How To Prepare For Classic World of Warcraft

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What’s up, my dudes! With classic WoW coming out relatively soon, I figured that the best thing I could do for you was create a guide behind how you can get ready for its release. The video covers 11 main parts for you guys to work with. Please enjoy and thanks for swinging by!

Any suggestions in what you want from this channel going forward would be awesome!

Vanilla WoW Wiki –
WoW Classic Database –
Talent Calculator –

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Kargoz’s Duo Leveling Video –
Choosing a Healing Class –

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21 Responses

  1. ThatSneaky Neenja says:

    How to prepare for classic. Get 5 people together and all of you roll gnomes. The more gnomes the better! Fuck racials Gnomes are the best race in the game 😀


  2. PvZ Kaktus says:

    Soil-Breaking me down

  3. jj says:

    Hate that I joined wow in retail
    Hyped for classic tho

  4. powerfulnoun says:

    Dont plan, just play. Dont rush, dont force yourself into a min/max position. Make enemies and make friends. If you arent having fun you shouldnt be playing.

  5. Turbo Onion says:

    Personally i don't want to be burned out before classic since PV characters won't be transferring to classic.

  6. Foehammer says:

    Dwarves ftw

  7. Chico Choo says:

    How to prepare: Don't prepare, cus you're gonna be let down by the massive disappointment that's gonna be Classic WoW. Not cus the game, but the extra shit they're adding…

  8. K W says:

    Van WOW min level for deadmines, and WC was level 10, of course you would have to be carried. because there is no XP off option, you have to start a 19 twink at level – 1 doing pre-exploration, getting FPs as much as possible to prevent from getting it later which could blow your twink into the next bracket

    in Van WOW the first PVP brackets started off 10-20, 11-30, etc. so the first twinks made for the first bracket was 20's. when blizz changed the brackets to 10-19, alot of 20's leveled to 29 which made 20-29 the largest twinking bracket even deep into BC.

    level 10 twinks were late in Van WOW, and came into insane power in BC due to leg armors, exploited shoulders, and even more insane in WOTLK with 450 mining stam/herbing healing bonuses

  9. J H says:

    Is it by uninstalling the battlenet launcher?

  10. Hoody Vales says:

    How about everyone just PREPARE to have FUN. You nerds are killin me

  11. Know Life says:

    <3 <3 <3

  12. Dylan Kuehl says:

    Dwarves for the win!

  13. Vojtech Cizinsky says:

    keep in mind no addons at launch, they wont work with the client for first month or so

  14. KO EN says:

    nice editing. well done!

  15. RVINDVNCE says:

    stop minmaxing propaganda.
    this toxic stuff led to BfA and LFR/LFD, BIS hysteria etc etc
    it's just a game. if you don't enjoy your guild/group – there's nothing at the end, man.
    i never rolled a paladin, because everyone was whining. but now i think paladin class is the best reason to play wow. and so on…

  16. Trash says:

    Great vid man! Subscribed

  17. SuperSuperwayne says:

    nice vid

  18. dcn says:

    >yo, wanna be friends?


  19. dcn says:

    play on a private server so your leveling route is all mapped out ahead of time

  20. sir thomas says:

    pee pee poo poo

  21. Axis says:

    wooooo /o/

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