Hycarus Wireless Pro Controller For Nintendo Switch

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Here’s an unboxing and hands on of a budget Pro Wireless controller from Hycarus. This was sent to me so I can try and make a video for you, so here it is. Hope you like the video.

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27 Responses

  1. WIL PUMP says:

    USB C

  2. omgitzhaze says:

    Its set up like a PlayStation controller, i must have it… I was about to buy the pro nes controller but, not anymore.

  3. Diego Fernandez says:


  4. VicioMan! Tu amigo y vecino says:

    Hello good video and I think its exactly what I was looking for. Just wanted to ask you if you tried the gyroscope? Like throwing arrows or on Skyrim?

    Just because many of this controllers have it, but don’t work really good. If it works good, I could probably buy one. I got the same problem here, I dont have pro controller for my switch and this could be a good and cheap way to have It.

    Thank you and like! 😉

  5. Bennett Rad says:


  6. Wise Tekniquez says:

    Perfect not tooo much not too cheap. Just what i was looking for. Thx dude

  7. Voan Siam says:

    It looks like a good controller but the battery life seems too short only lasting between 5-7 hours whereas the Switch Pro could last anywhere from 40-50 hours. I guess if you don't care about NFC and don't go out that much this one might be okay.

  8. Franki Chavez says:

    Where did you get it

  9. Rimuru Tempest says:

    is it good for PC

  10. InfiniteKing_ 21 says:

    Ut has rumble bit it just doesn't have "HD" rumble which trues to replicate whats going on on screen in the rumble

  11. InfiniteKing_ 21 says:

    The "resistance" in the controller triggers are a disadvantage for online games on switch because the regular pro controller doesn't have any resistance and you have to press down the trigger all the way while people on joycons/pro controller dont have to wait that Time

  12. Pyroshark Club says:

    I guess why it looks like a PS4 is because for people that got used to a Playstation controller this is good for people who like PlayStation and are playing Nintendo games

  13. Pyroshark Club says:

    Finally a controller that I order and want to see a review

  14. DIVERSITY 55 says:

    I like the design of the PS4 controller cause I own it but yeah they clearly copied the design of the PS4 controller

  15. red crimson102 says:

    I hate that dual shock look and triggers,ps4 has the worst triggers

  16. Bklyn Allday18 says:

    Looks dope

  17. JustRen Losabia says:

    The analog looks like ipega

  18. Najwan Iman says:


  19. sallehuddin takal says:

    Can we use this controlled for androit ?

  20. SAMURAI-K says:

    Marc tu vives en Puerto Rico? Que loco que yo siempre veo tus videos y me entero que eres de pr también. De que pueblo eres?

  21. Sir Justin of Port Town of Parm says:

    FINALLY! A symmetrical controller is what I've been waiting for.

  22. Marcos Santos says:


  23. MMLazer 12 says:

    No way it looks like a PlayStation 4 controller that is dope keep up the good Vids Marc

  24. felirgo539 says:

    sabes hablar español tambien? you speak spanish?

  25. Yungisaiah95 says:

    I might have missed this part somehow but the analog sticks click right like the R3 and L3 buttons are there to crouch on Fortnite and stuff or did you use A different button for that?

  26. BorisDG says:

    You have option to test vibration in "find controller" menu

  27. Jesse Nedo says:

    Marc do you know about appnana

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