Joe Rogan | When Did SJW Culture Start?

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1221:

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37 Responses

  1. big sadie says:

    wtf is sjw

  2. Wayne S says:

    I want someone to explain to me why it is wrong to try and correct social injustice. I freely grant that some people go overboard with this; some people go overboard with everything. But someone, explain to me why it is better to tolerate wrongs, without at least speaking about it.

    I'm just a liberal. I don't understand.

  3. Southern Fried Media says:

    sounds to me like all these kids need a firm kick in the ass to set them straight

  4. Y Gonzalez says:

    SJWism is going to trigger a backlash of which they have no clue since they don't understand history nor human nature. If you get prestige from destroying people's lives for word they use or views they hold. How long do they it'll be before someone who's lost their job, business, career or had their life ruined says to hell with it. And starts making them pay the price by suing them or barring that actually doing them and theirs actual physical harm. I've said it once and I'll say it again. This is not going to end well.

  5. Derka Derka says:

    Woodstock is a big SJW orgy.

  6. TheoXaris says:

    What enabled the rise of SJWism in 2014 was a precursory legal trend of creating literal Though Crimes. SJWs, weak broken psychologically tormented people, the age old losers of society precisely jump upon these to get the upper hand and get a revenge from society – leftism always worked that way and always drafted that type of people, thus whenever the left took control of the narrative it always ended up in abolition of freedoms, in tears and bloodshed and genocide. The very people who cry out loud about "social justice" and "against racism" are the first who will commit the most hideous forms of social injustice and the first to attack and murder people for having the wrong type of colour, even if that is their own colour too – afterall, the day a state is run by their sick narratives will them first populating the gulags not just as guardians but also as prisoners… if you know what I mean. SJWs are nothing less than useful idiots (cos they are idiots, no way to crcumvent that) of the oligarchy. SJWism is not a new phenomenon, It always existed.

  7. RedDragonM1 says:

    SJW culture and neo femisism comes from ONE thing. Our President. This crap happened on account of his comments of sexist, racist, and garbage that h said. All these people are convinced that this is a way of sticking it to him and resisting. Creating new ways to label, punish, and blame others who don't agree with them. Aziz's career as an actor and comedian was ruined due to an awkward date and over-reacting. Apu is banned from "The Simpsons" for being "non-PC" when he was once a beloved and celebrated character. Marvel comics screamed and shouted at readers who didn't like the overuse of Captain Marvel, and the character changes with classic heroes calling them "Racist", "Bigots", "Women haters", and worse. The term "mansplaining" was created to attack men for shallow reasons. Femenist movements are getting more and more angry over smaller and smaller incidents. This new PC culture isn't helping…they are becoming a threat, and don't see how much of a threat they are.

  8. kitten4567 says:

    I used to be a democrat until I got to college and all the sjw stuff happened and now I am a conservative

  9. Jack Shadow says:

    The Kids in the Hall were already making fun of SJWs a couple of decades ago…

  10. fuzzwobble says:

    It's interesting how he's talking about changing poor social behaviours by mocking them, because he's essentially advocating for importing the Australian method of dealing with people like regressives. There's a reason why most of Australia is safe, and why so many anti-SJW channels are Aussie; they laugh at and mock the SJWs culturally.

  11. Don't WatchMojo says:

    animating this

  12. arthur taylor says:

    I bet most of these kids were fine until college professors filled their heads up with this crap.

  13. Omar G says:

    I think its dangerous to use labels like SJW because although we are living really well for the most part, there are still an abundance of injustices in this world. Has a small minority gone overboard and fixated on the minutiae of a particular cause? And has some of it become so trivial that it undermines the bigger cause? For sure! But this label can also be used by certain groups to undermine and put down people who are fighting against true injustice.

  14. the one and only says:

    I think the 90s

  15. Coffee Cats Kimchi says:

    I really wanted to click away and watch something fun while I ate dinner but this was too darn interesting.

  16. Mitchell Hancock says:

    This guy is a genius

  17. PorkBellyFutures says:

    I agree with the general time period of the supposed induction of this "new way of thinking." I first became acutely aware of this trend when I watched this video apparently around 11/7/15. I don't remember there being too much of this shit before that. It was followed by a flood of it. I was in college at the time, and it is disgusting.

  18. wrb3301 says:

    Want this crap to stop….start expelling these little idiots when they attack without foundation…and no….feels aren’t a legal basis to defame.
    These suckholes are potential future leaders….that cannot be permitted to happen….want a comparison…look at the professors teaching this shit…they were these whiny outraged kids 20 years ago….that cycle of inherited thought killing needs halting.

  19. Sad Butter says:

    It's rudeness, callout culture and social media. Nothing is resolved reasonably and you look stupid no matter what you do or say.

  20. Dirshaun says:

    My response would be; Hey, why don't we meet, and you say that to my face?

  21. denzuko1 says:

    What's happening ins USA now is what China was during Mao's period where children were encouraged to report their parents' wrong doing to the authority.

  22. Matthew J Canty-Barnes says:

    Caught heat around 2013 if I'm not mistaken.

  23. Miranda Elaine says:

    John Haidt <3

  24. Alpaca Two Niner says:

    Can we hurry up and have ww3 already? We need a purge.

