I WON A Gift Card From Arcade Key Master & Then This Happened… ArcadeJackpotPro

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I’m ArcadeJackpotPro & today I’m at Bowlero in Minnesota with Kristie where we play arcade games to see what we can win. I end up playing the arcade key master and win a gift card but it goes wrong. Watch to see what happens & also enter the give away! Thanks for watching, subscribe for new videos every week.

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27 Responses

  1. ArcadeJackpotPro says:

    Good luck on the giveaway the winner will be announced in 2 weeks.

  2. a1whitedemon says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings they have the best wings there hopefully I win where I can take my girl there … Love y'all guys keep the video going

  3. KitKat KK says:

    I don’t live in USA so I can’t use it

  4. KitKat KK says:

    I want to enter

  5. Jason Nunez says:

    I like Buffalo Wild Wings and would love to take my wife out if I win.

  6. Chris Chapman says:

    I would love the card your videos are awesome

  7. Sean Preston says:

    If I win the wild wings take yourself and your camera girl Kristy please. Play on. thanks

  8. Riley Fitzpatrick says:

    B Dubs

  9. Jennifer Luna says:

    ❤️ BWW

  10. Tif Burkart says:

    I love BDubs! I also love this channel!

  11. Michael Eaton says:

    I wish I was that good at arcade games. Looks like a lot of fun.

  12. Aidan Kennedy says:

    Enter me

  13. April Shaw says:

    I am addicted to ufo catchers and crane games!! Love watching you play and win.. I would also would love to be entered into the giveaway!! Good luck everyone!!!

  14. chewy says:

    You and Aaron should make a video out in California 91780 area. And I will join you both for the video

  15. Dustin Griffith says:

    I would love to be entered in the Buffalo Wild Wings giveaway. Great video btw.

  16. Alyssa Burkhalter says:

    I would love the gift card

  17. The RantingEnglish says:

    I love how YouTube allows anyone to make a living off what they love. It’s awesome to see you make ( somewhat, don’t know how much you make but just comparing views to subscribers) a career off playing arcade games. Keep being the best you mate. Much love

  18. Crystal Almotairey says:

    I want a buffalo wild wings card can i b entered plz!!

  19. Opie Winston says:

    Why do u hang with underage girls ? Creepy

  20. Abbigail Hoffart says:

    Been subscribed for months. Watch every video when I get a notification. Would LOVE some Bdubs. My FAVORITE. place ever.

  21. Jo-Anne Newcomb says:

    Can’t wait!

  22. Carson Bell says:

    I love Buffalo Wild Wings and my brothers birthday is on January 18th so it would be nice to go and get some wings!

  23. Silvia Desiderio Silvia says:

    I really what the give away

  24. Creepy Kitty1207 says:


  25. Eric Hernandez says:

    I wanna be apart of the giveaway

  26. bazzy k says:

    Enter me for the buffalo wild wings gift card!! Love your content never stop!

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