HP’s unique Omen X gaming PC rocks | Hardcore Hardware

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The HP’s Omen X gaming rig packs a ton of great hardware into a unique and cool looking case, all at a very reasonable price!

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13 Responses

  1. Apoorva Gupta says:

    please review hp omen dc0052nr

  2. R35P4WN says:

    Hello,does anyone know full name of thise Graphic cards? is it Nvidia? because it doesent look like

  3. Johnnysi227 says:

    I have a system with the same NVIDIA GTX1080 FH 8GB G5 modified but cant find anything further on the card. Any info?

  4. Helix Hesseling says:

    cool! can i have it now…

  5. Equinox - says:

    0:02 extreme 1080p gaming. but does the omen double as a comfortable seat?

  6. BIGGS says:

    this oc is phat

  7. Shady Brady says:

    This has to be a joke? The reason I say "has to be" is because I've seen a lot of these pre-built computers make their way on to tech review channels. I think it's hilarious that PC guys will rip Mac's up and down and make fun of Apple for not understanding how "professionals" like to be able to modify/build their own systems. Yet, will gladly promote and market this pre-built catastrophe. In fact it wasn't even a month ago when PCWorld went on a tirade about how stupid Apple is for not understanding this. This confirms the thesis I had all along. And that is the fact that people don't hate Apple because they can't mod their
    computers. They hate Apple because it's just more tribal brand worshiping idiocy. And if this isn't a joke , do I really have to state the obvious?? Nobody looking to spend 3 grand on a PC is going to want somebody else building it for them. Not unless they're a paraplegic. Bottom line, this proves that the PC corner of the market is ran by folks who are just as stupid as they are over on the other side.

  8. Elvis Knot says:

    Good Video… NICE computer..

  9. DestroyerFather says:

    Wow Amazing! good video Gordon.

  10. Kenneth Lyon says:

    The editing in this video is perfect. I'm a newer subscriber and I'm glad I did!

  11. Marcelo Tezza says:


  12. DatoneGuy says:


  13. halistine jenkins says:

    lol you're like an extreme sports announcer / commentator doing pc hardware tech. love it! keep it up man.

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