GamerGate: The Outright Hypocrisy, Manipulation & Disrespect of Consumers by Media

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Indie-Fensible Video (A Must Watch)

A guide to ending gamers

Article: “Gamer” isn’t Dead… Your Career Is

Game Developer Association condemns harassment, offers help to targeted devs

Did Anita Sarkeesian fake Death Threats?

Kotaku and Polygon revise their policies amidst controversy

Kotaku and clickbait (A small example)

People Justifying Doxing

Hundreds of developers are fed up with the hate

More suppression from industry connections

Adult women play more games than teenage boys

Actual women in the gaming industry

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44 Responses

  1. David Digi says:

    great stuff, not a daily viewer, but I've been coming back to this channel sporadically over the years, starting with the great episode about the uncharted movie. Good job covering all the bases and calling out all the right people, in the right tone. like you said the top gamers on youtube didn't even have the integrity to defend their own.

    You and Colin Moriarity seem to be the only level heads in this discussion

  2. Enigma says:

    All of this reminds me of what happened when DmC: Devil May Cry (the reboot of a popular hack-and-slash series) was released. When people spoke up about DmC, explaining and proving that it was a worse game than DMC3 and DMC4, and that its story was arguably pretty juvenile, the media jumped on it.

    The media started calling fans of the old games who didn't like DmC (or even hated it) ''haters'' and ''entitled, spoiled brats'' simply for pointing out what they didn't like about it. They even said fans of the classic DMC were ''afraid of change'', when that was just not true. There were plenty of people who wanted a reboot or retcon so that the story could move on. And even though it's true most fans didn't want DmC, there's no reason to think that the only reason for that was because DmC was 'different from previous Devil May Cry games'.

    According to the media, the fans' main issue with DmC was ''Dante's hair and how he looked emo''. Yes, there was a vocal minority that was being childish about DmC, and some of them complained about Dante's hair. But guess what… that reaction came in the beginning (2012 or something), when DmC was first announced and Dante was first shown! And it quickly died down! Some media outlets are masters of deception. And you know… who even gives a shit? I mean, really, why report on the fact that many people didn't like Dante's initial appearance from the trailer? Why is hating something considered to be an offense now? People disliking ''haters'' I can understand, but just generally hating something is not a bad thing. And I was so tired of people making it seem like only the old fans were the ones who didn't like DmC or its characters, because that was false too. Most people didn't care for DmC, and thought Dante was uninteresting/unlikable. I suspect that almost 50% of non-fans actually hated new Dante too. So that fingerpointing toward fans of classic DMC was unjustified.

    It was just people throwing insults around and getting praised for it, because they made themselves seem politically correct and ''rooting for the underdog (DmC)''. Once DmC was released and reviewed, instead of acknowledging all of DmC's flaws, they glossed over most flaws, and decided to slander everybody who showed its flaws. In essence, it was a case of people wanting to get back at people for their insults, by insulting them in return. It was like ''oh, poor DmC, poor Ninja Theory. We will protect you from all critiques and criticism now''. It didn't solve anything. Eventually it would just spiral out of control into a larger fight, and resentment and distrust arose after the fight. I hate how the media often make everything some political game… it's got to stop.

  3. Fox & Wolpertinger: Tails_155 and the Gang says:

    Appreciated. Good work.

  4. One Gig says:

    You got a sub!

  5. Brian .Word says:

    I remember watching video you did some time before this one where you mentioned that people like Anita all basically flock together under the same banner. So I wasn't surprised when you said Joss Whedon agreed with her, because Whedon operates under the same bullshit of saying he's a feminist that supports women, while degrading men, and yet his writing and his treatment to Charisma Carpenter have shown very differently.

  6. evilashxero says:

    Interesting take and video.

  7. Anon ymous says:

    So much truth here, so refreshing after being on twitter for the past 3 hours..

  8. tony lu says:

    Not going to a site isn't too extreme. Its like boycotting anything in the real world.

    One sort of sad thing about this whole thing is that +Extra Credits recently tweeted out that they don't support #gamergate. At least not the hashtag. I saw it this Sunday I believe. What makes it sad is I liked them. Even though they were about games they had videos that were relevant to my career in fiction writing. Not to mention that they had a good series on one of the Greek wars along with World War I. (Still going to watch the videos but its sad.)

  9. Bob Burnell says:

    18:28 this part enrages me so fucking bad.

  10. pratt123 says:

    EventStatus, I am impressed by your dedication to all things gamers are concerned with. Keep up the good work and here's a subscriber.

