How To Do a Binary Puzzle

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Christine Lovatt shows you how to get started on the popular and highly addictive logic puzzles known as Binaries.

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10 Responses

  1. Stella Luna says:

    Thank you so much miss, I joined my school's acda deca team but I had no idea how to do these puzzles and because of you I know how now, thanks.

  2. squidwardVEVO says:

    Can you be my aunt

  3. Devon Mills says:

    Started doing these at work today for the first time. Ran into a wall after a while.

  4. Elisa Bleekemolen- Kramer says:


  5. ThumbsUp2HardWork says:

    Glad i found your video. Now my day may continue. Thank you.

  6. Scott Koss says:

    That narration made my day.

  7. Mustafa Özdemir says:

    this helped me a lot ! 😀 thx

  8. Edward Nygma says:

    Thank you!

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