How to Build a Gaming PC! (2016)

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My 2016 tutorial on how to build a gaming computer!
Boson 3.0 Gaming PC:

With the constant evolution of the gaming PC this guide for building a PC covers installing the CPU / processor, hard drive and SSD, power supply and much more.

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36 Responses

  1. ylli sadiku says:

    Its my birthday

  2. StopDropAndGame says:

    Edit: if any of theses get bend your fucked

  3. Echo Echo says:


  4. theapsolute vloger says:

    Not my proudest fap…

  5. Wavzyz says:

    Sorry Iā€™m new to this but do you have to buy everything separate

  6. Michael Drake says:

    Still using these exact parts i bought from this video, but with a 750 ti and its still working great!

  7. Maddynf Lil Tay says:

    Anyone here from 2018 to laugh at old parts

  8. DBZGoten420 says:

    +Austin Evans I followed this exact build but when it comes to turning it on the pc doesnt work. ive checked front panel connectors.

  9. Great Gox says:


  10. Falcon Gaming says:

    I can assemble my own PC

  11. sotheara chea says:

    sorry ! where is sound card ? don't need it here ?

  12. tech kiddie says:

    Why do you always use micro atx

  13. Tech & Gaming with kaveen ### says:

    austin can we add a 1tb ssd to this

  14. Earl Fox says:


  15. Nether Noah says:

    You can save ~$100 by using Linux instead of Windows!

  16. MastaMastaMasta says:

    i'm sorry but i don't really get this. could any of you pls tell me what would be the right parts to get? thanks.

  17. doc of derp says:

    still kinda confusing..
    what are the limitations

  18. Brandon mart says:

    Hey does the pc come with all of those things you had on the table in the beginning cause i searched the pc on amazon and its only 63$ id think all that on the table cost 63$ soo does all of that come with the pc??????????????

  19. Miga Da Man says:

    Where are the links to all of the parts on amazon

  20. PcGAMERforever YT says:

    I don't think that he had much money during that build.

  21. TheQuickSlash says:

    How much did this build cost?

  22. Infinitegamer521 says:

    Would you still recommend this in 2018?

  23. ekflpkf says:

    Is this still good in 2018?

  24. Adam Dunn says:

    Austin hope your well šŸ™‚ … I took my first build of this video of yours thanks … was wondering maybe on some advice

  25. ice wallow come says:

    oh gawd i accidently broke my ssd ;(

  26. DeviantMistake says:

    what is the memory called?

  27. Random Commenter says:

    you make it look so easy

  28. Blazing Souls says:


  29. TheGoldenlegend1 says:

    What videos can i check that explain everything in slo mo? I know next to nothing about computers

  30. YoussefGamer 197 says:

    This rare gaming pc

  31. Doug Cannon says:

    Seriously, seems to be like every single video on How to Build a PC that I ever watch but not what to do after you have build the PC. Still ain't a complete tutorial.

  32. John Batchler says:

    u don't touch those pins

  33. Anthony Schiavinato says:

    No thermal paste eh…

  34. JZXI says:

    please help, i get no display at all.

  35. Elijah Bates says:

    How the hell do you install the SSD?

  36. Rhino says:

    Hi, I am building this pc and I am done putting all the parts together. I then tried to power it up, everything is running fine but nothing is coming up on my monitor. Does anyone know how I could fix this??

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