Going Back To FALLOUT 4 After Playing Fallout 76!

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Perhaps the beginning of a new mini series? Let me know what you think!!
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20 Responses

  1. MrMattyPlays says:

    UPDATE: My b on the bloody mess comment! I have 6 luck in 76, so I’m surprised I actually never picked that perk up for my build, but if/whenever I go back I know what I’ll be investing in!

    I did look up some gameplay to see if my points had any validity regardless and I still think 76 has some downgraded aspects in the terms of physics attached to the limbs when they are blown off. From a base value, comparing 4 to 76, I still personally find 4’s better, but I think there’s obvious reasons why 4’s stands to be better based off the kind of game it is.

  2. Ladyshizuka666 says:

    I love Fallout 4. Yes it has flaws and problems. But after 76??? I will take 4, 3, 2, 1 and NV any day!!!

  3. ravager0292 says:

    i did this a few days i sat down after having multiple bugs and crashes on 76 and honestly fallout 4 made me feel so much better i just walked around enjoying diamond city just scrolling through my inventory and watching the people walk about and i never thought i would be so glad to hear people complain about synths again XD

  4. phrozac says:

    Haha, you know I did the same thing. Though I enjoyed 76, and it did some good things like its level up and perk system, it did enough things to delay the fun that I went back to FO4 about a month ago to check out the mods that have sprung up since the last time I played it nearly 2 years ago. Yeah, FO4 is way more fun. Or I should say, MODDED FO4 is more fun. Backpacks with +1000lb weight increases…infinite console resources…CBBE…awesome weapon mods, and ENB. Some of the environment overhauls, especially on PC, are damn impressive. Current favorites are Rustbelt Overhaul and Scorched Earth Overhaul, both by SpiffySkyTrooper.

  5. Tex says:

    U sure u know these games?

  6. Cardinal Biggles says:

    I've just installed the Project Valkyrie on Fallout 4 so I've another run-through going..then there's Fallout Miami (when it releases). There's life in the old dog yet.

  7. Remo Müller says:

    Lol, for me it was the same! I really wanted to play fallout and just played f4 again. Says much about the crap f76 is, when a falloutfanboy like me rather plays f4 for the 500th time than f76…

  8. Lou Pyzik says:

    LOL. Fallout 4 is a great game. After my very short, two hours, in Fallout 76, I went back to replay Fallout 3 again.

  9. Tony lobo says:

    Still waiting for fallout 5

  10. TheHam8919 says:

    You're comparing Vanilla 76 with a heavily modded fallout 4 frost mod, Apples to oranges.
    And after 70 hours played ( your words ) you still screw up on the bloody mess perk, trying to say Bethesda removed the gore-ish tones.
    With these things in mind, just how are we supposed to take this video seriously??

  11. NS odin says:

    Fallout is dead

  12. DerekNation99 says:

    Im doing the same thing and the worst thing is that i bought 76 digitally. But at least i own new vegas,3,and 4

  13. Alex FRD says:

    Fallout 76 was intentionally designed as a poison pill for the Fallout franchise, giving Bethesda the excuse they needed to shelve the franchise forever and focus entirely on TES & Starfield.

  14. Revan Star says:

    NO!!! 3:53

  15. EP114587 says:

    God, you’re annoying.

  16. Battle Maiden says:

    I just restarted fallout 4 a couple days ago because I needed some good fallout after playing 76 for a while. Playing 4 again made me realize just how bad 76 is. The graphics, gameplay, and immersion are way better in 4. Also, if you are getting long load screens on PC, you should consider putting the game on an SSD. My load screens are super short.

  17. can we get 1,000 likes without any videos? ?? says:

    Fallout 76 is just late promotion for fallout 4

  18. DANNYBOY PLAYS GAMEZZZ Lolipop says:

    All we hear is blah blah blah

  19. DayCraftMC says:

    I can't list all the things wrong with Fallout 4, it lacks so many of the things I value in games. Sure I had fun when the game was new until I couldn't find more quests and realized I've done everything, a disappointing conclusion, no memorable moments, no memorable characters (except Valentine) and no replay value.

  20. Grey Goose says:

    I went back to fallout 4 this weekend and I absolutely love it so much more than fallout 76

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