Jim vs Bronx Blogger Portland and Other Topics

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not my video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfYbb7nga6-icsFWWgS-kWw Thank you Metokurist Murdochian Archiver for allowing me to upload these go to his channel he is way better than me. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEL5udLvhpEOG8Lc9O-xbmQ

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20 Responses

  1. Jimmy Russle says:

    Jim shut this faggot down. He admitted that antifa are violent and criminal because they are marginalized. If they were really marginalized, Eric Clanton would be in jail for attempted murder. Antifa are always backed by lawyers, while the alt right cant have a fucking webpage without the host shutting them down. Yet we don't trash college campuses. If pozz logger were right, we would be the ones breaking the law. but we dont. because we arent savages.

  2. David Page says:

    White college students are marginalized I guess

  3. Bailey Green says:

    52:09 Lol the irony of a self-proclaimed Anarchist going "WHOA" when Ralph said "Fuck South Africa"

  4. TheEndTimes says:

    This was from ages ago

  5. antonandsullyfan148869 says:

    Is this recent?

  6. Jay says:

    Remember, kids, the Nazis got into power because they made the better argument and the rest of Germany went "seems legit, lets vote these guys." There was no campaigns of intimidation nor attempts to overthrow the government by force. It was all because the Germans were too tolerant towards the Nazis intolerance.

  7. Blanco Boy Jones says:


  8. Darkshizumaru says:

    It's only irresponsible to crack jokes about politics to get famous when they disagree with him. Bet your ass he has no issue with Jon Stewart of John Oliver, Trevor Noah. Shame on him. Gorge Tekai spouts about politics exclusively on twitter nothing else seems to exist for him not even his career. May George Carlin's ghost haunt him till his dying day.

  9. Darkshizumaru says:

    He's no anarchist, no anarchist says "I want strict rules about who can say what they want to about it." That's also NOT how genocides happen. He''s retarded. Anarchy believes in no rules. He's a larper who things it's cool and metal. Brain dead.

  10. Augmintt says:

    Thoroughly despise Bronx blogger. Total cunt.
    > Berkelety riots
    > Marginalised kids
    God damn this guy is stupid.

  11. spencerific93 says:

    South Africa really set Ralph off lol.

  12. Canti89 says:

    Hawaiians are not to be trusted.

  13. Abra Cadaver says:

    Anyone have links to the antifa shit they're talking about

  14. Wolfie Prosperity Preacher says:

    Boo you stink!

  15. Reggin King says:

    The royal guard of kekistan is so fucking gay.

  16. 00Boogie says:

    Way I see it, Antifa liked having a tough guy image but also wanted to be able to play victim when it suit their purposes.

  17. AyZeD says:

    Pozzed blogger

  18. bluefireify says:

    THIS is why we love Jim… Because he understands us… lol.

  19. TheAutistWhisperer says:

    Bronx Blogger is a bit special.

  20. Weaseling rentler says:

    Gang weed

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