I’m done with Ignition Casino Poker!

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In today’s video I explain why I withdrew the rest of my money of Ignition Casino and will no longer be playing poker there…which you may want to too!

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41 Responses

  1. MicroGrinder Poker School says:

    Let me know your thoughts on Ignition Casino and where you play online if you live in the United States!

  2. Joshua Joseph says:

    This site is a fucking joke

  3. Rocks One says:

    Ya I was 3 handed at a final table and I click on the lobby it just freezes. I can't close my table and reopen it just won't do anything. I have to close the client entirely and reopen. I finally get back to the table and half my stack is gone. I fought back to get second but still it was frustrating af

  4. David Lane says:

    So does it makes sense to only play heads-up? Limits the area for excuses for bad breaks. Unless your playing against a bot.

  5. Ace Golfman says:

    ZONE POKER I lost 4 times in a row all in with AA! No way that happens. That is rigged imo

  6. mrbooyeah says:

    Playing PPpoker app for real money in Australia now for 2 weeks , heaps of action great software and withdrawals back in my bank next day .. crushing it at the tables here and lovin life .. worth a try guys if ya an Aussie and can't get a game online… p.s… im up $1400 since dec 21 playing low limit 30/60c blinds 🙂

  7. Intelligent Handsome Tucson Dude says:

    All online poker rooms are rigged. They want the house to win at all costs. Ignition or any other place DOES NOT make money, unless people continue to pay. Real live poker, is totally random. It cannot be manipulated as easily. I have taken some terrible beats lately and it has pissed me off immensely. I should have gotten deep in tournaments. I was just playing. Ace hearts 9 spade, guy has K9H's, flop is Ad, 8club,Jsp, he bets pot, I call, next card is 8H, I check, he beats pot, i call. Keep in mind HE HAS NOTHING throughout, and he back doors a flush behind the entire F'ing time. 20 dollar pot in zone poker. GARBAGE players and software.

  8. John Smith says:

    Ignition works great for me, never experience any of these problems and I'm smart enough to know that your aces getting cracked doesn't mean that the site is scamming you like so many of you think

  9. mrbooyeah says:

    DO NOT PLAY IGNITION !!!! Deleted ignition today , last night playing a s/go get to heads up 2/1 chiplead software crashes ( table froze ) check my net was fine went into lobby opened another table so definitely not disconnected … go to chat while table still sitting there frozen .. they tell me it's my fault as went offline … WELL HOW THE HELL AM I CHATTING YOU IN HELP IF IM OFFLINE .. after another 3 min table unfreezes watch 20 hands wizz by in 20 seconds showing me as offline and lose … SHIT software / terrible customer service …!

  10. Carlos Canas says:

    global poker

  11. Richard Crupi says:

    there is plenty of people out there who try to skim money off owners of such sites claiming bs and threat them to cough up money. there is one guy below who claims site is bogus because he had pocket aces and was cracked by a flush from opponent who had 3-6 clubs when flop showed 3 clubs. WELL? online you dont know how smart your opponent may be. you will always have fish on online sites. he did mention if that person was on bb or sb.

  12. Sergio Santos says:

    If you want a lot of viewers…QUIT talking about yourself so much

  13. Jr cline says:

    where can i play online for real money

  14. ken edwards says:

    I have beef against ignition poker
    i did not register a $27.50 9max i only registered a $5.50 2 times and next thing i notice i registered unknowingly registered a $27.50 and i lost to a river flush i don't play high stakes due to so many donkey players beating me back to back to back
    im done with Ignition poker it's all buggy

  15. Dub4Life says:

    A heads up, sorry for the long comment peeps, had to be said

    IDk how most feel about this, but from playing online poker especially ignition. Ive noticed that you should never slow play hands because you will 90% of the time at the table make a better hand than yours. I also started watching every hand closely even when I fold, and noticed that the cards come out very specifically when if I would of played the hand I would of either flopped a straight for example or turned it, but then someone at the table would of turned and or riverd a better hand that would happen in a in person live game like 2% of the time. Ive sat when folded(sitting out a hand) and have literally called what the next cards would be. Ive also noticed that it seems like they wait to see who folds, and who stays in before the flop. then they take everyones hads who are staying in for the flop, and they flop the cards specifically. Only on Ignition have I been at a 9 person table and 7 people fold, and its me heads up with someone I have AA, flop comes A 3 3, at a casino 99/100 times Im going to win the hand, and realistically the guys drawing dead. Only on ignition(online poker) he won the hand with quad 3's. Ive noticed flops are set up to create action like Im in a hand with two others, I have A 9 suited Hearts, guy 1 has 9 J, guy 2 has KK. Flop comes 10 Q K all hearts. and of course flop give me the nut flush, give guy 1 a straight, and guy 2 a set of kings. set up perfectly to make everyone hit perfectly to create action, and of course with the hands we all have no one goes all in to slow play. Then of course the turn is a dead card like a 5 of spades to keep the action going. Then it being ignition of course the river pairs the board to now give guy 2 the boat. And these kind of hands happen all the time. Ive been doing the sit and go, a lot, where I sit down get hot, win a bunch then leave. Because when I stay I notice its like they choose someone to run well, then start getting garbage to keep the money moving around making people stay and play. Because when you sit for a while Ive noticed youll run well then out of no where get horrible bad beats to lose that money. Ive noticed when sitting at a table long enough, each player at someone point gets huge runs where they win, even if in the craziest ways, and with suckout. Shit I once went heads up with someones since 7 peeps folded. I flop the flush, we go all in. and of course he runner, runner, runners a boat. like Hes holding AA, I flop K high flush board is 6 9 4, then dude turns another 4, then rivers another 4 to get the boat. LIKE WTF!?!

