How to Play Pokemon TCG

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My first YouTube video:
How to play the Pokemon trading card game!

Things i forgot in video:
Draw 1 card every turn at the beginning of your turn.
Your Pokemon’s paralysis goes away after your turn is over.
When confused, flipping heads means it works.
You can only evolve each Pokemon 1 stage per turn, not 2 stages in 1 turn.
A 2nd or 3rd stage evolution card cannot be played without evolving the basic first.
Resistance only applies for the type specified on the card.
Pokemon powers/Pokebody—-special ability a Pokemon has, listed above the its moves. They can be used in addition to an attack, but follow the directions carefully.
You can have a max of 4 of the same exact card in your deck.
Sorry about that!!

Also, here is a link to a decent written version of the rules:

Comment below with any questions you have, and I’ll try to answer them!
Thanks for watching!

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44 Responses

  1. LM Mayer says:

    Good instructions, the only thing with this TCG it just seems like you need hundreds of energy cards of all types – does it say what you need to do if you're stuck without energys in your hand

  2. Ayub Hajira says:

    Buddy totally how many cards we must have (for full game)

  3. ILIA N says:

    i got a gx

  4. RCF 2.0 says:

    Does everyone in Y.T. making their own how to play pkmtcg

  5. RCF 2.0 says:

    Does everyone in Y.T. making their own how to play pkmtcg

  6. PHANATIC TV says:

    We just picked our best 7 cards and may the best hand win. Played it more like the game. Way faster.

  7. justin tate says:

    How do you get energy?

  8. Blaze Gaming says:

    Thanks bro

  9. Poke Gaming says:

    I have been collecting for so long now and and today i learnt how to play the TCG trading game

  10. Yerick Guardado says:

    can i do more than five?

  11. Ashutosh Pathak says:

    Thanks a lot ! I wish, however, that this video was released 12 – 15 years ago !

  12. PRANKSTER TV says:

    Fuck you bro

  13. HeyrickD Sun says:

    You can’t attack on your turn if yours a first turn

  14. theresa thompson says:

    it's stage one

  15. Panic! ᖴᗩᑎ says:

    You didn't even tell me how to play

  16. Roos Roos says:

    this was very helpfull thank you ^-^

  17. The Wilson Family says:

    very helpful

  18. The Canine Nutritionist says:

    Years of collecting and today I finally learned to play

  19. Red Tom says:

    Thank you!

  20. The Dark Ghost says:

    when do you draw a card from your deck

  21. Al-amin Mia says:

    I still don't get it

  22. Lwight says:

    your videos are no bueno

  23. Isaac Wilson says:

    I swear, this guy reminds me of my friend Hayden. theyre voices are very similar.

  24. Owen vee says:

    thank you so much you have finally helped me how to play and i have all these cards! Thanks 🙂

  25. IAmThe Randomness says:

    What happens if u dont have that pokemon's energy card in ur hand

  26. Justin King says:

    My cards are diffrent

  27. Jahangir Alam says:

    My friends used to donate me some powerful pokerman by donating the fake cards and by this way I got all cards

  28. Cakey Cake says:

    I got aloha region Pokemon so is that ok? And I barley have any basic Pokémon

  29. Ronan Connolly says:

    whos watching in 2018

  30. Kyubi says:

    Do you draw a certain amount of energy at the beginning or do you just have it

  31. Dana Coleman says:

    Excellent work, young man

  32. NintendoGuy says:


  33. Logan Roberts says:

    When you say you need a marker for poison, what kind of marker do you need like a marker that you color with?

  34. Reaver says:


  35. Kamilah Branham says:

    I have 1024 pokemon cards

  36. JENNI JA NIKO says:


  37. Anmol 's channel says:

    Sometime we will not get energy card for sure from our deck so what we have to do on that time….????

  38. Samnold Telfort says:

    game doesnt look nowhere as near as fun as YuGiOh, all about the OTK

  39. Ashinthya jayakody says:

    We must need energy cards to attack

  40. Hamza Malik says:

    I have 42 cards in which 5 are energy cards and 3 trainer cards . please tell me how can I play with these no of cards

  41. Kathy Tilao says:

    Dragon zaid can you use any energy on a pokemon if you have two kinds of type in your deck?

  42. janraine martin says:

    So it resets it status if evolved?

  43. Logan Roberts says:

    What about the Star next to the colored Pokémon’s attack

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