  11. FireOccator says:

    I wonder what will AngryJoe do? A lot of his partners in videogaming are being censored and are now pro-gamergate. Joe has said that he doesn't want to discuss the issue even though he advertises himself as a defender of gamers.

  12. Letho Stormcrow says:

    Self-righteous people are the absolute worst scum there is. They think their cause is noble and because they are the "good guys", they think they can get away with any horrid shit they pull off. Absolutely disgusting.

  13. Christopher Rasmussen says:

    Of course gaming journalists have so much respect for ISIS/ISIL. They seem to delight in REAL JOURNALISTS getting beheaded for actually having integrity. Even when it puts them in harm's way. Gaming journalists want to ride in on the coat tails of the PROFESSIONALS and have only everything to gain by the murder of those people who make them look bad (through example.)

  14. Kanny Kin says:

    Had me at "stereotype" and "pull stunts" but the info bar stuff is a little eh.

  15. Johnny Marvéll says:

    I searched the hashtag and nothing comes up for August 31 (for Helena Horton). Which means she deleted the tweet. Then in later tweets she says it was a joke and that she was getting "mysoginistic death threats". What utter fucking bullshit.

    EDIT: also the main issue with violence against men is feminism as a whole. Feminism was created by homosexual women just like misandry was created/started by homosexual men. It all goes back to how the CIA funded Women's LIberantion Movement because they couldn't tax half the population… but i digress.

  16. NoMetaHere says:

    Wow what a great video i love the research you did man. Good job. Not a tweeter here but what the hell as an hispanic male #gamergate #notyourshield.

  17. Lonestar says:

    +EventStatus A extremely powerful video my brother, Im gonna mirror this on my own channel because these are words that need to be said and heard. You've also inspirited me do my own video and even though Im not a well known personality as yourself, I just want my voice to be heard like yours was

  18. Dm Gray says:

    I still like Boogie, and think he;'s trying to stand with gamers.
    Still agree with you in your criticisms of him.

    Great video though, subbed and liked <3

  19. Beery says:

    I only had one complaint about your video, but it was like 5 or 6 minutes in and I've already forgotten it. Mustn't have been important.

    Good vid.

  20. Hermit Crab says:

    "Check my privilege"
    ha, ha, ha.  

  21. Pirate Bear says:

    Seriously, where the fuck are some of these YouTubers?  You'd think a guy with a name like Angry Joe would have SOMEthing to say about all this shit, but no.  I get the feeling they're waiting for a victor to emerge before taking a side, and I just can't respect that.

  22. IstarScion says:

    Well said.

  23. CronoDyne says:

    Thank you, EventStatus, for putting GiantBomb in that"Do Not Post Links To" image.  Everyone is quick to jump to the obvious offenders like Polygon and Kotaku, but very few have been talking about GiantBomb, about their censorship of anything negative about SJWs in their forums, nor about Jeff and Patrick's disparaging comments. 

  24. Daniel Andersen says:

    Great video, I agree with alot said here, but.
    Can we please stop perpetuating the whole "More adult women gamers than teenage boys" crap, can we please agree that playing Candy Crush and Farmville does NOT make you a gamer?

  25. Shlomo Shekelstein says:

    You know who is trying to hide from all of this is Jim Sterling. For all of his boasting about "journalistic integrity" and "standing up for the little guy" he tucked his balls between his legs and ran away saying he is being picked on by the gaming community. Guess when he's crapping on game devs it's all good but when someone questions his integrity he folds like a house of cards. 
    I used to think he at the very least stood up for the shit that came out of his own mouth but he won't even do that, shameful display. I for one will always remember his cowardice and make damn sure he never forgets it either. 

  26. sean d says:

    boogie is supposed to be taken in light hearted entertainment, people take things too seriously.

  27. Juanito Snow says:

    ah nice i found another quality sub. 

  28. Canyoureadmydeadpan says:

    "WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID?" Tell 'em!

  29. KanadeYagami says:

    I can't trust a website that tries to downplay someone getting raped (Return of Kings). To say that it took her months to convince herself and that a male feminist shouldn't believe what she says because of it is incredibly disturbing. Many people who are raped don't always realize they were raped because our culture is so stigmatizing and for some reason if anyone were to say they are a victim of such a crime, whether it be men or women, they either wanted it or was asking for it, respectively.

  30. MiKey MoonShine O_O says:

    The game devs are just trying to get on the good side of feminists without actually changing anything. That way they don't get painted as sexist and all of that goes on us.  

