Gears of War 4 Xbox One X Gameplay 4K (Performance 60fps & Visual 4K Option)

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Gears of War 4 Xbox One X 4K Gameplay – Gears 4K Xbox One Gameplay
Thanks to Xbox for sending the Console for Review
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Gears of War 4 Xbox One X –
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30 Responses

  1. Mohan Chowdary says:

    Super nice, but missing your commentary in this video. I am a fan of your commentary for 'Need for Speed Payback' videos. plz do more videos like this with commentary.

  2. HM TB says:

    anybody else notice any background/environment blur (not characters) when moving around/panning the camera in visuals mode (4k 30fps)?

  3. szewei85 says:

    gorgeous hahahahaha

  4. Under A Bridge Too Far says:

    Mehh… I was just playing it on my GTX 1060 6GB at 1440p everything maxed out (more options on PC lol) and it look WAY better

  5. taco0w says:

    Which one is the better option? Visual of performance? Which look better in graphics/ detail

  6. xTRANSAx says:

    Always said for years , wish the campaign was in 60fps , gave up on the Xbox one x when they announced it , got the ps pro. Now gears 4 is 60 in single player I’m plenty pissed lol

  7. c rod says:

    I don't have that option of switching and I have the one x

  8. Carolina Customs says:

    lol damn what a Shame

  9. Carolina Customs says:

    hes right , the xbox one x does not run true 4k, it can only Handle 30fps in 1920x1080p on Gears of War

  10. Simon Hobden says:

    I'm playing on a 4k tv and I barely notice the difference in resolution but definately notice the difference in gameplay so I've got mine on the visuals setting (1080p 60fps)

  11. Fearror says:

    I have the one x but i dont see the video advanced option

  12. John Pineda says:

    I have the Xbox one x and gears of war 4 updated but for some reason I don't have the 4k option available

  13. lawd79 says:

    2 MORE DAYS!!!

  14. Jiujitsu 50 says:

    This looks great

  15. Skorpion1462 says:

    Yea i am convinced you obviously have a biased opinion you sony fan boy go watch digital foundry they will put you strait.getting a bit pissed off with your constant x box put downs and ive been watching you for years Scott. I own a x1 ps4 and p.c and the only fan im of is gaming.lighten up

  16. Noel Parker says:

    the xbox one x looks awesome!

  17. Robert Presti says:

    Xbox and Sony if you're watching! Give us a 60 fps frame rate for every game. Then, think of resolution.

  18. LDN AN4RCHY says:

    Looks exactly the same as the e3 trailers lmao

  19. Kieran Morgan says:

    The detail in this is amazing, and I'm only seeing in 720p60

  20. Ragnar - says:

    Don't see any difference

  21. Nikomanis Games says:

    Ps4 only

  22. Benjamin Free says:

    yes yes that's all great BUT YT does not do TRUE 4K resolution……so what's the point

  23. Koca Yüarakli Adam 27 says:


  24. Steve Sheps says:

    looks pretty good to me

  25. Spartan Dusk says:

    60 FPS on a Console?! GIVE ME

  26. SkaArr_ oOo - DZ says:

    Love you videos

  27. SkaArr_ oOo - DZ says:


  28. SkaArr_ oOo - DZ says:


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