How I Lace My PlayStation PG 2.5s On Foot

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WATCH IN 4k Ultra HD
A Quick Look At How I Lace My Nike PlayStation Paul George On Foot Review In 4k HD

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19 Responses

  1. Jim Blaze718_4Now says:

    Oh yeah Rule #Tree… Don't like the Videos… get the [email protected]&# on B%+$#.

  2. 1cent says:

    These are hot garbage

  3. greatvoicelessons says:

    luv the blue sole and the light effect on the tongue. i got ur back boi don't cuss nobody out.i like these and got them for my son i think my son is going to like them. i like most of your pickups. ❤️kim

  4. AIRCRISTIAN23 OMG says:

    These shoes runs like the PG 1 ???

  5. The VNCNY says:

    They'll definitely pop a lil harder off the shorts…I have these, after buying them it just makes me want the OG Playstation PG joints even more.

  6. Sebastian & Matias says:

    Make a how to make money for sneakers video

  7. Lewis Nanton says:

    Do they fit TTS?

  8. Matt The Knicks Fan says:

    before i try this footlocker app reserve thing, should i go true to size on the concords? this is my 1st time in like 5 years paying retail for a pair of sneakers

  9. TYZOMBEE says:

    So you don’t charge em or nun

  10. Sir Kartier says:

    Mob Mob

  11. Shoemanati says:

    Them hoes clean on foot! Good video Daveyy #Mob #Illuminate

  12. Trinidad Reece says:

    Intro tooooo saucy #flex

  13. Got the SAUCE says:

    They look alot harder loose laced

  14. SayntpFazhion says:

    This was a dope vid those shoes are so fire and the look so dope on feet if you ask me and keep those great vids coming as always peace and stay blessed bro.

  15. Raul Moreno says:


  16. Big Daddy Yum Yum the chocolate treat says:

    Did you cop them reakwan timberland boots?

    MOB wet

  17. Mr Entertainment says:

    Rule#3: Get da Fuk on BITCH!!!!!

  18. Retro Rickey says:

    They look dope to me. Maybe different socks nothing wrong with the mob socks just for that shoe. A grey socks might go harder.

  19. Makechinafamous coles says:


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