Jan 2019 (2nd half) Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter

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Kevin looks at over 30 board games launching the 2nd half of January 2019 on Kickstarter

Jan 15 Frontier Wars
mid Jan Insured
Jan 21 Newspeak (relaunch)
Jan ?? ComplexCity Big Kid Games (just heard the date is changing)
Jan 21 Battle of the Bards Junk Spirit Games
Jan 21 Too Many Poops
Jan 22 Ore the Mining Game Quick Simple Fun
Jan 22 Valor &Villainy Skybound Games
Jan 22 Gardens of Babylon Cackleberry Games
Jan 22 Vindication Expansion Orange Nebula
Jan 22 Aftershock Stronghold Games
Jan 23 Head Chef – relaunch
Jan 24 3 games from John Clowdus Kolossal Games
Jan 25 new kits for minis Dream Forge Games
Jan 28 The Champion of the Wild: Second Edition
Jan 29 Human Punishment Project: Hell Gate – Coregame + expansion
Jan 29 Shipwreck Arcana reprint with expansion
Jan 29 Solo Una Noche
Jan 29 PARKS Keymaster Games + 59 Park Series
Jan 29 Overlords of Infamy Exp Obscure Reference Games
Jan 30 Zombies the Cure
Jan 30 Mickell
end of Jan Hyperspace Petersen Games
end of Jan Race for the Chinese Zodiac Simply Complex
end of Jan “Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom”
Jan La Stanza Quined Games
Jan Struggle for Europe
Jan Wordopolis Caper Games
Jan Dark Rituals DG Games
Jan Yokohama Duel TMG
Jan Nurdz
Jan Equation Builder
Jan 5 Dicetopia: Roll with the Punches
Jan 10 War of the Worlds: New Wave Grey Fox Games

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48 Responses

  1. Fico Gutierrez says:

    Can you improve the microphone quality?

  2. Matt Matier says:

    got to play Robinson Crusoe and Brass Birmingham and they were great!

    Dark Rituals looks interesting. and I'm strongly considering Onimaru. Enjoyed watching your guy's video on that one earlier this week.

  3. kirkbeiser says:

    Raiders of the North Sea has been my current favorite with the group (and my #3 overall). We also played a fantastic game of Quantum among many other games.

    I am definitely getting Parks from Keymaster Games. Love that company.

  4. karlrim says:

    New azul glass tiling game and century eastern wonders

  5. 2565ms says:

    Played Viticulture, Imperial Settlers, and Alhambra. Starting to really get into the hobby and very much enjoy your channel!

  6. Boardgame Fan Girl says:

    For me, I lost badly every time but enjoyed playing EVERDELL a couple of times during the holidays and will be at Tantrum Con!

  7. Patrick O'Toole says:

    We played downforce and wearwords this Christmas. Fun times!

  8. Troy Newhoff says:

    Vindication expansion is a no-brainer!!!

  9. Happy Gamer says:

    Darker Rituals looks pretty cool, but I don't think I'm seeing any must-back games … will definitely watch your more detailed reviews just to be sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    Over the holidays I purchased and played my first game of SW: Rebellion (with expac). Talk about an epic 2P game! I can see why it is well liked, as the game itself seems fantastic and the theme is extremely immersive. Can't wait to flip roles and try the Rebel side!

    Also started a Betrayal Legacy campaign, and what a cool experience. Got through the Prelude and 2 scenarios, and that has started off with a serious bang. I never loved the original as much as some, but the Legacy story is fantastic and I can't wait to play again!

    (Would love the Smash Up promos as that's the only one of the 5 I own :p)

  10. Michael Perkins says:

    Since the holidays, I played Just One, Wildlands, Gloomhaven, Scythe, Coimbra, Betrayal Legacy, Sushi Go Party, Dragon's Hoard, Dice Throne and two groups of 5e.

  11. Kalayna Price says:

    Aeonโ€™s End Legacy. We played the entire campaign over the holidays and it was amazing.

  12. Josh Davis says:

    Played dinosaur island, mansions of madness, too many bones, terraforming Mars, and many others over break. Too many bones is my favorite.

  13. Jonathan Baker says:

    Rococo and Bruges were two all-time favorites that I played over Christmas break.

  14. Zach T. says:

    We played Istanbul the Dice Game, Veggie Garden, and Dice Throne.

