How This 22-Year-Old Maths Genius Made His Millions Playing Poker | How’d You Get So Rich?

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This young professional poker player tells Katherine Ryan how he made his millions in just a few years!
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48 Responses

  1. Yokky says:

    So nice to see young generations are smart with the money.

    Those ones who not just stupidly spending money on themselves or conutless yachts, but putting money back in to the society in some ways.

    Like funding medical inventions or building care homes from their poker money. I feel I see more and more of those people amongst youngsters.

  2. Lauty Bend says:

    Charlie is such a boss, he is truly sick at poker

  3. Bitcoineer says:


  4. dony spjeca says:


  5. Mike D says:

    "MATHS" really channel 4?

  6. Kai Rohrbach says:

    This guy is a cringefest and he's definitely not a genius lmao… dickriding a lucky tournament winner

  7. mero40k says:

    Pretty sure Charlie has Aspergers

  8. Ric S says:

    Amy’s bakery

  9. Hamidreza Fayaz Movahed says:

    You definitely need to revise your definitions for both "math" and "genius"!

  10. Marios Seraphim says:

    I tried poker i suck at it but then… I found BITCOIN!!!!

  11. DailYxDosE says:


  12. The Real Rick says:

    Charlie the last true hippie

  13. The Real Rick says:


  14. Chris Cross says:

    I studyed one semester of math on university and the prof would have said poker hasnt much in common with math only calculations…..but he said all we done in school up to this day wasnt math either and he was right.

  15. Uno Ayson says:

    Quick maffs

  16. FreezinFury says:

    When he said he want's to do good .She instantly came in her pants

  17. LEVELSABOVE says:

    Fucking fruitcake

  18. PenguinBadger TurkeyBear says:

    I really hope they fucked!

  19. Opinionated Deer says:

    Comedian and actor? Is this just satire? Or flat out lie?

  20. Watcher505 says:

    I'd give Katherine Ryan such a doing. Fuck me.

  21. Watcher505 says:

    I'd give Katherine Ryan such a doing. Fuck me.

  22. Allan says:

    The interviewer sucks!

  23. Darius says:

    The Host is a bit of a cunt.

  24. ΛDΛM says:

    Lol I thought this was a thumbnail for the undateables

  25. Ainsley Harriott says:

    They filmed the casino bits in my regular poker room! Shoutout to the Cromwell Mint, saw her and her film crew there lmao

  26. Upward Gaming says:

    Fucking live Kathrine Ryan she's so fucking funny and hot

  27. Louis Gould says:

    So he’s a virgin then

  28. A BW says:


  29. Seb says:

    But what is his hair

  30. sweiland75 says:

    He needs a better wardrobe and a shave.

  31. BestPokerCoaching says:

    It is possible. Actually, very possible, hard work is all that you need, and well, a proper guidance.

  32. Αλέξανδρος Ζάγκας says:

    And still poker only available at casino cause governments think it's a gamble game wankers

  33. Taliban Jan طالبان says:

    I found Pewdiepie

  34. d e s p e r a d o says:

    He looks like if Marcus Butler was a pothead.

  35. MeRaKi DaY1 says:

    This girl is for the money watch her at 2:40

  36. LobsterProductions says:

    What a crap interview of an awesome guy (who I admit needs a haircut)

  37. the green man says:

    sort your hair out man

  38. New Thought says:

    Good man.

  39. jason stone says:

    I wish I was just as intelligent as this guy.

  40. Dylan O Donnell says:

    Watch his podcast with the true Geordie unreal interview by an incredible Podcaster

  41. Joshua Yaller says:

    she looks like a horse

  42. Keith Barrow says:

    God his laugh is something else

  43. alwayswin 222 says:

    how i hate those guys who pretend that they play poker to do something good with the money in the world. whats about the 100ks/millions of dollar rake generated in your pots which goes from addicted/poor people to companies like amaya and big casinos. you are doing good in the world with that too? just awful bullshit he is talking, hope nobody believes this 🙂

  44. WJL says:

    what is she under all that makeup … ?

  45. ARRGHHH says:

    Maths isn't that important in poker tbh

  46. Hulio Johnson says:

    He's doing pretty well this year in the WSOP 2017?

  47. Katja Von Der Becke says:

    Who else thinks he sounds and looks like Marcus Butler?!?!?

  48. Mark apple says:

    american females are sexy stupid females

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