  16. The Ghostwriters says:

    the GSOP tourneys are the biggest scam out there

  17. Julie Brigham says:

    yea, there soft ware is getting worse, then they say its my internet fault, which wasnt the case, i was on line???

  18. giovanni riili says:

    Ignition poker is rigged to many UNREALISTIC hands

  19. Charles Oliver says:

    I used to be a decent winning player on ignition. By decent I mean I deposited $600 from 2013-2016 and withdrew over $14,000 from several large tourney wins a nice 23 buy-in upswing at 100nl. I hhaven't won a thing since early 2017. I stopped playing cash and tourneys because of what looks like a mixture of collusion, cash bots, and straight up cheating at tourneys (getting deep and losing the same way every game. AA<33, KK<A5, AK<A2 over and over and over and over and over. It doesn't stop. I have experienced some awful downswings in tournament poker since 2001 and I have NEVER experienced anything like this. from mid 2017-today. I took a few months off to regroup, I come back and same thing. I get outdrawn every cash hand, and every tournament. I played 3
    3 tournaments yesterday and I kept getting dealt the same weak hands over and over again. I can't even get a good starting hand. I can beat the bots at the 3 handed jackpot sit n goes but I'm done. No more depositing there ever. The site isn't legit anymore. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  20. LynustheJok3r says:

    This comments sections has more babies than a day care centre.

  21. Doug Leenheer says:

    I heard the bad reviews about ignition and figured I'd just drop $25 and see how it went. That place is so blatantly a scam it's kinda comical.

  22. Danny Johnston says:


  23. Rajath Td says:

    Agree, ignition is a scam!! BS software

  24. Jackson Strongbow says:

    I decided to try Ignition about 2 months ago. I used to play Bodog. I've played 1/2 NL for 3 yrs straight in Vegas for living. I went through the Full Tilt fiasco. My favorite site was Absolute Poker. Anyways, my first deposit to Ignition was $100. I played in the 25k gtd. I got 3rd place. Even stacks with 3 ppl left, I get AA, and just call a raise. Flop comes with J rag rag. All in me and plyr X, he has K J, J hits on river. I take down 3rd with 2k payout. I cashed out in form of check for $1800 and that check is still being processed, hopefully it goes through. Think ok, this site is alright. WRONG.

    So 3 nights ago I deposit again. I play 5-6 tourny's all $10-50 buy ins. First night I get rayped by bad beats. Chalk it up to "Variance", right, that's the popular word for the defending dummies. Second night, same thing happens in all 5 tourny's I play. I am drastically ahead in all pots, all-in pre/post flop, even after turn. I have screen shots and hand histories of all this junk. I get pissed and email Ignition about this crap. All they say is, "Our RNG is good, completely random." So I tell them I have one more crack at your site and if the same shit happens I'm done and your check better clear or I'm coming for heads.

    So last nights tourny's. The 25k gtd, my AA gets cracked by a 6c8c flush, I have the Ac. I raised maybe 6 times the BB maybe 10 hands into tourny. So yeah he took a shot and hit, but still. My last tournament, 5k gtd, I had 10 10 and flop comes 10 2 3, I check, guy raises, I push, he calls, has AK, no flush draw, nothing. Turn comes J, river Q for straight. Tourny before that. I have QQ and flop comes Q 10 8, I check, guy pushes, he has K J, no flush draw, he hits 9 on river (This one is easier to chew obv, but still some utter BS bc I knew it was coming. Tourny before that, I'm drawing low late, 3 out of the money, folds around to me in SB, I have Kd5d and I push, BB calls me with 45os, nothing on flop, nothing on turn, he hits a 4 on the river. Tournament before that. I have AQ late position, raise, get called by button. Flop comes 7c 7d Qs. I check, button raises, he pushes, I call, he shows Kc Qh. Turn comes Ks, river 4s. That was my bust outs of all tourny's i played last night. The prior 2 nights were the same. I have all the screen shots. I guess its just variance right? GTFOH!

    Don't play on Ignition.

  25. Rick James says:

    That Zone Poker is fast & fun but the crazy insane bad beats are so bs!
    I literally CAN NOT WIN AT ALL on Zone Poker. The Sit & go Hyper turbo are the best way to make $$ there imo.
    Pocket Aces lose about 75% of the time on this site. Pocket JJ has won for me about 90% .
    You can't make sense of it.

