Gamers don’t want WOMEN in video games | #NOWAHMENZ

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I’m so sick and tired of seeing the generalization argument that all Gamers are misogynist bigots that hate women, I can’t even criticize a video game anymore without someone calling me a woman hater. Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

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43 Responses

  1. Bassmint says:

    Very well said, I love how passionate you are about this and I couldn't agree more.

  2. Sektos Eisenherz says:

    I do not play games with a female main character not because I hate woman rather then immersion reasons.
    PS.: I do not know even 1 who says: I hate woman in videogames.

  3. Duffy Sullivan says:

    Preach it brah! Rui looks great on that soap box don't he?

  4. PKshockwave says:

    Preach Khan, preach!! I felt the spirit at 5:27

  5. TheDeadFrozen says:

    I love women in video games. I don’t like women forced on me in video games because SJW’s call me a bigot if I don’t accept women as the superior gender both in the physical and digital world lol. When I play a game I usually play the game as a role play type deal, like I myself am in the game, therefore I typically don’t play females because I’m not a female. Harder for me to be immersed playing as a female. SJW’s are so out of touch with reality that they literally cannot grasp any concepts thrown at them other than their own.

    At the end of the day the artists that make the game should have the freedom to create whatever kind of characters they want to without being rudely verbally berated and fearing slashes to their reputation because some pink haired hairy pitted libtard wants to tell them they’re a horrible person and the company that represents them then constricts their artwork. PC America is suffersble to live in, honestly.

  6. Jeremiah Trujillo says:

    Sorry for the late comment, I think those people that say they don't want woman in video games just want a giant sausage fest. I'll pass though, we have enough as it is in life with everybody being a dick in one way or another. With an all male cast for games there isn't much variety of voices, tones, and character build up. You need a female in your life otherwise it's just gonna be a constant dullish kinda macho on macho thing going that I thought we got past years ago. I really wish i could understand

  7. Ancient One Yog-Sothoth says:

    I don't care just don't put them in world war 2.

  8. normanderi says:

    Clearly ppl who say this kind of things dont know shit, as you said metroid, one of the most praised games of the whole story that together with Castlevania, made only by themselfs a new genre, has a female protagonist, do ppl care that she is female? No, and when ppl mention that she is a woman, is to praise her… Really they just like say thing without knowing and getting rekt

  9. Crash Prime says:

    I fine with women in video games but I wont play them when they are half naked when male characters are in full armor

  10. Rayutomoto says:

    the only time I have a problem when it comes to lead female characters is that when they actually have too many characteristics of a guy (more like a skin or Mary sue) or she feel forced.

    Another problem I have and this is just me nitpicking. I hate to see this in general but I hate to see when you can pick between male and female in fighting games in the girl is like that she just eats well why the guy look like she eat bricks for a living and she's on part if not better than him at fighting.

    At least make it looks like she go to the gym. I get it that it is her sex appeal that people want but that's sometimes it's too much of a problem with that's the only thing that she can be is sexy (model looking) and strong because of game/plot armor.

    Something it's okay. Most times it's not

  11. AC84 says:

    Gamers don't want current day feminists with their national socialist agenda in their video games! We want realistic characters instead of forced PC characters by SJWs. There are tones of amazing female characters in games. Who cried when Aeris died in FF7? Who felt heart broken for Pandora in God of War 3? How about Kerrigan in Starcraft, Zelda in the Legend of Zelda, Feora or Melia in Xenoblade, . The fucking list goes on and on! In most video games, female characters impact the story more than males. If you think gamers are bias and hate women in games, you are WRONG!

  12. Chileshe says:

    You taught that Bazelgeuse why it just can't invade whenever it wants.

  13. subsky says:

    As a male, i always choose a female character when possible and with games like horizon,senua,resi evil(jill/claire) tomb raider,borderlands 2 (maya) the list is endless.

  14. Mira Smit says:

    I just want a good game, who gives a fuck about the gender of the characters. It has to make sense of course.

  15. Purutzil says:

    The bf5 game revisited history to force stuff in. The whole mother daughter situation basically spat on the Graves of the men who actually did that operation. Not to mention making the French soldiers look racist when it wasn't at all like that for them.

    I raised no issue for women being in games kicking ass, my issue is when you rewrite Real situations and r is credit the ones who put their lives on the line or sacrificed themselves just for some ideas logical brownie points. There are cases of bad ass women in ww2 use them instead of stealing others credit

  16. Toasty667 says:

    What about Alien Isolation? These idiots need to die out.

