How to Break Skyrim at Level 1

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A detailed guide on making an overpowered one-shot invincible skamp at level 1.
Done on the most recent version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. No mods or console commands were used to make this build.

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Skyrim Level 1 Guide :
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39 Responses

  1. ymfah says:

    If you are interested in "beating" the game (and staying at) level 1 watch this:
    I'll be sure to look in the comments and answer as many questions as I can (but don't ask on this one since YT's sub-comment system is aids).
    Happy new year.

  2. Ярослав Алтуфьев says:

    You play Skyrim in Xbox 360?

  3. Alex Bornia says:

    Hola, quería preguntarte lo de duplicar el amuleto de talos, a mi no me funciona y sigo exactamente tus pasos, lo juego en pc

  4. Maurdekye says:

    """"speed""""run strats

  5. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    The dupe glitch doesn't work for me. I think it's because I use a PS3.

  6. Plazma_Cat5 says:

    Give me more earape snas plz

  7. Šimon Kulakovský says:

    Make Pacifist skyrim

  8. Gavin says:

    Now that's hot!

  9. It'sIt'sCole says:

    Does this work as a Breton

  10. DIO BRANDO says:


  11. Anıl Topçubaşı says:

    Or … you can use console commands …

  12. Justin White says:

    I love your use of powerwolf, among other songs but for me it is just POWERWOLF

  13. Kane Michael Bulman says:

    This comments pretty much just to thank you for all the entertaining content, plus the amount of amazing songs i get from your videos, i love watching these at 4am with no fucking idea whats happening

  14. Yukisuna Samura says:

    That "fus" sounds like "Oof"

  15. Sconeikiin says:

    3:36 I lost it lol

  16. Тито Кун says:

    Классное видео. Поцелуйчик из России

  17. JIbBoBu4 says:

    Chuck Norris STYLE!

  18. Tyransmus says:

    5:55 PRAISE THE SUN ahead

  19. SlashingFire says:

    You should make a how to oneshot any boss in dark souls remastered

  20. Happyhour259 says:

    When are you going to fix your discord m8? Dreww has been waiting for a rank.

  21. Amanda King says:

    It seems that the part about getting infinite shout cooldown only works if you never again shift into vampire form – you'd have to do this glitch every time you transform so that you can keep the effect after you revert to khajiit form.

  22. Jhin- The Virtuoso says:

    Nice touch on naming her Sorenova

  23. JewBuscusLeBone TM says:

    You've got some sick ass intros my guy

  24. Polarity says:

    I honestly wish you could stay in Sovengard, or at least go there whenever you want

  25. Michael Pasquini says:

    One punch cat!!

  26. Red Man says:

    I love skyrim and you too

  27. Enchanted Orange says:

    Like a how to break Binding of Isaac but a bit harder

  28. Drop_the_uranium 9080 says:

    Ist normal when im load à save thé exploit reset ? The talos amulet is no more equiped

  29. lolcatsravenight says:

    f to pay respects

  30. Канал Vol'a says:

    Какого черта это у меня в рекомендациях?
    Я же даже не смотрел видосы по скайриму!

  31. Rica Dudz says:

    So after I do the talos and ring glitch am I not aloud to use vampire mode again because the effects disappear whenever I do

  32. David Andrade says:

    whats the source for the high pitch scream this guy uses sometimes? lol

  33. Darnell Flunt says:

    Not sure if it's just me being dumb or maybe messing up the timing, but I can't seem to do the infinite shout thing right. I'm on PC but Idk if that's the problem or not.

  34. Bleach says:

    Communism 100

  35. Not my name says:

    Hey, can you equip different types jewellery?

  36. Goat Bot says:

    It should be noted that this warp dupe glitch can also be done with the extremely potent Jarrin root

  37. Zacc The Mot says:

    or you use the Become essential mod (makes your character essential)

  38. Josué Gamer says:

    You are the daedra most powerfull off all tamiriel

  39. Gamerboss 114 says:

    Pacifist Skyrim

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