Jontron – Is He Pro Gamergate? (vine)

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22 Responses

  1. Vetuyasha says:

    According to SJWs' logic: "Being neutral about GG = Being pro-GG".

  2. Ace says:

    The last one's me.

  3. Dead Account says:


  4. Effect Without Cause says:

    Being a reasonable human is enough to label you as cis scum by the "righteous ambassadors of justice"

  5. MadBunnyRabbit says:

    Hahaha! This cracked me up XD

  6. KrustyKrabFunFair says:

    ^ That's me

  7. Crackhead McGee says:

    What's gamer gate?

  8. dimicurrey says:

    How can you be pro or anti gamergate? I thought it was just a thing that happened, not something you agree or disagree with.

  9. dimicurrey says:

    Me too

  10. Theo Hamilton says:

    And people claim he is pro gamergate…

  11. Jad3n [email protected] says:

    I laughed at this video because of the actions Jon does which are hilarious, but I was wondering if someone could explain to me what anti-gamergate and pro-gamergate mean? in a nut shell if possible

  12. oscar strokosz says:

    Now that the dust has settles, we can see that both sides acted like knee jerk twats.

  13. Shocker Cody999 says:

    Pretty much

    I don't give a fuck about gamer gate honestly

    Just another thing to bitch about besides the naruto ending

  14. Anglomachian says:

    My reaction: … Fair enough.

  15. Squigglefigeon says:

    Haha I love it! 

    Honestly I'm glad a lot of Gaming Youtubers have looked at GamerGate and have decided not to touch it. There's too much shilling and drama going on with twitter and youtube, its nice just to have people who are like "Hey guys! Video games are fun!"

  16. Alpha9571 says:

    Good for him on being neutral.It's best for most famous youtubers to stay out of this.

  17. Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals says:

    It's probably better he be neutral/apathetic.  The last thing GG needs is more e-celeb drama, and another decent uploader being driven off youtube.  The real war isn't being fought on Twitter or Youtube, it's being fought by pulling advertisers away from certain publications and exposing the hypocrisy of said publications.

  18. The 5500 says:

    GamerGate: who gives a fuck

  19. azangor says:

    I pick #3 in the hope that jon really doesn't know what it is. Cause that's funny and gives me hope.

  20. DaRichMan says:

    Jontron always knows how to make me laugh. I love him!

  21. Iliana Gonzalez says:

    I wonder why he deleted this from his vine

  22. Zanard Bell says:

    I need more JonTron.

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