Here’s Negan: The Board Game Subscriber Giveaway!

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In celebration of the upcoming Here’s Negan: The Board Game and a huge thank you. We’re giving a lucky subscriber a chance to win both a copy of Here’s Negan: The Board Game AND a Collectors edition version of The Walking Dead: All Out War!

All you have to do is the following

– Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel
– Let us know in the comments of this video who your top Lieutenant would be!

The winner and honourable mentions will be revealed on the 15th November! Good Luck! for even more Mantic! – The latest going-ons from the Mantic Bunker – All of our live content and news!

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21 Responses

  1. Ruslan Volkov says:


  2. Christian Großauer says:

    Dwight would be my favourite pick. I just love his character.

  3. Ezra40k says:

    Brian the governor of course.

  4. thethorneblade says:

    Dwight, his internal conflict and struggle with good and evil, makes him tops in my book.

  5. Jason Pregel says:

    Shane. I feel like Negan and Shane would finish each others sentences. Lol

  6. Eric Shearer says:


  7. XauriEL Zwaan says:

    A Zombie

  8. Daniel White says:

    I would go with Dwight on this one, even though Negan is definitely my favorite character.

  9. Hollow Voices says:

    My LT would obviously be Judith 😀

  10. chalkboy8 says:

    Thre reason I selected Andrea is that I'd love to paint a fig of her in her jaunty hat astride a horse. the game needs more horseflesh.

  11. Nathan Ware says:


  12. Daniel Vice says:

    Mine would be Rick Grimes
    dvice12 at gmail

  13. Digging Pitts says:

    Ronnie Renton – he's doing a great job of running things. (And he's definitely keeping you lot in line!) 😉

  14. Jimbo Carroll says:

    Has to be Blaine but Crazy Bobby is a close second

  15. Jax Pavin says:

    Morgan without a doubt

  16. Danny Strahl says:

    Dwight would be the one. Game looks ace!

  17. jonathan berman says:


  18. anthony giovinazzo says:

    kinda cliche but my lieutenant would definitely be Rick. he does what it takes to survive

  19. Brody Sheard says:

    "I'm here to try out my sea legs" Lt. Dan

  20. Mic James says:

    Think I'd have Carl…the way that he and began connected would be interesting to see how it developed..

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