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When it’s “Black Lives Matter”, SJWs respond to complaints by saying that non-black lives matter as well. Why can’t they apply that logic to “It’s Okay To Be White”?

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#Notch #NotAllMen #ItsOKToBeWhite #ItsOkayToBeWhite

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34 Responses

  1. Sailor Mercury says:

    Its pathetic and sad how obsessed with race the left has become. I feel like we've gone backwards. Even a decade ago, no one cared this much about race. Its so uncomfortable now.

  2. ogarogar says:

    Fo would get it HARRRDDD!!!!!

  3. Enosh Starcrod says:

    It just doesnt matter, it just doesnt matter it just doesnt matter etc.

  4. schnecks 21 says:

    Brilliant Video!

  5. pixelfizz says:

    This could end in death camps. Not joking, just give it time.

  6. B N. UK says:

    It's Okay To Be white.

  7. Anceintbeinggod says:

    I wonder what would happen if someone posted retailored Animal Farm Quotes. "Some victims are more special then others."

  8. Jon Davis says:

    Maybe if you just add ", too" at the end, it would've gone over better. "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE, TOO". Then they really, truly would have no sense in saying that the message insinuates that it's not okay to be non-white.

  9. phizzelout says:

    Ms.Fo there would be beat for showing her hair and skin.

  10. M Stockton says:

    The thumbnail alone… If someone says that, then they are in fact racist themselves for having said thoughts.

  11. Samuel Matheson says:

    Old up what the f**k is going on?

  12. Atheist Power says:

    It`s Ok To Be Stupid .

  13. levopotak says:

    What people with different sexual orientation have to do with "It's ok to be white" sign? Seriously, please explain. 1:03

  14. Necrodead says:

    How many words can we remove and still trigger people? A sheet of paper that just says white? what about a blank white sheet, they'd probably assume its racist since its not a black sheet of paper.

  15. Yan Yu says:

    Ya nailed it white privilege is the ultimate expression of white supremacist.

  16. Skeptic knowledge says:

    I don't know if you or anyone is noticing, but negative comments about it's ok to be white no matter the location generally stem from women and I suspect feminists. Don't get me wrong there are men included, they tend to be white knights.

  17. Cb Ct says:

    Sexual orientations would be concerned and this? Hmmm. The left are so fragile

  18. Benden Den Hansen says:

    Black lives matter is not rasist
    But ok to be white is?

  19. Rob Merrill says:

    So "black lives matter" but it's not "okay to be white" people still haven't figured out the basics – we are all humans living on the same rock.

  20. Dragon Fire says:

    It's ok to be white. I'm Cambodian

  21. Jeff Jones says:

    I remember when it was considered ok to criticise your own race but completely out of bounds to criticise another race. Now they don't even bother with that thin line of decency. You have people like Sarah Jeong who are openly racist towards white people and are rewarded for it. A whole generation of non-white people are being taught to despise white people while they're affirmative-actioned into power.

    How is it going to end for white people when they do become a minority in their own countries — a minority everyone else has been taught to hate? A minority that the left teaches can't be oppressed because they're the oppressors.

  22. Rene O says:

    reads the first few lines at about 9:40 "cannot exist alongside whiteness or capitalism" so is that person saying they need blackness and marxist socialism ? Hmm yeah i think we should get that person a ticket to one of those o so grand marxist countries and see how they like it there.

  23. Tiger Tank Gaming says:

    What does being white have to do with sexual orientation? Are you implying white people arent gay?

  24. Ian Paling says:

    Why? Because they are the embodiment of stupidity.

  25. Shawn El Bucho Loco says:

    Thanks to a US president politicizing his skin color, otherwise (and already) hateful people suddenly became obsessed with race. Thanks Obama.

  26. Eli Jones says:

    Good job 4chan, point out the fuckheads lol. God bless you guys and gals (and whatever the fuck people call themselves now)

  27. Bdog -it says:

    Ever notice all these arguments can be completely destroyed by one question, "Why?"? Because following up on these arguments betray the inner racist…

  28. Johnlanzer says:

    Would be funny that those who participate in the "It's OK to be White" are not just white but a mixture of races.

  29. Ricardo Guanipa says:

    It's okay to have borders

  30. Zunde Esteed says:

    My favorite thing about all this is how shocked and outraged these people get when white people just don't care we're called so many hateful things these days that myself and most people i know just don't care and right off these people all together entirely because "These people are nothing but rude and hateful to me for no reason why should i give a fuck about them?"

  31. Katsu Zatoichi says:

    no mystery why people of color are poor and not able to achieve anything when they are so obsessed by race, sexuality and always looking for conflict and controversy, as I white heterosexual male I can choose to ignore stuff, this make me king of the world

  32. keniakittykat says:

    It's okay to be human.

  33. Kimberly Miaco says:

    A: Black lives matter
    B: All lives matter.
    A: No one said they didn't.
    B: Fair enough. It's okay to be white.
    A: It's okay to be anything.
    B: Never said it wasn't.
    A: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Take Off Your Blinkers says:

    It's Ok to be white, was fucking ingenious.
    I haven't seen anything show the true colours of these ideological nutcases more than this simple little quote.

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