Garbage or Trash Card Game

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Jasmine teaching me card game

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10 Responses

  1. Britney Bowe says:

    your so wrong Q are for stealing another persons card f hate

  2. Link724 says:

    No!!! I was voting for the girl on the left to win!!! Dang it!
    She could have if she used the 7 to replace the Jack!!!!

    There goes 10,000$$$$$.

  3. Sara Shrader says:

    Kings for garbage or trash is actually skip you and queen mean go anywhere and Jack needs pick up to so what are you talking

  4. Nathan Wade says:

    You are hot

  5. Robert Clark says:

    we like to keep both jokers in and use THEM for wild cards.

  6. Tatianna Scott says:

    Fyi jacks and queens mean nothing but the king means wild

  7. Average Gamer92 says:

    that round would have been a lot more faster if she used the king like she was suppose to do (SHE IS FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD)

  8. Oubi says:

    That is not how to play it

  9. Alexis Rae says:

    King were wild

  10. tyveon branch says:

    Cool awesome!!

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