Holiday Surprises from Mario

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45 Responses

  1. Carolyn Waite says:

    Where is that

  2. itsnot like i give fuck says:


  3. Richard Guilamo Jr says:

    Waah the little girl got the big Yoshi toy so cute

  4. Vania Ferreira says:

    Yo quiero juegos de nintendo swich ok na mebtira

  5. Carmagedon says:

    Hello it’s a me MARIO merry Christmas to all of you Nintendo fans. Except for all of you who don’t have a Super Smash Bros Ultimate on a your Christmas list

  6. ethan gobi says:

    Yoshis stil, the cuties

  7. Danlabs On Youtube says:

    Mama mia, thata wasa borderline heartwarming!

  8. Shrek boii says:

    What if the parents were forced to pay for the gifts the kids got… run

  9. diamond gamer 9000 says:

    I love you Nintendo

  10. Memin the Great says:

    Someone give me a Timestamp to where Mario asked "What do you want for Christmas?" and the boy says "An Xbox One." I can't find it.

  11. dat anime vlogger, gamer, and drawer says:

    Mario: *does impression of Luigi*

    Edit: this makes me happy

  12. joplom oo says:

    1:56 almost drops the wii

  13. Jaden Pamilton says:

    Awesome Nintendo.

  14. Death Song Gaming says:

    Best videos of 2018 award

  15. pikachu 8899 says:

    Mario=what do you want for cristmas?

    Little boy=princess peach.

    Mario= …..

  16. Suicidal art guy says:

    That part was adorable,
    This entire video is amazing!
    This is why Nintendo is the superior game company!

  17. unexplainings says:

    this is very light hearted, keep up the good work nintendo
    that's the proof that good people still exist

  18. BluTheUnoriginal says:

    Excuse me. Free gifts?! Cries in corner

  19. the golden war dide and is back says:

    Get out of here game explaine

  20. E.P.M. :3 says:

    That was the most adorable video I watched in 2018.

  21. Lord Krish23 says:

    This is why Nintendo is the best video game company. They always do these special acts of kindness and that’s just what I need from a video game company. Also have you ever seen a fan of Xbox or PlayStation this happy, that’s probably because all that care about are graphics, memory and the amount of power a consel has, while us Nintendo fans care about these acts of kindness Nintendo gives us.

  22. Alex Miotke says:

    I laughed when they gave away a Wii u

  23. Matias Gamer547 says:

    Que conchudos hijos de su mama

  24. PrincessSofia254 says:


  25. Susana González says:

    Is it in hanes mall????????????

  26. Susana González says:

    I'm close to hanes mall

  27. Patriot God 101 says:

    I still play Mario, and I’m in high school

  28. Tatem Poelma says:

    My Wishlist (of 2015)
    1. YOSHI PLUSHIE!!!!!!!
    2. 3DS
    3. Wii U

  29. Oddeyesgalaxy - says:

    Ok kids adds over now hand back the towns

    Jk Nintendo would never do that

  30. Marsha TIMOTHY - MAYNARD says:

    Awww I miss it wahhhh

  31. brdrech says:

    2:16 Awww…

  32. Nezkap says:

    This is kind of stuff doesnt happen to normal people.

  33. Chrismas_ Antlers says:

    1:23 How to break your neck simulator.

  34. Foxy o peiratis says:

    Mario is basically Alexa if that's the case then Mario…play despacito

  35. BRENT PHILLIPS says:


  36. 100,000 subscribers With no vids. says:

    after the kids got their toys:
    Mario: who's a your favorite mascot?

    kids: sonic!

    Mario: take away those toys.

  37. Mitschcrafter says:

    Charls is such a nice guy.

  38. Jovan Peters says:

    Make this happen again

  39. Dogo Dog says:

    Mario what do you want for Christmas
    Me smash bros and pro controller and switch even tho I have one

  40. Mr. R 12334 says:

    Does anyone notice that the shirt of that girl at 2:09 is blurry

  41. The Wizard's Pickaxe says:

    This is the most cutest video ever if I can find a location for this or if you can tell me a be happy to spend some holidays with Mario

  42. J&D Gaming says:

    Nintendo You are the best Company!!!!!❤️

  43. ChaseHappyGames says:

    Can mario reply
    i want a nintendo switch
    please nintendo reply before chirstmas.
    tell santa too.

  44. Ethan Lee says:

    Awwww that's cute. U gave little kids FREE TOYS.

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