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Here I am winning the new iPhone X from the Stacker arcade game! Watch me win one of the best prizes ever in an arcade game! Insane Win!!!

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26 Responses

  1. Mehmet Karapınar says:

    Amk sahtekar oc jilatinsiz x mi olur amk simit kafali oc

  2. meldwin vallesta says:


  3. matt paesler says:

    Wow coool

  4. 정재영 says:

    How to buy that LED lamp ??

  5. Steven Porter says:


  6. Parker Min says:

    I love all your iphone x videos!

  7. Darcellabean says:

    I want the IPhone X

  8. Darcellabean says:

    I want he iPhone X

  9. CloroxBleach says:

    What arcade do you go to?!

  10. Axtrigon ̄へ ̄ says:


  11. JaCkSoN xXx PLAYZ says:

    Btw do u listen to Galantis?

  12. JaCkSoN xXx PLAYZ says:

    I know its ur own arcade but that’s not really the point I like the video anyway

  13. Jonny Ryan says:

    (*Wins iPhone x*) heck yeah

  14. THE CHAIR says:

    How about you open it

  15. Ella_224 slimey says:

    Him’’yay I got a iPhone X
    Me” starts praying of happiness

  16. Ziegfred Bulanhagui says:

    Please gave me iphone7

  17. MATERQC says:

    Stupid that box open it

  18. Quackabro ! says:

    Don't you think it's a bit fishy because every prize is the same

  19. YOU SAY IT I PLAY IT says:

    pls giveaway a few i phone xs

  20. Jackson Palmer says:

    when do u do giveaways ??

  21. 6infinity8 says:

    How does this have so many likes??

  22. FL4MMY FL4M!NG0 says:

    how many iphone x’s have you won? btw van i get one jk luv ur channel

  23. Beem4471 Martin says:

    How many iPhone x do you have

  24. youtube HQ says:

    I bet he asks the employees to put it in there an arcade would never do that otherwise itd be inpossible to win

  25. Roadies by saptak thakur says:

    Give me one iphone x

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