  15. Filipa P T says:

    Vindication! 8-D

  16. Tig Biddy says:

    Valor and Villainy looks amazing!!! AHH! sick video dude I want that Smash Up promo w/e it is lol.

  17. joboyogi says:

    I played a lot of Cthulhu stuff. Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu and Arkham Horror 3e. They have different levels of complexity but I really enjoyed them. Looking forward to the Dark Ritual and TMNT games.

  18. Jonathan Therrien says:


  19. Adam Shelar says:

    Just before Christmas I received my kickstarter copy of Crypt by Road to Infamy Games. We ended up playing that several times over the holidays. Great game!

  20. Thomas Blickley says:

    I got to play Pandemic: Fall of Rome which was a great take on the Pandemic mechanics.

  21. Ryan B says:


  22. Daphne Mendenhall says:

    Dinosaur island, Blue lagoon, and Cross overkill all for the first time.

  23. marionettes007 says:


  24. Brian M says:

    Just One and Strike were great games to bring out during the holidays. Lots of fun!

  25. rob taylor says:

    My favourites for the holidays were
    Forum trajanum
    The Estates

  26. rob taylor says:

    Aftershock for me.

  27. redspit123blackops says:

    i played dropmix and shards of Infinity relics of the future

  28. Derek Tower says:

    I played The Voyages of Marco Polo and terraforming mars. My wife beat me in both games.

  29. Paul Beck says:

    Enjoyed playing Village Attacks, Yokai septet and Sherlock Consulting detective. looking forward to finding out more about Race for the Chinese Zodiac.

  30. SM T says:

    Played Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Teotihuacan and Clans of Caledonia

  31. George B says:

    Nice batch of new games

  32. Thomas says:

    Mage Knight Ultimate Edition and Nemesis

  33. Andrew Chang says:

    Played Teotihuacan, Coimbra, RWBY Combat Ready & Now Boarding. Really enjoyed Teotihuacan though.

  34. Sandra D says:

    I'm really looking forward to Parks and Battle of the Bards. Over the holidays we played Dinosaur Island, Duelosaur Island, Hand of Fate: Ordeals, This War of Mine, Sagrada, Horticulture Master, Shipwrights of the North Sea and Ticket to Ride. The best time of the year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Timo M.W. says:

    We played Mythic Battles Pantheon and had so much fun with all the Gods. Big Time!

  36. George Feng says:

    I recently got a hold of Terraforming Mars, Dinosaur Island and Vindication. We played all three with family and friends over the winter holidays and each one was a massive hit. Can't wait to get them back on the table!

  37. Onyx Pastor says:

    Playing Dinosaurs island totally and duelosaur island too. Ever interested in the new tiny epic game.

  38. Bob Netherton says:

    Played Coimbra over the Christmas break and it was fantastic!

    Of the new Kickstarters, Yokohama Duel and War of the Worlds looks interesting.

  39. Joshua Thomas says:

    For me it was great to get orleans back to the table last month.

  40. Dan Johnson says:

    Got in some rounds of The River, Alahambra, Grimm Forest, and Mysterium. Iโ€™m curious to see Aftershock

  41. Que Parker says:

    Finally got a Robin Hood and the merry men to the table over the holidays…. I'm interested in Yoko Hama Duel. War of the Worlds the new wave looks interesting.

  42. Lenge says:

    We played Blood Rage and Yatzee.
    Looking forward to pledge on Dark Rituals. Still waiting for Vampire Hunters of DarkGate Games, they promised to get it shipped untill next week.

  43. Fred Cabrera says:

    Vindication was a game that I played during the holidays and LOVED it. Itโ€™s expansion you mentioned is now on my radar! Thanks!

  44. Joseph DeBarr says:

    Played a lot of Thunderstone quest, and some Marvel legendary card game.

  45. poxdaccy says:

    Played Runebound, Dinosaur Island and Massive darkness with my kids and we had a blast ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. NecromancerFluffy says:

    On New Years Day me, my wife and some friends played nearly half of Betrayal Legacy. I am loving that game. As for games in the video, Dark Rituals, TMNT, and War of the Worlds look awesome, but I will not be backing any of them.

  47. Pedro Cadejos says:

    Im definitively waiting that Gamelyn Project! and i played The Binding of Isaac for Holidays!

  48. Keith Holmes says:

    Those look like some fun games. I am definitely looking forward to Hyperspace!

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