Impossible Glass Bottle Puzzle!

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27 Responses

  1. ABCD Gandhe says:

    You donkey

  2. Ana Ramos says:

    3:47 puzzle solved!

  3. Owy's Gaming says:

    I know how to solve it, just break the bottle!

  4. Mashhud Usman says:

    I request you

  5. Mashhud Usman says:

    Yes yes

  6. Joel Parish says:

    Do more

  7. Mark Hawkins says:

    Who's a clever boy then.

  8. William E says:

    Life is a puzzle for real , go figure it out…lollipop

  9. Brownie090209 says:

    More impossible tricky stuff!

  10. HisandHers 2919 says:

    If you want to solve it break it.

  11. Scott Mannear says:

    Nice job!

  12. Ravenzpeak says:

    You are so clever Taras – amazing. I wonder who figures out how to make these kind of things.

  13. Sarim Zia says:

    He didn't even pronounce a single thing right

  14. nagisa3 2 says:

    how did you evan get them in

  15. Harshith N says:

    Please do more puzzle videos

  16. anh pham says:

    This video is proofing that Taras Kul is actually the crazy Russian hacker and that he’s a true genius

  17. mohammed bunnuru says:

    Hi Russian donkey

  18. Tom Reed says:

    Do more puzzles

  19. pandura gonzalez says:

    I really like that. Would like one myself.

  20. ricky anguiano says:

    solve the "cast rattle" i can really easy

  21. Christy Zokewl says:

    A youtuber solved that one too

  22. Olaf Winands says:

    Pretty awesome!

  23. jeremy jensen says:

    I saw another guy do this puzzle and it took him a lot longer to figure it out! or maybe the other guy didn't read the instructions first! lol only joking

  24. Subbarao Tenali says:

    Break the bottle and take them out

  25. Michael Mercier says:

    I really enjoyed this video. Please do more puzzle videos.

  26. Rae Higgins says:

    I honestly have no patience to do this haha

  27. Jascha Joshua says:

    Imagine how the manufacturer place the stuff altogether in a mass production

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