How to Build Budget Gaming PC in 30000 INR

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There is a perception that gaming PCs cost a lot but that’s not really true. You can build your own gaming PC for around ₹30000 aka $460. In this video, we should tell you how you can build your own budget gaming PC in around ₹30000 using AMD’s new Ryzen 2400G APU.

Buy AMD Ryzen 2400G APU with Vega 11 Graphics:
Buy Asus Prime A320M-K Motherboard:

The new Raven Ridge processor requires a BIOS update on the motherboard prior to installing the APU.

Buy Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-2400MH:
Buy Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD:
Foxin Cabinet with PSU:
iBall Stella (Alternative cabinet with PSU):

Check out our video gear here:

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42 Responses

  1. Movie On Demand says:

    Who will pay for Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS….

  2. Jashanpreet singh says:

    Bro pubg toh chli nahi

  3. Supratim Dhara says:

    use p4560 prossesor with geforce 750 4gb.. would be much better performing

  4. Ahamed Fuad says:

    Did it can handle Dota 2 @beebom

  5. J. Hacker says:

    I have a plane for 1060 6gb build with intel processor under 50,000rs

  6. Sourajyoti Paul says:

    doesnt make sense, get a 1050ti

  7. BARON-Rahul 777 says:

    wow this cheaper than oneplus 6

  8. Sarthak Tech says:

    Your intro song is amazing

  9. Bijay Das says:

    Can I play pubg and GTA 5 in it

  10. ChandraKanta Das says:

    Sir please please build a 50k gaming pc video….

  11. Bhakta Bhusan Das says:

    Where is graphics card?

  12. Bhakta Bhusan Das says:

    Ryzen or Intel processer is better?

  13. Rahul Vispute says:

    i want bulid a gaming pc under 80k .. which parts should i have to use? .. plz help me anyone ..

  14. Don Kum says:


  15. ponkanagaraj nadar says:

    Great Video… Can you provide me the application u used to calculate the FPS.

  16. Shubham Shirodkar says:

    Bro make a video if cheap pc where u get atleast 200fps for cs go … 83 and 100 isnt enough

  17. Vishwajith Vijayabaskar says:

    Hey, how much didi u pay for windows 10

  18. aditya tiruwa says:

    What about graphic card

  19. Sherish Sam says:

    Hi akshay.. is the i3 8th generation. 8100 processor better the Ryzen 3 or 5 ??~

  20. iban1228 says:

    Can you test this with Dota 2?

  21. Siddharth Vishnoi says:

    Gaming PC without Graphic Card

  22. Poojan Joshi says:

    Don't trust AMD, Intel's i5 8400 is far better than Ryzen 5 2400G and other Ryzen 5s. Doing overclocking on R5 is such a foolish thing because it does not give you any reasonable amount of higher clocks if you do so and i5's 8400's turbo is 4.0GHz that what you get by OC R5 🙂

    Quick Specs Overview

    Ryzen 5 2400G
    Cores – 4
    Threads – 8
    Base Speed – 3.6 GHz
    Boost Speed – 3.9 GHz
    Cache – 4MB
    Intel's i5 8400

    Cores and Threads – 6
    Base Speed – 2.8 GHz
    Turbo Boost 2.0 Speed – 4.0 GHz
    Cache – 9MB smart cache

  23. See4web says:

    why dont u sell asselbled pc in flipkart and amazon…dat wld be great

  24. Shauryavir Chauhan says:

    Does it have a CD reader

  25. AK says:

    stock SMPS can seriously fry the motherboard or the processor.. a good SMPS would def cost 2200+.. using ryzen 5 and 500 rs SMPS doesn't make sense

  26. Sarbani Raha Mazumder says:

    Heavily inspired from this video. I am not a gamer but an editor workings with Macon C4D premier pro etc. Suggest me How can I take advantage of this PC and or adding few extra hardware.

  27. Prodon Gaming says:

    But can we can add a graphic card in future to bump up the performance???

  28. Sushan Salian says:


  29. Chanda Gautam says:

    Where the cpu thermal paste??????? It is placed between cooler and the cpu wtf kind of buid is it??

  30. AKGK 7 says:

    How did u get these games btw

  31. ScxrletFx Gaming says:

    For the people out there says this is not a gaming pc, please understand this is a "BUDGET" GAMING PC, you can change all part you want based on your budget.

  32. Adi Creation with tech says:

    Rgb edition please

  33. ScxrletFx Gaming says:

    How much vram usage are you using?

  34. ANDROID GaMer says:

    G4560 = 4500 , h110 = 3500 , 8gb ddr4 = 4500 , 1050ti = 12000 , 450 psu = 2500 , 2000 case ,

  35. Rahmath Unnisa says:

    I'm from gangawar too

  36. Arnav Savant says:

    Can we Use AMD RYZEN 6 AN GTX GEFORCE 1030

  37. shadow music #instruments says:

    can i use a msi 1050 ti…on my……….#2nd gen motherboard with pcie 16x……..???
    please reply……… motherboard is intel DH61H0

  38. Roy George says:

    Hai (want to play gta4)
    But I have an old CPU which is of
    1gb RAM ,windows 7 ,AMD athlon2
    I want to upgrade it for playing gta4
    So can you recommend what to upgrade (low budget of 10k)
    Please help!

  39. PUBG ಕನ್ನಡ says:

    If it's not for PUBG means not satisfied

  40. James Nadar says:

    I brought the following component for 27,000 INR

    1. AMD ryzen 2200g
    2. gigabyte B450
    3. Kingston DDR4 2400 4GB X 2
    4. PSU Crossair VS450
    5. Cabinet- Crossair Spec-1
    6. Hardisk- WD40 1TB 7200 RPM

  41. Tanmay Fadnis says:

    Hi how to update the display driver for this configuration? After installing DVD the display driver isn't popping up?

  42. Afridi Sheik says:

    Hey i want to build a pc for fortnite but my budget is around 25 – 35k …pls help me out

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