  25. Cady Youngbauer says:

    what does sjw stand for?

  26. SeaRose says:

    Jonathan is right on the money EXCEPT for pinning the origin as being the helicopter parenting over concerns of child abduction. That is a perposterous assertion for which he has no evidence. He simultaneously ignores what public k-12 education and hollywood were pushing super hard in the 80s and 90s which was the "self esteem" movement/ obbsession with victimhood conveying a special moral superiority etc. If he wants the origin point, he should look outside the home and at the DOMINANT influence on children's lives; public schooling's social-psychology trend at that same time. Especially as families began to degrade for the first time and divorce was rampant, there was a huge gaping space created for pop-psy "professionals" to fill the void with grossly temporary inflation of self esteem in children in order to serve as a salve and bulwark against the confusing emotions around massive social change in the family, and not just in families who went through divorce, but permeating throughout every kid's tv show, sitcom, and preteen movie, these same self esteem tropes/victimhood elevation tropes were pervasive. They are a far more likely culprit in creating the social disposition of younger millenials/older gen z than making sure you pick your kids up at the bus stop, or supervising playdates. Haidt's "helicopter parenting" falls far short of an even plausible explanation.

    Edited to add: there was also an infusion of critical theory into history lessons in the 90s and aughts eliminating any emphasis on PRINCIPALS and bastardization of all history by telling it though an highly modern lense.

  27. Joseph Emanuel says:

    I also think call-out culture is partly fueled by students' fear of retaliation. They are scared of having a confrontational interaction with a professor who has more power than them, and administrators often encourage students to make anonymous complaints. In light of how vindictive and hierarchical academia can be, I don't imagine many students will take the risk of confronting a professor, even if the complaint is minor. They'll get their twitter-followers to back them up instead or just report them. Especially if a professor has a nasty reputation.

    On the flip-side, though, some students are young and impressionable and will take any opportunity to be indignant. Though, like the guy said, it's not most students. As a Liberal Arts Grad student, I can confirm most of us just want to have a good, useful classroom experience.

  28. john marks says:

    You know the Nazi's did almost the same thing in their schools prior to taking over in Germany.

  29. Pertinent Paradigm says:

    That's what memes are for… Mocking this type of behavior

  30. Mister Fusion says:

    How can they put this here? Logic is an act of violence!

  31. Aidan Keane says:

    I believe we already have a word for the term he is searching for at around 13.50, I would call them bully

  32. James Kirk says:

    College girls need more come in their mouths.

  33. patricia cleasby says:

    They may look different from the last generation because of technology, but they are the same, and their numbers are the same. People who say this generation has been too lax on its children, are saying what every older generation says. This is the time in their life to test new ideas, stand outside of society and observe. It's a kind of over correction, that can happen when anyone spends too much time thinking about one thing. Look at Alex Jones or any crackpot. At least these kids will find jobs, raise families and blend into the mainstream. A few of them, maybe more than a few, are going off the rails, but they aren't hurting anyone. They aren't showing up at restaurants with rifles, or shooting cars on the highway. So, when it comes to complaining about crazy people, let's start with the ones angry enough to kill people.

  34. Evocatorum says:

    Thanks Joe! As someone who's a Gen X'r and went to school with the later part of the Gen Y'ers and the millennials (2008-2010 or so), I have to admit I started seeing some of these traits becoming more and more apparent at the UofO (Oregon) as your professor mentioned. I remember having an actual shoutdown in 2009, but we had a Nazi come to campus to speak about Nationalism and White Supremacy, though I forget whether this was prior to Obama's first or second campaign visit (he came twice).

    Looking back at that and seeing the SJW culture now, it seems strange to not take in to account some of the social issues that were (and remain in progress) going around at the time on campus. In fact, I was just googling to find out when the pepper spray at Berkeley happened (2011) and the Nazi speaker (Pacifica Forum, 2007-2009) and I found that the UofO has had issues with various Nazi groups coming to campus and causing issues going back for . So, yes, one could consider it SJW behavior to refute/rebuff this sort of thing, the SJW culture actually has to good that it does, even though it's ultra irritating; and that is encouraging the student body as a whole to support each other in dealing with issues such as Ultra-right wing behavior on campus. If it were not for SJW mentatlity, the UofO and Portland would have a much large issue on their hands, that being a return to radical levels of racism here in Oregon. Patriot Prayer continually comes down to "peacefully protest" here in Portland… when they say "peacefully protest", they mean come down with actual guns to a rally.

    Not to say that either side is right or wrong (as that is a different topic), but it felt at the time, more of a schism in our societal beliefs, and it was hard not to view what the Anti-Hate Task Force was doing as not good, but as we've seen with our current political climate and the onslaught of ultra-right wing behavior, it's hard not to wonder which belief structure motivated the rise of which (U-Right vs U-Left).

    So, again, thanks Joe. Very interesting and stimulating post.

  35. MusicFan 15 says:

    Anyone else get super depressed watching this? Me too. Sorry, POUND me too.

  36. Pagan Posse says:

    Call the new generation what it is; spoon feed pansies…everyone is autistic and aggressive in a very spoiled way… Social opinion is the playground of the idle.

  37. The ultimate troll Heny loc says:

    I just hope the next generation after this weak generation of tattletales is tough and has balls.

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