How to Easily Level Fishing 1-450 in the World of Warcraft!

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This video shows an overview of how to easily leveling fishing from 1-450 in the World of Warcraft!

I hope this guide will help you get rich in World of Warcraft but at the same time free up farm time so you can actually enjoy the game for what it is meant to be; fun! So, don’t sit at your computer 24-7 just to make gold. Go out, raid, PvP, whatever, just make sure to have fun (^_^)v.

Special thanks to all my friends, subscribers, Adobe, Blizzard, Fraps, and anyone I left out (^_^)v.

Added Thanks to Collin for the Intro.

Added Thanks to Dotaa for the 2v2 Outro. The best DK in the World … of Warcraft!

“Now go PvP or something!”

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© 2001-2008 Kevin MacLeod

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49 Responses

  1. provo says:

    A Wrath video with good quality

  2. Riza Bogdan says:

    2018 and this tutorial is still usefull . Thank you man 🙂 feelsgood

  3. frodofraggins says:

    these old videos are great except having to go to a website that doesn't list them anymore …

  4. RagDollRat says:

    kek on my server 20 deviate go for around 1k xD

  5. Azor Ahai says:

    Great guide man

  6. Silver Shiver says:

    at what point do you fish a undead lock – tauren druid change tome?

  7. ChaoticLegion01 says:

    This tells us nothing… other than where to fish to get to at least 50… 🙁

  8. IceCreamFrost says:


  9. jeuxantistress says:

    mmmhhhh wotlk.. .that was a great time!

  10. Fishmonger ! says:

    haha great vid Tarou, thanks for making this! Actually, I watched this WHILE fishing!
    Fish on! -Fishmonger, World of Warcraft Fishing Program

  11. TheLordGodric says:

    great and u didnt tell us where to lvl it on every lvl

  12. ARuthlessKiller says:

    does it still give deviate fish in lushwater oasis for cata?

  13. Zach Knezevich says:

    i got to 450 in one day. <3 thank you so much for this

  14. Stefan Velimirovic says:

    i stuck with 225 what to do now? I cant train. Help pls?

  15. Dsyleixa x says:

    i got mine first try youmadbro ?

  16. tommyasome says:

    why i can't find nothing fishing?

  17. inuyashaa02 says:

    Took him ten minutes to get the turtle T_T took me two months not kidding

  18. DJ jenJar says:

    this my first month in wow and i have some question i hope u answer 🙂
    1- im level 1 at fishing wats the things is worth to sell and wat things i should drop them out
    2- wat is the best simple way to get money for low level like 30 ..
    3- if i finished all the dungeon with all her quests will i get to lvl 90 ???

  19. Benjamin Roden says:

    I got the sea turtle in the first pool I fished

  20. Orcfood says:

    And the others who like Fishticks too…

  21. Mike Hawk says:

    i noticed you looked up a lot of turtle vids, did you ever get it?

  22. theelephanttaco says:

    i got the turtle first time trying to the get heirloom ring ill trade ya

  23. jane jim says:

    please don't swear, that won't get any girl to like you <3

  24. XepicmX says:

    Whats that adon where it shows like these cool letters of what u r doing around your toon?????? plz respond

  25. Antti says:

    im level 43, can i get the turtle?:p I mean could i go to the lake he was talking about

  26. DatsiikGrizzly says:

    Someone was really happy to talk to you lol

  27. ALiN pubg says:

    hey.. for wow isn't a fishing bot?

  28. A. A. says:

    @supercrazyawesomeboy If you stopped playing this 'shit game' then why did you watch this video?

  29. Neverglad says:

    I dont get how he got RIVAL as a clicker

  30. Olav says:

    @Juniorwazhomeless I got turtle fast, Got like 100Fish before i got it xD

  31. ibrahim alsaeed says:

    Thnx alot mate.

  32. supercrazyawesomeboy says:

    @Juniorwazhomeless If they made it so everyone could get it there would be no fucking point.. People who still play this game even though it's so shit sadden me.. I wish people like you could have played Vanilla and TBC.. Then you wouldn't bitch about easy shit..

  33. Juniorwazhomeless says:

    its been a year since i watched this video and started farming for sea turtle, still havent gotten it, 1 year fucking wasted on this shit, blizzard makes some stuff just not fun. such a pain in the ass!

  34. DeathbyDakota says:

    How do i use the fishing rod i dont kjnow hwo to!

  35. Ramos says:

    the first fishing place you fish with your udnead and no in ogrimmar … were is that ? i cant find it in northen barrens ?

  36. SuperDanReturns says:

    Very helpful =] thanks Tarou.

  37. Nicholas Nick says:

    but u get more money for the junk lol

  38. John Andersson says:

    @Minifarfar95 You can hear when theres a fish on the hook 🙂 Simple turn ur head and clickyy 😀

  39. Jesper Roos says:

    how do u watch tv at the same time , wont u miss when the fish bites the bait?

  40. MultiRecap says:

    12 ppl cant lvlup ther fishing

  41. Dragosh says:

    Kanye West (Gayfish) disliked this

  42. Tiger Oh says:

    @bschale i wouldn't call runescape 'a fucking gay game' yet WoW does have an older demographic

  43. tracy lowe says:

    @LeagueOfSurvivors Retard get a life.

  44. Connor Raw says:

    @BugOps 11 fish disliked this

  45. Justin says:

    i need u to make a 1-450 fishing for alliance

  46. jonnyyyy96 says:

    or do something even better, get a fishbot, and just fish all night, train when u go to work/school, and do that on and on and on ;D

  47. arnaldo carrillo says:

    @BugOps 11

  48. Jxso says:

    wheres the best place to train fishing for the alliance when i have 125 fishing?

  49. Railium says:

    tarou were you high when you were doing this guide? you sound so chill.

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