How To Get A FREE Pickaxe, Contrail And Glider! (Playstation Plus Celebration Pack 3)

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43 Responses

  1. Sniqx says:

    Can you still get this?

  2. AndySRam727 says:

    Hey x box players you have the eon skin we dont

  3. eires223 says:

    Can I still get it?

  4. epic gamer moment says:

    I created a diffrent account by accident, How do i get them onto my main?

  5. ConnectedToMaster says:

    Is there any way to get it on a mobile account because I don’t want my mobile account not be able to play with Xbox players.(if you connect a PlayStation acc it blocks you from Nintendo and Xbox players)

  6. Trent the gamer says:

    But how do u get the skin? Does it automatically goes to ur skin pack without showing u got it?

  7. GAMING WITH KD says:

    Mine only had two I didn’t get the skin can somebody help me

  8. ItzFruityy says:

    90% Mad Xbox players
    9% Don’t make me take out your batteries comments

    Me What about PC?

  9. clayton carmine says:

    This is kinda racist but with consols consolist

  10. Emma Plays ツ says:

    Im getting a PS4 for Christmas will this still be available then???

  11. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Your Lobby Musik seson3

  12. DefaultDan 460 says:

    is there any for xbox one?

  13. Ultimate D00D says:

    I don’t have a ps4 wish I do tho my friends getting me the pack from his ps4

  14. SkeleBoi YT says:

    yet no mobile exclusive

  15. Lxrd 07 says:

    I’m thinking to get it by doing the free trial,can you disable after?

  16. Erion Hoti says:

    Were My XBOX Bro AT

  17. Lights Out says:

    Can you get any of these with no play station plus?

  18. Tiffany Gates says:


  19. Fortnite Random says:

    Do need ps plus for this video?

  20. D F says:

    Can you log on mobile and get it there?

  21. L3Xz1 YT says:


  22. Angel Reyes says:

    I didn’t get anything

  23. İsmail Mert Özçetin says:

    Bro pls help me! İm taked ps plus pack 2 but i can't take pack 3 ,,, ps4 say"you taked!" But i dont taked? What can i do ? Pls help

  24. Farasat Ahmad says:

    I don’t have ps plus

  25. Roblox 4 Lif3 says:


  26. gamingwithjay23467 jay says:

    I got all the celebration pack

  27. gamingwithjay23467 jay says:

    I got it to lol

  28. TSM AaronRojas1 says:

    You just download it it is really cool

  29. Jhovanny Romero says:

    You a real g bro at first I thought you was lying but it actually worked

  30. Blaze says:

    Can we still redeem it when you get PS4 in November?

  31. Jaquavius MCcaa says:

    I have Xbox one

  32. dragon cloakclan says:

    I use Xbox we should have Xbox skins

  33. sinister gamingYT says:

    Guys I’m on pc and I’m wondering somebody could hook me up with a account

  34. JosephIsGreat says:

    Since ps4 is cross play now, cn you use the exclusive skins and gliders with switch and xbox?

  35. Maximum Contribution says:

    How get blue striker I see exclusive I click on it say just celebration
    pack not 3

  36. FamFam_ 098 says:

    It's a month later but it wont work for me

  37. medo73694 pw says:

    Blue team leader4 life

  38. Renazr says:

    Is blue striker still avaiable

  39. andrew203 101 says:

    Thanks for telling it

  40. David Harbutt says:

    How do you get another 2day free trial on your PlayStation plus

  41. Anthony Roberson says:

    virgin "feminine species"

  42. mark ordorica says:

    They need to do this with like xbox live gold like if you agree

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