Gloria Steinem Talks Nadia Murad and ‘On Her Shoulders’ with Director Alexandria Bombach

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‘On Her Shoulders,’ a documentary about Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad, tells the story of how Murad survived a 2014 mass massacre of Yazidis by Islamic State forces in Northern Iraq. She was raped and forced to work as a sex slave, while her village was pillaged and her family members were murdered. Journalist and renowned feminist Gloria Steinem chats with director Alexandria Bombach to chat about her experience working with Murad, and the story they both want to get out in the world.

Created with RYOT and Oscilloscope.

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6 Responses

  1. H G says:

    Was this documentary really meant to tell the story of Nadia Murad, or was it meant to push a political agenda ? The timing is surprisingly convenient to promote “refugees”. The reality is that most of the “asylum” seekers are military aged men who want to subject women in Western society to the same suffering that Nadia Murad was subjected to. The real problem is not ISIS but rather it’s the ideology that created this group. Islam condones murder, rape and carnality. Islam is the reason why women in the Middle East suffer like Murad. Now Hollywood, liberal media and Democrats want foreign nationalists to keep forcing their beliefs and laws unto Europe, the U.K and North America. Stop this liberal propaganda.

  2. Speeding Atheist says:

    Bad news: some retards made this video. The good news: nobody gives a shit (well, 1.8K fellow retards)

  3. Chelle Littrell says:

    I would have rather the interview been with Nadia in her words not words of a producer

  4. 6 ! says:

    Gloria Steinem didn’t defend us, trans people (binary and non-binary) when she laughed at Caitlyn Jenner jokes on Bill Maher and even “joked” about trans women, implying they aren’t “real” women, with the statements she made. If you don’t believe me, look up their interview, around 4 or 5 minutes in, I think. As a non-binary trans and queer person, I cannot support her. You either support ALL women, trans and cis, and all trans people, including non-binary trans folks (because yes, we belong in feminism since we’re oppressed for our genders too), or you support NONE of us. Fake feminist

  5. TT TT says:

    GLoria Steinem lol. She made excuses on Bill Maher for Islam and why she doesn't care about women in the Islamic countries. What a feminist!

  6. fiona fiona says:

    Thank you and her.

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