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Huge thanks to our volunteer actors!

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Mod List: https://pastebin.com/qVpNq5am

Songs Used:
Yuki: http://bit.ly/1SsWtWD
Dead or Alive 5: Tempestuous Sign
Dead or Alive 5: Polluted Air
Kill la Kill – The Elite Four Remix
Kozoro – A Spring Without You Instrumental
Sakuzyo (削除) – Terminal (Diverse System – fig.2 Singularity)
NieR Automata – Weight of The World

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22 Responses

  1. Waffle & Phattdippa says:

    This is a series, check the playlist below.
    Join our discord for acting opportunities.

    ►Discord: https://discord.gg/tHS33gV
    ►Playlist: https://bit.ly/2D3cQFe
    ►Patreon: http://bit.ly/2qLTwtb

    ESO is trash and isn't Skyrim online. This is Skyrim online.

  2. SodaPop says:

    B L Y A T

  3. Extreme Gaming says:

    If Skyrim was online

    Every second I will hear FUS RO DAH

  4. XMichael Christopher says:

    17:44 The CS:GO player has arrived.

  5. Jayden Schelmety says:

    This is exactly what Bethesda has done with fallout

  6. Lanky Rey says:

    I wish it become real.

  7. Krono Zoid says:

    It would probably be a copy paste of the remastered edition glitching all the way to Heaven 76.

  8. C Stone says:

    Just like PoE Global 1

  9. George Fernandez says:

    ITS COMING #SkyrimTogether

  10. Le Prownz says:

    playing skyrim on easy must be easy

  11. MinnTee`s says:

    This is Microsoft support in the midevil ages

  12. Mad Man Gaming says:

    The one time YouTube gave me a good recommended video

  13. Xavier Pardez says:

    I wish Skyrim was really like this it would be awesome

  14. True Gentleman says:

    I really needed this!

  15. ClearlyNotPC says:

    This is a fucking masterpiece. Why am I just now seeing this shit?

  16. UMCorian says:

    Dude, that opening… I haven't been in stitches like that in a very long time. It mirrors my opening Fallout 76 experience a little too well, though it wasn't half as funny.

  17. Jacob Lenny says:

    This is like an actual online game

  18. Nxght says:

    14:15 EA buying bethesda would explain a lot

  19. TricKy_GuY1 says:

    I have no idea what is this it was ok at the beginning but it tured out wtf with full buch of memes and shit

  20. Matias says:

    It's Fallout 76

  21. The Crossfire King says:

    I died when i heard the executioner talked with a Reinhardt voice xD

  22. False Knight says:

    i kinda wish there was a skyrim v2 and this was it

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