Is Fallout 76 Really That Bad?

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With the passing of this latest holiday and an onslaught of Fallout 76 sales many people are questioning how bad Fallout 76 really is and whether or not it’s worth picking up. In this video I give my own answer to this question and assess where Fallout 76 stands now 1.5 months after release with several updates under it’s belt.



Fallout 76 Patch Notes:

Fallout 76 Controversy:

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30 Responses

  1. JuiceHead says:

    People seem to miss the point of this video. I am not saying suddenly Fallout 76 is some great experience and super good, but rather if you have never played the game picking it up right now for $30 ain't too bad (way better than for $60 on release)

  2. LifeIsACrisis says:

    I got it for Christmas and I started getting really scared because I didn’t want my parents to waste their money. This was a refresher.

  3. Alfredo Lopez says:

    Save your Money its not worth it

  4. Robert Kristiansen says:

    I playd Fallout 4 a lot ..Loved that Game ,Build settlements and Yea everything …Bought Red dead 2 Havent even started it ,the reason for this is that Im a lIttle tired using 2 weecks just to get started .Im waiting for Metro Exodus ..Playd Metro 2033 and Last light Verry good ..I think Metro Exodus will be Amazing .I buy fallout 76 when its way cheaper than today.!

  5. tobias carlsson says:

    right now you got a heavymetal theme on butsexas a-hole shop but they have hippie paint for metal armour ?

  6. NERDZER0 says:

    It cost $8 in india

  7. The trap in the hat says:

    Glitches I have experienced
    1: random freezing
    2: 3 frames per second and super slow
    3: not being able to see other on team ( invisible)
    4: not a glitch but the price from when I bought it $60 for a rushed game

  8. The trap in the hat says:

    I’m not going to lie I bought the game for 60 dollars and I feel ripped off

  9. Zachery Ballenger says:

    I wouldn’t even pay $30 for this game. I wouldn’t even play it if I got it for free. It’s so disappointing that one of the most beloved game studios put out such a terrible product, and not only that but the fact that they have a micro transaction shop. No thanks Bethesda, wish you would’ve just Stuck with what you do best, and that’s making single player games. Amazing single player games, some of my favorites. But this, I just can’t even

  10. Khrown [YT] says:

    If Fallout 76 ever lasts that's because of people like you. In a way I'm just hoping you're trying to reassure yourself that you didn't completely waste 100$.

  11. RepartusS says:

    It’s not bad it’s not good it’s ok. A sloppy ok.

  12. Tim Paul says:

    Juicehead, you are such a hypocrite.

  13. Scottie Matthews says:

    Game was never bad…?

  14. 陈chen迪Di says:

    i will pay 30 dollars to buy 2 copies of Gris instead of fo 76

  15. Slavbob Trackpants says:

    The game isn’t as bad anymore it feels a bit empty but it’s a decent game. For $30 it’s a decent game.

  16. Daniel Siepmann says:

    They said with the recent patch, Scorchbeastst and especially the Queen will land more often, not true
    They said they fixed the duping glitch, 3 times, not true…
    They said they increased the server stability, I crash more often than ever before (PC), not true…
    They said they fixed the Legendary mob insta HP Recovery bug after inflicting a certain amount of damage , not true…
    The list of bullshit goes on and on, and the endgame cannot be rescued anymore due to the millions of duped OP guns now, you get killed by level 25 spastics using a glitched explosive shotgun…
    Yesterday this happend while I was claiming a Workshop (I'm level 124 on a melee build) and got 1 shot by a level 25 with his explo shotgun, this shows how broken this game already is.

  17. Hao Zhong Lee says:

    This game should be free.

  18. DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

    I actually didn't get into the Fallout series till kinda late,but really like it and was looking forward to it.I have to say when I first seen the trailer for it,i already want to play it.I finally just got a copy and am looking forward to it.Bugs don't bother me,i have played PUBG on Xbox One since launch and still do.That right there should speak for it self on how much I don't care about bugs,as long as a game is fun.That is what counts at the end of the day.They will most likely iron that stuff out in months to come.That is the good thing about updates and patched and also the bad thing too.Developers know they can fix stuff later on and just have the product good enough to be sold sad to say,but It is the gaming world we live in today unfortunately.You have to take the good with the bad,or miss out on fun experiences in my opinion.

  19. Mike Niehues says:

    For me it’s still horribly glitchy. One really annoying thing is my inventory quantities changing every time I log in.

  20. Neutral51 says:

    Still my goty of 2018 :p but i can see why people hate it

  21. FPS Clan says:

    Hey look the Rust 2 battle royale looks horrible!

  22. RoscoMalachi says:

    I for one would not consider 76 "worth" playing even if it was free. Also, I refuse to call this atrocity Fallout. That said, I have no qualms with the people who are able to find enjoyment rummaging through thrash*. It is simply not for me.

    *for clarification the double entendre is intentional

    All that aside, I came here for the fun fact and appreciate that there was one.

  23. Npc 133245 says:


  24. Ben Calileo says:

    I know you not trying to be negative about 76. And I'm not as well. I've stuck with it this long and will stick with it. But I finally broke down and submitted a ticket to Bethesda. About how my game keeps crashing on xbox. The email I got back was a joke. Anyways next time u make a video about Bethesda and how they don't care about bugs or what not you should use my email lol. I didn't know how els to reach out to you. Anyways love your videos and your points you make on fallout 76.

  25. 420 man Labonte says:

    Would be ice if it did NOT require Xbox live. So nope, Not buying it until it DOESN'T require Xbox Live.

  26. adamndirtyape says:

    If you want to talk about psychology in these videos, you should point out that Fallout 76 is an epic example of people falling for the Sunk Cost Fallacy. This trap happens when you invest time or money in something that may not actually fulfill your needs, but because you have invested in it, you stubbornly refuse to abandon it no matter how bad the result is, in the hopes that one day your investment will actually pay off.

    Fallout 76 will probably remain a broken, terrible game no matter what Bethesda does, but if by chance there's some miracle and the game does one day become playable, will all the time, aggravation and money spent to get to that point be worth it? I'd say that's a bad bet, and people would immediately be better off spending their entertainment resources elsewhere.

    Bad games happen, and there's no magic saying a game with the Fallout label can't be one of them. And keep in mind Bethesda is also struggling with their own Sunk Cost trap. They are probably quite desperate to get some better returns on all the time and money they've spent on Fallout 76, instead of just pulling the plug, so I imagine there will be all sorts of creative efforts by them to get you to part with more money on the game. Don't be a partner in their continuing agony.

  27. Yachi says:

    You did not understand the point with a Jurassic engine and all the controversy that Bethesda did, say to come back and buy their game even at $ 20, and how to say "we know you're like this, we do not care" this is a wrong attitude, great video but no man you are wrong … but with a person buying from the bethesd store the Christmas emote I did not expect anything more.

  28. Khemore says:

    Yeah the game is filled with bugs here and there but i still enjoy playing it, lots of fun content 🙂

  29. ZestyButtSizzle says:

    Didn't think I would like it but got it for Christmas and actually starting to enjoy it just bugs that need to be fixed. I like these games that are real chill and can sit back and spend hours just walking around doing the quests. I give it a 7.25/ 10 not worth 60 though would buy for 20 or 25 but let's see what the future holds.

  30. Dovah kiin says:

    I bought this game to see how bad it is.. I'm not disappointed.. Worth it lol

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