  31. GEhotpants101 says:

    I always assumed he only broke things and what ever when he was in character. His character is supposed to be the stereotype, which was done for comedy. Although, I can see how that might be harmful considering people actually think the Amazing Atheist really gets kicked out of fast food joints all the time. :
    And for the record: I'm a gamer, I'm a woman, and "trash" barely dents the surface of the shit I get told I am because I happen to play games. Since Sarkeesian first started making her terribly researched videos, I've apparently become a secret misogynist man hiding behind a proxy account (clearly, because we all know dudes that want to sell themselves as females use cult video game covers for their avatars, and gender neutral names). Who fucking knew. 

  32. Retrobensan says:

    Anita Sarkeesian is one ugly ass Woman for Real she is.

  33. Michael Lively says:

    That was a great video, keep it up. 

  34. Popsickle Pete says:

    As far as 'Not sharing links' and 'Being fat' and 'Wanting attention' goes, I think I can forgive boogie these breaches of ethics for now. If it becomes a problem I won't watch. We'll do things our way as long as we're civil and effective. Carry on, brother!

  35. Jeff Boxing says:

    Man we built the shit from the bottom and they don't even give us a voice. Fuck that. And fuck Whedon too. Anita did NOT earn the praise she's getting, and she's banking on the victimization card, like a upper class white woman would.

  36. Aceedwin53 says:

    Yo Event, any chance of any more videos on this whole thing? Hate to drag you back in, but it keeps getting deeper, and it's satisfying more than anything to see people realise that things you've been saying for years are true.

  37. Diddy Kong says:

    So, I'm kinda lost what is gamegate?

  38. Manny O says:

    It really saddens me to see my favorite hobby slowly dying a painful death, first it was the monetization of the medium, now its the ignorance that's slowly swallowing it. Gaming taught me one of life's first lesson's and that was racism in your mind. My first best friend was Gregory, a young black male in an all Hispanic school. Me and him would talk about star fox and sonic for hours and spend our lunches discussing which console was best. Gaming has no color's or gender and by trying to change it your destroying its purity and innocence. Also how are you going to stand here and tell me im being intolerant to your ways. The very sentence says your being intolerant to my opinions and that's what bugs me the most about anita.

  39. John James says:

    I been gaming since the atari 2600 days and remember the arcade community He is right and not just about video games but comic books ,etc…the corporations have gotten too big to where they think they can do anything they like. Disney is doing it to marvel right now! And the funny thing is we made them that way, we created the monsters,and how people act online is NOT how they would act in person because i would twist a person into a pretzel if they said in person things they have said online,they are cowards and children and everyone should be given respect till they prove they do not deserve it. everyone can say what they want but the bottom line is there is way to many godless people who miss the point completely and have no desire or will to stand for whats right or even defend there own rights.They give a corporation all there money and defend it when it screws them over because that's their brand…so sad.on a side note the troller's the noob-haters,the so call elite players…these people (Children) have sucked out all the things that made gaming fun in the first place,the problem isn't with the noob's we were all noobs at one time,its this rising sub-culture of gamer's who act entitled,better whatever…you act like the virtual world is real life,losing a match is the end of the world my god….really? is this whats it has come to? and the people who berate gamer's, comic book collectors etc are the same people laughing there way to the bank with your hard earned money so gamer's unite please we are not each others enemies.We all came to have fun.

  40. QcChopper says:

    Gamergate is a psy op.

  41. Slacker McSlackerton says:

    Great Vid. Liked and Subscribed.

  42. grallarar85 says:

    calling out giantbomb as not being transparent are you insane?, Jeff gertsman the owner and one off the founder off giandbomb was fired from gamespot 7 years ago for not giving kane and lynch a good review and not wanting to bow down to publisher hold on reviews and has been very vocal about media , Most off your video i liked but paint giantbomb as one off fthese guys are you fucking insane or just to lazy to research these sites

  43. Daniel Loe says:

    Since when Gaming is poliitics? I mean Gamers are a very diverse crowd(So they cannot stereotype us) but I have to be honest here,this type of thing isnt going to go away,and when we try to fight it,it doesnt really make a difference tbh it'll go quiet but it'll turn into a vicious circle to where it'll resurface.Theres no solution to this without consequence

  44. Leignheart says:

    I love women, and hate feminism. There should be no such thing as the woman's cause, or the black cause, or any racial cause. We are all Americans and should stand for one thing, the American cause, and that means we should stand for what's right, and justice. When a person says they for a certain cause, that tells me they care less about everyone else that isn't their cause. I mean look at all the proof, feminists talking about killing all men? People in furguson targeting white only businesses? Those actions are completely sexist and racist, and you can find examples of every "cause" to show bias and frankly downright evil. I just wish instead of causes people would stand for justice. Because justice is all we should seek, even if it goes against our Ideology. Btw Love your vids event, I really like you.

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