. Speaking of thought if your thinking about who that weirdo with the glasses is on the channel baner that’s just Dark Jay a random clone made out of darkness…or something like a anime or videogame ….or something but he pops up in random videos talking all “EVIL” and junk but who cares (He might get a spinoff channel we’ll see) If you check out the other channel Vibranium Bros. Its a channel of where me and three other friends of mine put the type of videos we like together in one channel or just make vids of where we play with/against each other on whatever we choose. I just wish to have as much fun as possible making the ridiculous videos.

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