  17. No Name says:

    It's almost like this argument has been used to excuse terrible business practices again and again. No wonder publishers have chosen to die on this hill. It gives them the perfect distraction to continue to fuck the consumer under the guise of virtue signalling and being on the "right side of history". While critics spend minutes a time justifying that they are not sexist more and more hidden details are missed. Stop playing into there hands with this shit just say what you mean to say. If certain people cannot see beyond race. sex and superficial differences then the problem probably lies with them.

  18. Mila Maxwell says:

    You forgot nier automata tales of berseria

  19. SolarDusk says:

    cough Parasite Eve

  20. Carlos Moore says:

    Its awesome to be able to play games with full character customization even down to the gender .To try and erase that option aiming for regression and ruining the gamers experience world wide for a select few is crazy and rather Trumpish. If you dont like a game because of the sex of the character, wich honestly sounds rather small minded .Just dont buy the game .dont inconvenience the gaming community . Some opinions are best left unheard for the greater good.

  21. Tom Tommington says:

    The other irony is that Bayonetta was created/drawn/etc by a female.

  22. Aaron Stevers says:

    Really rare to see one video and instantly make me wanna sub but damn man, the passion shows, keep up the good work @rurikhan

  23. Darth Dingus says:

    not going to lie, Used to not even care or notice. But lately, yea, its getting annoying as hell, because it is ALL forced. FORCED FORCED.
    Fuck the story. fuck the gameplay. Fuck even making a COMPLETED game………… So long as we got broads, we can release this game.

  24. Dark Side says:

    Darksiders was ok , didnt feel any politic bs about it .
    About topic just dont change original things we liked it idc about their skin sex nationality

  25. Risjohn Shelton says:

    Women In Video Games That Are Made In The US That's Supposed To Fit Social Standards Are Trash……..Women In Video Games That Are Made In Japan ARE FUCKING GODDESSES

  26. Angry General says:

    honestly i wont buy a game without playable female character in it , so yeah

  27. Malyzxc says:

    But what if those "trolly" comments that they cherrypicked are actually real, and these "trolls" are… whaman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. Geralt of Rivia says:

    I don't think I've ever seen someone say they don't want women in video games in general. Sure, a lot don't want women in historical games like Battlefield V but that's not because they hate women.

  29. ricky ticky says:

    Gamers actually don’t care if the protagonist is male or female. They just don’t like it when things are shoehorned in to fit an agenda

  30. The Irish Elite says:

    You know, someone, SOMEONE is gonna be dumb enough to use that intro as evidence of all gamers are misogynists. You just know, someone, SOMEONE will be that dumb.

  31. peter m says:

    i could not play skyrim without my mob of sexy dressed ladies..who wants to look at a guys arse running about.

  32. Pixel Whisper says:


  33. ray donovan says:

    speak the truth brother

  34. MySplatterhouse says:


  35. stephanie cupidon says:



  36. kenroy miller says:

    what is that build

  37. JBarracudaL says:

    Well, ackshually when Horizon first came out there were droves of people who claimed it was a man-hate fest with weak male characters and Alloy was not Hawt™ therefore the game was not worth playing or some such. Of course, we all now know the main villain of Horizon is a man ten steps ahead of Alloy at every turn, Rosk is a phenomenal character and the first man introduced, and Nil, is well, the best character in the fucking game. Meanwhile, Alloy is just an awesome character, physically and in terms of writing.

    The sexism for this game is still so evident and bizarrely just there that a modern video for this very event in MH:W voices it at 5:16: What the fuck is that remark? lol

  38. Darharhar Har says:

    Honestly I dont understand the hate on bf 5 I almost didnt pick it up due to the reviews and so far none of the reviews I have seen can be taken seriously. It's not the best video game by far it has flaws but every negative review has been blown way out of proportion I think because it's by EA.

    Side note I prefer a strong female lead in game characters but it has almost 0 bearing of if I think the game is good or not.

  39. JJ Adey says:

    Bull shit, nobody cares

  40. Nation X says:

    To think you are married. Jesus christ.

  41. Sexy Gorillanips says:

    That's not true we just one historical accuracy, men would rather have women in video games because of the provocative clothing they put on them

  42. alwaysalone soki says:

    This hashtag needs to die before things get worse.
    I’m all for female characters “if” they’re not politicized for feminist or sjw agendas like most western games now.

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