HobbyFrog’s 1st POKEMON Elite Trainer Box! Card Game with HobbyKids

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#Pokemon #elitetrainerbox #pokemonelite See HobbyFrogs first Pokemon Elite Trainer Box and custom Deck. See all the great finds we get in these box sets.
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GIANT Surprise Eggs:

Learning Playlist:





In 2012 HobbyKids created our original idea to make giant surprise eggs and toy adventures. Since then we’ve enjoyed producing shows with learning through play. The HobbyKids paved the way in creating unique kid-style adventures while showing kids across the globe how to use their imagination through impromptu play and toy journeys. Thanks for joining us daily as our HobbyFriends!

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26 Responses

  1. fornine player says:

    44 comment

  2. Gerald Garcia says:

    Hobbypig may have Rayquaza GX but I have RAYQUAZA MEGA EX!!!!!!!!!! (not lying)

  3. Tanapoom pakvisal says:

    It is not a Graas

  4. Bobbi Blanchard says:

    Good video guys!!

  5. raymond Tzun says:

    Good video

  6. Danyal Akhtar says:

    Do a pokemon fight with those decks

  7. Master King of England 88 says:

    Please Pokémon

  8. Alex playz says:

    I was watch the video but i didn't comment 🙁

  9. A Schiavello says:

    Hobby Pikachu

  10. Kenyetta Elamin says:

    Can I please have my name Ray Ray car because all your stuff please

  11. Lukas Krska says:

    Is this Pokémon XYZ

  12. Lucia gonzalez says:

    I love pokemon and my favourite pokemon is charmander anda dragonite

  13. Sans The joker says:

    Bring back the Pokémon battles it would be awesome

  14. I am a goat Cooper says:

    I 18 commet

  15. I am a goat Cooper says:

    This is nice vid you are my favorite youtuber

  16. Hunter Fountain says:

    HobbyKids I'm new to the channel and I love all the videos and I subscribe and like and everything you're the best YouTube channel ever

  17. Alizha Ali says:

    hi I love your videos

  18. Da Orn says:

    Hi Hobbykids

  19. Pikachu Channels says:

    40th like 9th comment

  20. eizen gamer 07 says:

    I subscribe and like I love your videos

  21. Onyx Lux says:

    I love Pokémon cards(:

  22. Sophia Martinez says:

    Wat up hobbykids

  23. Morgan Anthony says:

    Love you video

  24. Unipug 14 says:

    Second comment!

  25. Emile Rose says:

    Plz code cards

  26. Lacey PowerPuff says:


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