  26. Mich jj says:

    Complete scam. Ive seen more crazy things happen on this site in 10-15 hours playing poker than all my years at casinos playing tournaments. there is no excuse for the flop or turn or river always being 555. QQQ. JJJ. 444. Doesn't matter that you are playing a lot more hands per hour vs a live poker tourny. I've played many poker tournaments at multiple casinos. Rarely if ever in hours of play do you ever see a flop such as QQQ or 888 or 222 or just 3 of the same cards in general. Lost count how many times I would see it in just a few hours. Remember Full Flush and Lock poker? THEY ARE NOW CORRUPT. This site will be soon. STAY AWAY. …….. .. Online poker for usa will NEVER be the same since 2008-09

  27. Chris Hight says:

    I'm waiting for a hands at show down review by some one to answer all the sketchy issues…either way I can't help but notice the site tries to load the pots for the greatest rake and gives the pot to the weaker hand more then mathematicaly possible. I saw AA get bet by KK 12 times in a row at different tables. Crazy math happens but this seems designed, when you are ahead and lose often you rebuy b/c fish called weak and won leading to bigger pots and more rake. I have moved everything to ACR and the math is far more balanced. Can't say for sure but Ido know Ignition is owned by a Canadian based company who's owners are Chinese corporations connected to the CCP based out of Monaco where government over site is non existent.

  28. Xerpo Derpo says:

    you can play online on your smart phone.

  29. Hans CakeStealer says:

    Global Poker is a scam play for a week take your winnings that you will no doubt get and run fast

  30. Emrah Yalpur says:

    Hey guys I found a fix for their software! I always had the problem that the table would only load 97% and not open and take my buy ins… I was playing the max of 4 tables allowed… the cause? My super fast nbn home wifi internet… the solution? I use my smart phone internet and set my phone to hotspot (4g internet) and i have no issues when using this internet.(seems their software cant handle fast internet connections, maybe im wrong, but phone dsta works perfect and i dont get disconnected) Ignition poker is soft and i literally built a 2k bankroll from $50 in one week…. the biggest downswing i went on was a 25 buy in downswing but now am running good again and surpassed 2k… just put in volume and dont change your play when running bad… its called variance and normal in poker…there support is good live chat and they refund your buy in if you were disconnected… i deposited with bitcoin and i can withdraw to bitcoin wallet or fiat bank transfer… i love ignition 🙂

  31. Fuiundownwm Win says:

    I recently play the new Jackpot sit & go it froze me 3 times I lose all my 3 buy ins because I can't reconnected to the game, I know it's not my internet because I play multi games other games are working while one is froze, I try to get some help from Ignition casino but now they didn't even have phone number or email for assistant Ignition I have play almost all the online pokersites Ignition poker is the worse.

  32. Scot Maciver says:

    I always know when I'm about to lose. When there is a 5 second delay before the river card hits i know it's searching for the big effin dildo about to be rammed up my ass. It's that POS algorithm looking for the card to fuck me.

  33. youzeaflea1 says:

    Worst site I've played. No players playing Omaha. Site is pretty vacant for every room. Sit and gos are all empty. Software is terrible. They offer you a $100 casino bonus so if you deposit $50 and go to casino you have $100 and no matter how much you win the losses come out of your cash balance so when you go back to poker you have a zero balance. To make things worse they say you must play through $3000 to get you cash balance back and that's only in small increments. Lucky for me I only deposited $25 as a try out and I will not be depositing ever again. UNINSTALLED that trash right away.

  34. HeadShotOwnage says:

    Ignition loves JJ or QQ vs AA.

  35. LeoMessi TheKing says:

    Watch out people, Ignition casino is a total scam!!! The suckouts are ridiculous!! This website is totally unregulated. Not going to play on a site that accepts Bitcoin! You notice they took the player's capability to chat with one another? I think players were commenting to each other on the scam. Beware!

  36. #QAndMarco says:

    i used to have a ton of issues before while using mac ignition software but then they updated and it worked perfect up until the last update where i cant click on last hand without an error. I have to manually type in hand. I deal with it bc no one has better prize pools and faster cash outs. Money transferred in 48 hours every time…..you might wanna try to play on the other skins on the network ignition uses. Bodog or Bovada might be better for you.

  37. UltrasBet says:

    I'm satisfied with Ignition Poker

  38. Super Boom says:

    888, PartyPoker, PokerStars, they all works fine for me!

  39. Josh Roven says:

    ITS TRUE. I am a software dev. This shitware is buggy as hell. Start with password authentication… i had to reset my pw on day 2 because the string was too many characters, but it didn't validate / sanitize that data on the account initialization.

    then i go to see if there are free games… there are none. Then i go to deposit via credit card… card rejected. ok, try bitcoin.. no bitcoin address given to accept payment.

    FINAL STRAW… agree. Fuck this. It's obviously a mess on the back end

  40. SheepFn says:

    Looks like you might cry

  41. Abdu Allah says:

    Yeah I hate it when that pop up pisses me of lol

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