Gravity – A Solitaire Card Game by craniumonempty

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The Game of Gravity Solitaire

In a way, this is easier than Klondike, because you should be able to win every game. I consider it Solitaire Card Chess, but it’s too easy for that. (Solitaire Card Checkers?) The game started out very difficult and improbable to win, so I modified a few rules that made it more playable and enjoyable… On with the game!

This game should be played with a standard 52 card deck without the Jokers. You can be missing cards or use more decks for longer games.

The Ranking is Circular: Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-Ace

–Starting the game:

1. Deal the cards out in a 5×5 grid
2. The center position (not the card) is called the PLANET, and everything collapses to it
3. The deck left is called the MOON

–Rules of stacking:

1. Stacking is done by any adjacent cards (cards that are only one away from the stacking card) that are within the grid
2. Stacking can be done in either direction within the grid
3. Only one stack per turn
4. Cards that are the same rank can be stack diagonal or straight
5. Cards that are one rank away (up or down) and the same suit can only be stacked diagonal
6. Cards that are one rank away (up or down) and a different color suit (Hearts can be stacked on Clubs and Spades while Spades can be stacked on Hearts and Diamonds)
7. The card stacked on top buries the card underneath which is out of play and can be removed from the game if you wish
Note: The card in the PLANET position can stack out to leave the space clear to that another card can collapse to it. The PLANET is seen as still there to collapse to.

–Rules of collapse:

1. Collapse one card at a time to the empty space that is created with stacking and a previous collapse until you are at a corner
2. Always collapse toward the center card of the grid (the PLANET)
3. Cards going straight out from the PLANET (up,down,left, right in a straight line) are called the ARMS and can only collapse straight down to the PLANET
4. Cards that are not in the ARMS and are not the PLANET collapse toward one of the ARMS on either side of it in a straight line.
5. If there is no card on the other side of the blank space left, then the other side must collapse (if it’s still toward the center) such as when one quadrant is empty and there is a blank space in the ARM, the other quadrant if it can collapse to the empty space must do so. If the PLANET is empty and two arms are gone, then one of the other two arms must collapse to fill it. The PLANET must never be empty by the end of the turn.
Note: The PLANET will never collapse and can only be moved out by stacking.

–Rules of the MOON:

1. The top card in the MOON can be overturned to show the next card unless you want to make the game a little harder for yourself.
2. After collapsing to a corner, the top card in the MOON is placed in the empty corner.
3.The MOON is played until there are no more cards left.

–Steps of Play with cards left in the MOON:

1. Stack one card according to the rules of stacking.
2. Collapse according to the rules of collapse until there is a space in one corner of the grid.
3. Play a MOON card into the empty corner of the grid.
4. Continue steps 1-3 until there are no MOON cards left.
Note: If there are no stacking moves left, you can either end the game, or you can play the top MOON card onto the PLANET to continue the play and start the turn over again. Do this only when there are no moves left.

–Steps of Play with no MOON:

1. Keep track of the PLANET position, because the grid will change shape here.
2. Continue to Stack and Collapse until there are no more stacking moves left.
3. When there are no more stacking moves left the game is done.
4. The Piles you have left determine your status


Your PLANET had a major disaster that effected your environment. The gravity has been depleted and there is debris everywhere. You have been given tools to fix your PLANET. You have lost too much mass on the PLANET, so you have been given the go-ahead to use what you can of the MOON to fix your problem. Your job is to get your PLANET back to a solid state with little to no debris possible so that everything on the PLANET can survive. All life is counting on you to fix the PLANET and make it safe to live in.


8+ piles – You fail miserably and have killed all life on your PLANET
6-7 piles You didn’t exactly fail, but you have given everybody enough time to come up with a better plan, so you just suck.
4-5 piles Alright, everybody is alive, but they have to wear gas-masks for the rest of their lives
2-3 piles You did well, Daniel-son. The planet has survived with little debris
1 pile Yay! Statues go up in your name, and you are a hero without a moon

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12 Responses

  1. KarenSDR says:

    I'm sorry I didn't see this eight years ago, because I've been looking for something like this for a long time, a solitaire card game that feels like a board game. I tried it this morning and ended up with 11 piles 😀 But the fun is in the playing, and maybe I'll get better with practice. I'm still having to stop and think which direction is in alternate colors (orthogonal) and which direction you match suits (diagonal). When I get time, I may write up the directions for my own use, and post them here in case other people would find them helpful.

    Have you considered posting this on boardgamegeek? They also include card games. I think people there would like it.

    I'm so envious of people like you who can make up cool stuff like this.

  2. TheScottDarlongoParty says:

    Nice game and good explanation

  3. van deutsche hammer says:

    I count one pile as a point with trying to get least points possible

  4. CraniumOnEmpty says:

    Feel free to expand on it. I have yet to make an app out of it. With my procrastination, it may never get done.

  5. CptRoboto says:

    Awesome. Great explanation!

  6. CraniumOnEmpty says:

    @eddiedrizzt glad you like it. I created it during a time where I couldn't really play chess, but had a lot of cards to play with.

  7. CraniumOnEmpty says:

    @eddiedrizzt I thought about it, but this game already takes a lot of space. I think for more space it would have to be on the pc… well, unless you have the space and time. I'll think it over.

  8. Edward Jones says:

    With two decks, it might be possible to make it a two-player game. Just an idea. lol

  9. Edward Jones says:

    Great game! I like it.

  10. CraniumOnEmpty says:

    @N4I2UT01337 Yes, I was bored and in Texas at the time. I was trying to find a game that I didn't already know, but didn't have the internet, so I made one.

  11. DexterityTimes10 says:

    @CraniumOnEmpty i like this im going to try it out did u invent this?

  12. CraniumOnEmpty says:

    Either nobody likes the game, they are playing so much that they forgot to comment, or nobody wanted to comment. I hope if someone played they would comment if the game sucks or not…

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