Journey Arcade Game Television Debut

Views:23031|Rating:4.96|View Time:1:8Minutes|Likes:128|Dislikes:1 – Since the first of these clips for the Star Wars arcade game drew good traffic (watch it here: I’ve pulled another clip from the Vault.

Here’s another clip where former teen idol Bobby Sherman shows a preview of an upcoming arcade video game from the short-lived show “The Video Game Challenge”

This time it’s Journey from Bally Midway, based on the band of the same name. A camera had been invented that could scan and post digitized faces on a video game screen. Originally intended for high score tables, the concept was scratched when someone mooned the game camera during an arcade test.

The technology was used instead to insert digitized faces of the members of Journey into this video game. The game failed to really catch on due to a saturated video game business that was in decline quickly when it was released. Shortly after it came out Bally Midway actually offered factory rebates to operators who bought the machine… and later on even free copies of older arcade titles.

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20 Responses

  1. MoshMasterD says:

    Coming soon: Bobby Sherman- The Arcade Game. Easy come and easy goooioo.

  2. I Love Prophet Muhammad says:


  3. Gerardo Cuevas says:


  4. Steve Hunt says:

    hahah glorp

  5. john deaux says:

    This had absolutely nothing in common with the Atari 2600 'Journey' cart except they both used the bands name.

  6. Dallas Dal says:

    Awesome game, Awesome Music,Awesome Graphics. One of the Best Arcades ever made!

  7. Sara Bee says:

    wow, had no idea this existed O.o

  8. Whomp says:

    I've been playing this in MAME and it's not all that bad of a game.  Not great but not bad either.  It certainly can be, what I consider, a button smasher.  That is probably one of the only reasons I won't try to marathon this game.

  9. Paul Contreras says:

    Third screen of Donkey Kong?  More like the 1st screen of Donkey Kong but going downwards instead of upwards.

  10. Matthew Snyders says:

    Check out the complete restoration of this original arcade game on John's Arcade (YouTube). It's an amazing project. 

  11. ChrisK42 says:

    +nintendoneil  The SONG that played during the concert round was "Separate Ways".

  12. nintendoneil says:

    if i remember right, there was actually a tape player inside the arcade cabinet that kicked on when you got to the last level of the game…( i dont remember what song played, it was so long ago.) i really liked the 2600 game too, it was simple and fun.

  13. dharmaseed says:

    'A fat bouncer'…poor Herbie Herbert, he WAS the fat bouncer.

  14. Trancejeremy says:

    I played this game so much in the arcades

  15. caper2u says:

    Loved this game as a kid!!

  16. sam armytage says:

    q-bert and donkey kong and space invaders together.

  17. sam armytage says:

    that's incredible…i still got it …lol

  18. ProfChrisK says:

    Dont stop… believing?

  19. E says:


  20. billy bob says:

    So glad I grew up in the era of arcades. Played this game non-stop. Thanks for all the quarters dad!!!!!

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