How To Install SexLab for Skyrim

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Watch Video at 1:51 If Animations Aren’t working (:
I had some trouble installing this but it is pretty simple, I hope this helped you. Hope you enjoy your modded Skyrim experience.
Nexus Mod Manager:
WinRAR(32/64 bit):
Sorry for video taping this with my phone, hope it was helpful.

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29 Responses

  1. Timothy Ishmael says:

    For anyone having trouble installing this, I found this site to be extremely helpful.

  2. BlueBalls says:

    When I try to use the nexus mod manager for skyrim it says that I am missing a file and that I need to verify my game install and ensure that my Skyrim.esm is present or something. How can I fix this?

  3. Torganzer says:

    whenever i press update i get an error saying :access to the path C:/ program Files (x86) steamapps/common/skyrim/datatools

    any advice?

  4. Call Me Nugget says:

    well after i update the FNIS and open my skyrim all the people (including me) is t-posing there is no animation just t-posing. can you help to solve this problem?

  5. Conner Dassen says:

    have you ever heard of screen recorders

  6. AltairxX winterXx says:

    Do you like another mod for like stuff to actually happen? Like is this just the base for it to happen

  7. Vlad Tuskak says:

    What is WinRAR, i go to the page and nothing happens, plus when i try to start the game it doest let me bc of the mods

  8. Novz says:

    Can you use this on special edition?

  9. Arsalan Amin says:

    my problem is when i extract FNIS and sexlab, both never extract, they show some kind of error from winrar while extracting. and they dont seem to contain any files when i open them. they are readable and installable through the NMM but aside from that, the sequence from min 1:25 onwards i cannot do :/

  10. Ja Nej says:

    I know this is years old by now but thanks man.

  11. Nadh says:

    How do you disable female domination?

  12. FroztByte Gamer says:

    1. Go to loverslab
    2. Download sexlabs framework.
    3. Add it to mods by NMM
    4. Activate FNIS for users
    5. Update animations

    Is that it?

  13. Exynos says:

    No matter what I do the FNIS never updates the notifications. I tried reinstalling it and even running the damn thing from the data folder and it still wont work. Had the same result with AP, any help is appreciated.

  14. Viper Molt says:


  15. Leon _ says:

    Thank you very much I appreciate the help this is an old video but if your reading this I appreciate the help

  16. Tom Irr says:

    i cant get it to work can anyone point me to a more step by step video?

  17. Deadshot Gaming says:

    Hey Kyle just a quick question about FNIS. Would I have to download it manually? Or can I just do it through the NMM? Thanks.

  18. Cody Johnson says:

    When I download FNIS manually, and transfer my winrar file to nexus, it says it's read only, any help?

  19. Isozi says:


  20. Touhou hokan so says:

    need a help it said ERROR(2012): Could not generate: defaultfemale.hkx defaultmale.hkx 0_master.hkx

  21. PhantomSaint says:

    Do you think its possible to do this on the PS4 in a different format?

  22. Toxic Gaming says:

    bestiality mod :)))

  23. Shiny Game Hero says:

    Man you rock, ya got a new follower my dude!

  24. AffensindGeil says:

    Isnt working.

  25. Чёрный Чаплин says:

    I have 0 animations…WHAT?!

  26. MUSIC says:

    it says error when I add the file to downloads..

  27. kilatron06 says:

    will this work for special edition?

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