I Ordered Nintendo Gamecube Games From GameStop In 2019…And This Is What They Sent Me

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In 2019 I wanted to start working towards filling out my Gamecube collection and even attempting to complete it over the next few years. The Gamecube selection on GameStop’s website is actually priced well so I figured I would order Gamecube games from them and see how it turns out.

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40 Responses

  1. Omnifas says:

    Soul Calibur 2 on the GCN was the only used game I ever bought. Had the Xbox version, but I just had to have the version with Link

  2. Minos says:

    How long did it take to deliver?

  3. Melissa Iz says:

    I’m a comment as I sat here thinking something of a wow was going to happen. But every Disc was the same comment. And I’m wondering how every disc came with artwork and a case..

  4. Chris Rozens says:

    One more Soulja boy I’m done. Shits played out and not funny anymore

  5. Kivan Garner says:

    I can send you the second one i have it

  6. adrian smith says:

    I wouldn’t be friends with this guy…

  7. anthony waldo says:

    I just ordered a gamecube and ssbm hope it works with 2 star reviews 🙁

  8. The Laptop Lagger says:

    I never traded in my consoles or games
    I kept playing PS2 until the PS4 was released
    And when the PS4 was released I bought a Fat PS3 (60GB wifi 4usb)
    Heck I still play ps2 to this day (Burnout 3 for life)

  9. The Laptop Lagger says:

    We don't really have massive failures like gamestop here
    When I order retro game here I'm expecting a case and otherwise they'll specifically mention it when there's no case available
    And receiving the wrong game is just unheard of

  10. Faux Shizle says:

    These are so dumb, you just keep ordering GARBAGE from GameStop and making the same video, over and over…that's NOT CONTENT… it's a RE-RUN.

  11. Josiah Duff says:

    You guys know where I can find PSP titles with boxes? I’m interested in picking up a physical copy of Fate Extra and I’m seeing them at $60 everywhere and I’m not spending that for a used game lol

  12. Per Anders says:

    You definitely got super lucky–all my gamecube games have been far from par. Top damage on a few, etc. sucks cause I always take in good quality but not everyone else does. but you should call customer support for the day of reckoning 2, they might possibly send you a new one without returning the other or a charge for it.

  13. Macho ツ says:

    Am i missing something? another one of these videos where he orders stuff from gamestop.. And get exactly what he ordered. Is there like a hidden message i am missing or is gamestop so bad that they never send you stuff but he actually got his stuff or something?

    Dont really see the point of these videos.. Title makes it sound like something special happend

  14. ShotByShawn Productions says:

    So you ordered games and they sent you games. Wow

  15. Siddif says:

    I’m actually surprised on how your GC boxes look. At least in PAL regions the inner cover has an isometric GameCube outline around the disk holder (forming a hexagon) and Nintendo GameCube logo at the top. The GC memory card being in the bottom left instead.

  16. rogregg29445 says:

    That happened to me once when I bought the second day of reckoning haha those games are still freaking amazing

  17. Dan-The-Squid says:

    For some reason, yesterday I suddenly decided that I want a GameCube

  18. Alex Larking says:

    I ordered Catherine for PS3 from them and I ended up getting the manual and box art.

  19. Adam Raclawski says:

    You didn’t get super Mario double dash??? It’s by far the best GameCube game

  20. Clayton Childers says:

    my gf got me a copy of TLoZ Wind Waker for GC for christmas, gamestop sent it in a standard dvd case. I call gamestop support and get the run around

  21. TheFilthyLiam says:

    The whole no cases/no manual without knowing upfront thing is weird to me. Games webshops in my country specifically state for each item how complete and original it is, with loose disks being cheaper than complete games.

  22. CerberuS says:

    Huh i bought a Limited edition Bongo Pak with gamecube console black + bongo drums + the game Donkey Konga big box it was still sealed since 2004 for only 300$ on amazon ridiculous

  23. Danny Stark says:

    Use coco nut butter to get the rear sticker off

  24. greathorn says:

    Hey man, I've got a double-disc case that came in the Platinum Gamecube bundle with Metroid Prime and a demo for MP2: Echoes, if you want I could send it your way so you have an official case for Tales of Symphonia.

  25. anikanbounty97 says:

    sanic adventure 2 there a 2 disc version i think

  26. anikanbounty97 says:

    hey i like shadow the hedgehog and took me ages to find one

  27. anikanbounty97 says:

    i got tales of symonia for pc with mod to make it way better

  28. anikanbounty97 says:

    i got ym hacked wii so ya :).

  29. anikanbounty97 says:

    i kept all my games minus few let some one borrow yet never returned

  30. Anthony Zarillo says:

    Do you know if etsy sells homebrew disc for the gameboy

  31. すたっぶずジェームズ says:

    of course zelda are pricy. why SA2B?

  32. OK USA says:

    Most polished games I get from Gamestop online comes nice and shiny but does not work. Wii or gamecube can not even read the disks. Huge hassle because they claim to check all games which is total BS..

  33. Kevin Driscoll says:

    I ordered four games, got one Gamecube case and two DVD cases. No manuals, of course, and no case or artwork for the fourth game, which had two discs.

  34. Maikel van Roessel says:

    Yes let's take the guy serious who glues boxes to his wall and has no clue about the stuff he's talking about.

  35. Blaze and Diggit Reviewit says:

    I do believe I have the case for sonic adventures 2 battle, I'll have to check but if I do I can mail it to yoi

  36. T0WL1E 0B3Y says:

    U don’t like rgt 85?

  37. Miguel Alcalá says:

    Lost opportunity to say "this time GameStop delivered with it's delivery"

  38. Twicky says:

    Anyone else confused why they come in a case but instead loosely folded over in the manual slot

  39. Tien_Gouki says:

    To be honest if it didn't come with the case I'd return it

  40. fr33bird7891 says:

    I bought Sonic Adventure DX for the GC from GS years ago. It would play for a few minutes and freeze. After swaping it 3 times they clamed it was my system not their copy. After that I took it home and tryed it on my system and a friends system. Low and behold it froze on both systems..

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