How to Duplicate Any Item in Fallout 76 After Patch! (STASH DUPLICATION GLITCH)

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How to duplicate any item in Fallout 76!

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31 Responses

  1. mastaz says:

    'bethedas probably going to patch this extremley fast' good one

  2. Michael Hawkins says:

    Please try and find an after patch it would be great if there is one!

  3. RoadTo10 Million says:

    Need help : ps4 —- Kyuuubi_321 send a massage pls say: Hi im here for the glitche

  4. BAILEY MCRAE says:

    You try spending hours on end grinding materials just to have someone take them all. "Dick"

  5. Kaos Fatum says:

    Patched as of

  6. gogeta super Sayaian 4 dragonball gt says:

    Who wants to do it I'm on Xbox One

  7. RichterFrigh says:

    Take this video down please its patched

  8. Keith Thomas says:

    Nuka Cola Quantum’s, Halloween Candy and ⭐️⭐️⭐️Legendaries galore, good lord.

  9. Obeisant TV says:

    What is the best way to find Tesla weapons?

  10. Jimmy Fallon says:

    This was patched right? Why does the title say after patch

  11. Alpha Hawk59 says:

    They patched it last night 🙁

  12. Tyla Shelton says:

    This doesn’t work now

  13. Dyar Dler says:

    The glitch is patched

  14. Enrique Esparza says:

    I tried 3xs lost everything oh well going in naked and empty handed lol XD

  15. Tuff scooT says:

    The day befor the patch i was killing the golfers 8 out 10 and now it seems there is no golfers and just unless hords of death claws and glowing ones and everything but golfers

  16. zerocool gonna hack u says:

    If anyone duped gears springs Woods screws Woods or even 3 star weapons plz add me on ps4

  17. Jarett Taylor says:

    They patched this yesterday when the servers went down for maintenance

  18. Mad Jack says:

    Patched in a hot-fix last night.

  19. Ethan 757 says:

    Hit me up on Xbox MiddleFanatic44 so we can do this I need spring bad

  20. Eli_The_Psycho says:

    They patched this on PS4. Didn't work for me and my friends

  21. Nut Central says:

    I’m not able to take things out of the box when they leave. It’s there but I can’t put them back in my inventory

  22. Todd Howard says:

    We already patched it fam

  23. Adam Thompson says:

    Junk game

  24. TDN official channel says:


  25. G22 Notorious says:

    People like you ruin games like this. Get some fucking skill and play it properly. Idiot

  26. jak Og says:

    Its patched

  27. The Medic says:

    anybody on pc want to dupe?

  28. zip hed says:

    Dupers should be banned

  29. Caroline Daineze says:

    Still working?

  30. Whocures says:

    You can do this at your base just drop your friend the stuff you want to dup and get him to do it if he doesnt have the plan to build it

  31. Ryan Meredith says:

    Take the vid down. Its been patched hours ago

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