How to Play Gin Rummy: Card Games : Playing Gin Rummy

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Learn about the playing sequence of the card game gin rummy from an expert card player in this free instructional video.

Expert: Gary Zier
Bio: Gary Zier, originally from Florida, is a systems administrator with 10 years of computer networking experience and an expertise in conditional access security systems.
Filmmaker: Gary Zier

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13 Responses

  1. Ava Miller says:

    Gin Rummy games and tournaments, every day at:

  2. Cryptic0110 says:

    what was this filmed with? a potato?

  3. Robert Clark says:

    We play with 10 cards laying down a combo of 3/3/4 cards all at once. At least thats how we like to play.

  4. Efren Cuadro says:

    Nice complete tutorial. I want to share this good free Gin Rummy program. This is the link:!102&authkey=!AA2uMw6tCq3g89s

  5. tony232cool says:

    i thought you were allowed to hold 7 cards only

  6. Steve Thomps says:

    @imt713 theres other vids that show it. look at the title

  7. Leviticus360540 says:

    I consulted, The Book of Hoyle, on how the 1st play of the game starts & found out that the 1st turned up card is a decision card. By this I mean that 1st, the non-dealer player must announce whether if they would like the 1st turned up card in the discard pile. If they want it they take it; however, if they don't then the dealer has the right to make a decision on that turned up card. If the dealer wants it he takes it, if not he announces so and the non-dealer player draws from the stock pile.

  8. DT2Master says:

    i already know how to play…but u only get 7 cards not 10..fucking idiots

  9. morgan o'neill says:


  10. 890slay says:

    Actually this is a good game.

  11. Mattias Breitholtz says:

    thats alot of "discard"…

  12. Syed Hussain says:

    Umm… You just tell us the instructions of gin rummy. You dont tell us what to do!!! OMG!!

  13. TheSnow41 says:

    you win by getting rid of all your cards

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