Gamers Are Awesome – Episode 83

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Xbox User: l Ency l (Submarinepitch8) (tmiinik) (Shad0wl_lSnipeR) (Hemppapertowels) (Marv VTX) (Masked Felon) (Otomic) (pirate_king-max) (RICEBWOY) (Adz_TV) (UltimateZebra19)
Xbox User: ApolloGEEZ (RealSonicKings) (Swifty Unknown) (RiftyRin) (SNP_Fr0st) (Evil)

Music from
Legions – Johannes Bornlöf
Good To You (Instrumental Version) – LED Monster
Say We’re Sorry (Hallman Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Loving Caliber
No Backup 2 – Gunnar Johnsén

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Windows 10 Pro
Seasonic 650 80+

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33 Responses

  1. Crowgore says:

    I do not find kill streaks with snipers rifles at all impressive. Quick scoping alone is a stupid exploit that the devs refuse to remove just so people will continue to play their games.

  2. IcyCloud9nine says:

    COD is trash

    Come at me

  3. Tiago Decode says:

    Esse ultimo tiro do BF V … mds

  4. Cień Zeda says:

    GUYS! Killing paratroopers is LAME! It's not hard to score kills like that, enemies can't even react to your shot xdd

  5. Snap Yo says:

    Daaamn!!! he went ape at 5:24

  6. MysticWolferLynN says:

    That last one was impressive! He turned into jimmy neutron for a second.

  7. Emre Yücel says:

    2:46 game name?

  8. Sam Gu3 says:

    6:05 that man is a a rage-monster. damn

  9. Matthew Cullen says:

    More like cheaters are awesome a good portion of these are clearly aimbots

  10. Woogie Harrelson says:

    2:16 point blank rocket launcher lmao

  11. Andrei Dogo says:

    3:10 game

  12. Collyn Brainfuck says:

    I dont think that spawn trap and quick scope is awesome

  13. Beast Within Gaming says:

    Quickscoping is not awesome its fucking cheap n nasty got no skill apart from that this video is sweet

  14. CheezeNachos says:

    One comment, a guy that made a Spiderman clip says he's in the video smile emoji, comment after that another guy says that the spiderman clip is not special at all and he gets 100 likes, ouch

  15. Axel Sagat says:

    mierda Dishonored siempre jodiendo ocupando medio video!!! o-O.

  16. HeyImLincoln says:

    Those Dishonored clips were weak af. Hit up StealthGamersBR for some real shit

  17. Richard Donnelly says:

    Top clip i gotta give to the the melee frenzy of BF5

  18. Onni Rautakallio says:


  19. Max Sengebusch says:

    What is The Song at 1:43

  20. Bobbie Thompson says:

    "Gamers are Awesome" and we start with 2 campy sniper bitches?

  21. Ryan Ward says:

    0:23 and 6:31 are hackers look at their ammo bottom right.

  22. locoshiba 140 says:

    5:32 when someone insults your waifu :v

  23. Fatal Sh0t Gaming says:

    Puts own clips in Gamers are Awesome video. You know your tag shows in the video? Disliked

  24. Pokemon Pokemon says:

    We have these gamer snipers, where are they in real life when it comes to rump steak in the blight mouse?

  25. That Guy In Green says:

    These are the very best that the world’s greatest can accomplish
    It proves that if you set your mind to anything, at anything you want, you can accomplish greatness like these people
    Just believe
    (That’s my inspiration speech for today)

  26. Lord Kirtash says:

    Videogames are the new art.

  27. うんこ says:

    5:28 ujinujinやべぇー

  28. ゆて says:


  29. Ventrox_HD says:

    Song 1:43 ? ^^

  30. Reaper Redni9e says:

    The number 1 reason I bailed from cod games: quick scope bullshit. Ignoring the fact that, yes, it is a game, there is no logical way, anyone in a real situation could accomplish that. If shooting games wish to have any realism at all, they should eliminate that shit

  31. Нуарный Дождь says:

    5:31 More stupid players! MORE!
    More players with BAD Ping! MORE!

  32. ヴィダブリ says:



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